February 06, 2010

Dude, Where's MY Country?

England no more.

Scotland no more.

Ireland no more.

Wales no more.

When I published my article "Theft Report", it was read by many people. Using Sitemeter (it is at the bottom of the blog, scroll down), I followed several links back to websites and fora where my article had been posted. I was curious to read the reactions.

The most common response was "Shit! I didn't know that". The next common was "The guy's full of crap. Never happen. It makes no sense to carve up the union".

For the disbelievers, I say merely, "Study the map above. If you can tell me that your country, whichever one it be, still exists in EULand, I'll send you a shiny donkey".

And remember: this is just the beginning. There is far, far worse to come.

On May 6th 2010 you get the chance to strangle this bastard child before it learns to crawl, to walk, to run.

If you want this foul thing to grow up, just vote LibLabCon. None of them have the spine to say no to the EU. For them, the EU is a pathway to riches and absolute control over the proles. Money and power for these morons is better than viagra. Deny them. Destroy them.

All you need is a pen. Make sure YOU tick the right box.

My pal Witterings from Witney has the full story.



Witterings from Witney said...

Thank you CR for the link and for the accolade of 'Pal' - deeply honoured!

Captain Ranty said...

Thank YOU for locating the map, WfW.

I have been searching high and low for it.


Witterings from Witney said...


Previously, you were obviously googling the wrong male/mail!

Captain Ranty said...

There are TWO ways of spelling "male"?

Damn it all!!!

Anonymous said...

And so it came to pass, that Gordon Brown was indeed the last PM of Great Britain....


Anonymous said...

the "never happen" camp comprise a goodly selection of the population. They still believe that their government has their best interests at heart and that we still live in a democracy.

Until recently, my hubby was of that camp. But bombardment of facts has changed his mind.

Why do people still cling to the beliefs that he once held? I believe it's because they are just too damned busy to forage for the truth. Local activism is therefore sorely and urgently needed.

richard said...

despite this threat to Ireland's sovereignty, yet another fierce bunch of alleged "freedom fighters" in Ireland have decomissioned their arms. i've no time for violence myself, but it's strange the way all our guns, both from the law-abiding public and from "proper" insurgencies and paramilitary groups, have been hoovered up en masse in a short space of time.
is there a "can't be fucked" or soporific additive in the water?
the only people with firearms in England (youths, mostly black criminal gangs) aren't a real threat, except to each other. in fact they benefit the economy, see comment on legalisation of drugs.

Anonymous said...

The Interreg IIIB
Northern Periphery Programme


The Northern Periphery Programme is one of thirteen Interreg IIIB programmes aimed at encouraging and supporting transnational co-operation between the regions of Europe. It provides the opportunity for organisations from the programme area to work together on joint projects concerning common issues and problems.

Captain Ranty said...


It's shit like this that sailed right by and none of us were paying attention.

I bet those common purpose graduates are getting mighty excited just about now.

Soon their "training to lead beyond their abilities" will be called upon.

Can't wait.


LazyCookPete said...

Holiday camps will suddenly sprout guard towers and razor wire, and jackbooted euro-guards will breath garlic all over the pale-faced dissidents within. Arbeit macht frei! We love Butlitz! - Seriously, fuck Common Purpose acolytes.

On second thoughts, don't fuck them - they may have triplets! Eeek.

Captain Ranty said...

For years people said common purpose were dangerous bastards and no-one listened.

They'll be listening soon.