February 25, 2010

143 down, 503 to go

I are back.

An eventful and successful trip. I won't bore you with the details but I will say that after 9 years I finally have a deal with the Libyan authorities. (Although my most recent efforts concern the last six months, I have been trying to get this done since 2001). It bodes well for my company's future and for mine. It also means that I will be spending most of my days and nights in Tripoli for the foreseeable future. Certainly well into 2011 as I create and grow our company office there. It could have been worse: they could have asked me to work in Zimbabwe, or, Gawd forbid, the UK.

I was inordinately pleased to see that 143 troughers MPs have decided to throw in the towel. My latest count was 135 so you can imagine my joy and its sudden unbridlement. (I know it's not a real word, but it works for me). We only have 503 left to convince that they are about as useful as a todger on a eunuch.

Our Nige has done us proud again with some choice insults for Herman von Whothefuckareyou. I do love to see that man Farage in action. He says what no-one else dares to say, and he does it well. Yes, it got a little personal, but I believe him to be right when he uses shock tactics to wake up the benign little world of the EU.

I was also pleased to see Bullygate get a fair old airing. That the prime mentalist is not playing with a full deck must now be obvious even to the most ardent X Factorite.

The government continue their fight to part Ranty and his hard earned. I now have two letters to deal with: one from Companies House, and one from HMRC. I have spanners to throw into each of their works and will report back on progress. I can tell you now that neither responded in substance. This is key critical in law. I see though that I have more education to dispense.

I'd like to say that it's good to be back.

I'd like to say that, but I cannot. The north east of Scotland is covered in global warming again and driving home from the airport last night was a dangerous and scary experience. Cars littered the fields and some gormless twat decided that it was clever to drive just 10 feet from my rear end. I educated him by randomly applying my brakes. He got the message after about five miles and backed off.

So, what's been going on in your world?



Uncle Marvo said...

Joy and sudden unbridlement 'R' us today.

No small part owed to Lord Farage, mind.

Things might be looking up a little. There's something in the air, apart from snow.

Captain Ranty said...

All I can see is fucking snow, snow, and yet more snow.

What are you seeing, Marv?

Have they cloned Farage yet?


watching said...

Rain rain rain south of the border. It seems the snow god knew you were on your way back, elated, and decided you needed pegging back.

Nothing much has changed here except I've discovered Mary Elizabeth Croft, hemp oil, ozonated olive oil and 96 is your fix.
Naturally 96 is your fix doesn't apply here in the UK but it's equivalent will likely be hidden in plain sight so that is my next mission as well as try and unravel more seemingly innocuous words that have been given some really bizarre and deceitful meanings by the Law Society, can't think why!

Are you going to do the wise thing and offshore your company or have you already done this?


Captain Ranty said...


My company ceased trading three years ago. This is me attempting to shut it down. They want several pounds of flesh before I can do that. I think I need my flesh.

I think 73 is our fix, but I am investigating further. I will do a piece on it soon.

Next up is education. I have found some info that may well turn your hair prematurely white, and your face alarmingly red. I will issue a blood-pressure alert to warn my readers first though.


Uncle Marvo said...


Mine did the same. They want flesh. I told them to shove it up their arses. All of it. No agreements, fuck all.

Just do the same. They are annoying, but actually little bullying men, like the mate of the bully round the back of the bike sheds who goes "Yeah" in a squeaky, shrivel-balled way.

You know what I mean.

Some things bleed. Stones don't. And nobody starts a fight with someone with nothing to lose, do they?

Good luck, and any help I can give you.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Marv.

We are still playing word games at the moment. Their letters haven't reached the "pay up or else" stage yet, but they appear to be talking down to me, explaining that I am silly, and that I have picked silly reasons not to pay.

Well, I am about to ramp up the "silliness" to a whole new level.

I think they are aware that they are not dealing with an imbecile, and this phase seems to me to be the calm before the shitstorm.

I am well prepared, but I will holler if it gets nasty.


Uncle Marvo said...

It gets nasty. Proper nasty. You will be bent out of shape.

Eventually, if you play your cards right (and it's hard not to), they will "outsource" it. They have people who do this, really, honest, I couldn't make it up.

Eventually, the outsourcee will be "awarded" a huge amount of your dosh.

