February 07, 2010

Sunday Funny Sunday

In amongst the doom and gloom, some people are doing their best to provide us with some much needed light relief.

Take a peek at Bolivia's most wanted man. He appears on this news clip.

The sketch artist is sure to have nailed him to a tee. They will have him before the sun sets, I am sure.



Katabasis said...

Hahaha thanks for that.

Warning - however the following link may boil your piss:

Dover port to be sold to France

Captain Ranty said...


I did see that and I almost choked.

Then I remembered that "all our lands is belong to them" now.

Makes perfect sense to these bastard traitors.

Now, can you see France selling bits of their real estate to us?


Katabasis said...

Certainly not when attitudes like this are embedded in the culture.

One of the particularly mind-boggling aspects to this story is that the Clunking Clown aims to raise some money with it. £500 million. The problem is that this is all pissing in the wind with an annual deficit of over £100 billion. And what cost, politically, will this have? The man is beyond insane.

Mark Wadsworth said...

That's a brilliant sketch

Anonymous said...

I don't know aboout anyone else; but that image is now permanently etched on my mind

opsimath said...

I know that bugger! It's him for a pound! He used to clean our windows and ran off with the missus!