At that point, tell him to fuck off. And he *will* fuck off, for he knows he's been sold down the river too, and all the boxes are ticked and you become a statistic in their favour. Yay!

richard said...

I wrote to my credit card company and declined to pay. perhaps i weakened in the end, but they have reduced the interest rate to zero and the payments by about £30 a month, so i am now repaying the capital only. a partial victory perhaps, but i have saved a lot of money, just by sending a half-dozen letters; the payment works out at £2 a day, and the company doesn't sell the load to Hatchet Harry.
dunno if i did the right thing, though, but i'm still better off than i was. .

Captain Ranty said...


As Unkie Marv pointed out, it is usually better to deal with Hatchet Harry because YOU do not have a contract with HIM. They buy the debt off the bank/CC company at 10p on the pound but they will always attempt to recover the whole thing plus fabricated charges. Cause them too many problems and they run away.

I am actually hoping for that outcome with the gubmint. I am on solid ground then, with contract law on my side.


Harry J said...

So, what's been going on in your world?

I spent yesterday evening watching an interview with David Noakes on Edge Media TV via Youtube. David Noakes runs the eutruth.org.uk website. I was so impressed I posted it on my blog. He has a very interesting opinions on Nigel Farage, the UKIP and the BNP. He also wants to see Tony Blair and the Queen hang by the neck. If you have the time I recommend giving it a look.

Congratulations on the contract.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks H.

I swung by Revolution HQ earlier today and made a note to come back and watch the vids tonight.

We CAN'T hang QEII! She's a lizard, some say. We'll have those bastards at PETA all over us like a wet dress on a curvy chick.

Blair is a different kettle of fish entirely. I'll fetch the rope....


Anonymous said...

"Next up is education."?

As in skools and whotnot?

Interesting. You're stepping into my arena, El Capitano....

I await your info with baited breath.


will u stand said...


An EDL leadership team has been arrested etc at luton airport on their way to a demo in Edinburgh.

Captain Ranty said...

Have you got a link, WUS?

I can't see anything on it.


Captain Ranty said...


It's a bit of history, why and when formal education came about, and how it transmogrified into the useless system we have today.

It will neatly explain why our kids leave dumber than when they entered.


paulo said...

CR good luck.

Note for Richard:

defaulting on a credit card is not right. Presumably you have had goods or services. By not paying you are defrauding - either the businesses or indirectly other credit card holders.

You are not on!!!!


Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Paulo.

Depends though. Some CC companies hike their interest rates without fair warning. Suddenly you have a massive debt because of the sneaky bastards.

In those circumstances I think it is fair to default.


richard said...

Paulo - i'm repaying the capital. in my case the credit card company increased the interest from 5% apr to well over 20% for no apparent reason. i have not defaulted, but refused to pay because the account, was in dispute, a different thing entirely. they did advance me credit, true, but i'm now paying it back at zero interest, because i stuck to my guns and didn't accept paying £70 a month to decrease the debt by £3 a month.
CR - maybe Hatchet Harry would be easier to deal with and maybe he wouldn't. i still have that option of course. best of luck in your own endeavours.

Barry the Jackal said...

Whether or not you think the education system is useless depends on what you think it is aiming to achieve!


Captain Ranty said...


I have discovered that vital difference relatively recently.

My new blog post explains.


Anonymous said...

Perfectly put Barry. If you can lay your hands on any of the books by John Taylor Gatto, he points this out in great detail.

To understand a lot of things going on, which make no sense at all, one needs to change ones perspective, or point of view.

After which everything becomes clear.


Drabzz said...

If you believe that banks and credit companies lend you THEIR money, you have been misled.

It is your signature (your bond) on the credit agreement/mortgage etc. that turns the document into a 'negotiable instrument' which the bearer (the bank or credit company) takes to the Treasury in order to 'create' the credit.

Yes money is made from debt - from thin air. You create the money with your bond, it's already yours when they 'lend' it to you - usually for an extortionate amount of interest. The bank does not pay the 'money' back to the Treasury.

Refusing to pay a one-sided contract to a criminally fraudulent lender is your duty, not a crime.

See my linkage for a full explanation.

will u stand said...


RE EDL leadership arrests

hope this link to Old Holborn works


This has been covered on-Gates of Vienna-and Atlas Shrugs.