February 22, 2010


It was only a matter of time before someone called it that....

You need to put aside any thoughts that this vile device has anything to do with security.

What we should do instead, is follow the money.

Nothing else needs to be said. The report is embedded in the title.

Tip of the beret to Webby. Again. An excellent resource. Go. Read. Be enraged.



richard said...

the populace are being acclimatised to humiliation, obedience and presentation of documents for no good reason - PASSPORTS from England to Scotland or Northern Ireland??
not only the travelling public but airport staff including pilots, cabin staff and dispatchers (who are responsible for safe loading of aeroplanes) are subject to body searches. sensible security is one thing and necessary, but when a captain has his nail-clippers and shaving foam stolen, then be "allowed" to take charge of an 80 tonne fuel-filled missile, you have to wonder what's going on.
P.J. O'Rourke described the Soviet Union as not an evil empire, but as a country run by the post-office.
imagine a country run by the airport, because that's where we're going.
the sad thing is that the current generation sees all this as normal, and state school-leavers can scarcely read or write (google "school-leavers unemployable), never mind think critically. this is deliberate, of course; fools are easily led.
who, in their wildest imaginations, would have thought that any human being would insist that genitals must be revealed prior to travel? without respect for human dignity the world is a dangerous place.
you would almost think they're making it as difficult as possible to sell the RFID implant as a hassle-free alternative. as your article suggests - follow the money!

Captain Ranty said...


The chips are coming. Motorola have 30 million of them on the shelves and they manufacture millions more as we speak.

The sales pitch will be more of the "For Your Own Good" bullshit and the plebs will be lining up to have them inserted.

Then they will be linked to travel, banking, buying alcohol, tobacco, benefits, even your weekly shopping.

Piss anyone off and they will deactivate the chip until you conform. If you don't have a chip you will be a non-person.

As you say, the kids aren't taught critical thinking and they will be keen to do as they are told.

We face a frightening future.


richard said...

usually i like being right, but in this case i don't. the manufacture of oafs is apparently deliberate; you only have to get hold of a pre-war childrens' encyclopedia see the astounding and in-depth level of knowledge which children absorbed, purely as entertainment. what is it these days? x-box crap! the worrying thing is, what are the plans for a livestock market which is set up to produce unproductive livestock?
either the events which we note as they unfold daily are the result of mere greed and stupidity, or they aren't. if they aren't, what happens to unproductive livestock?
no need to ask - the not too distant past shows the deadliness of the State.

microdave said...

"The chips are coming. The plebs will be lining up to have them inserted."

Many years ago a bunch of people at my place of work suddenly "Saw the Light" and became Born Again Christians. They delighted in telling the rest of us that we would all have bar codes and chips, whether we wanted to, or not.

I kept telling them to piss off, not that it made any difference. Having been brainwashed they just grinned and ignored anything that they didn't want to hear.

Maybe the bastards were right?

Anonymous said...

Struck my first blow....

"Walk through the scanner sir."

"No. You can pad me down to your hearts content, but I'm not going through the scanner. No."

"It's very quick sir, the pad down could take another hour or so for us to organise."

"Best you get started then, 'cos I'm not going through and neither are my kids. I got all the time I need."

I doubt it'll make a difference, until I can convince everyone else to do it too.... it made me feel good though.


Anonymous said...

Wow. What's really off-p!ssing.

The government enriches businesses whose business is to which rob us of our liberties. Much like the mafia's protection racket.

Talking about scams, (sorry, a bit off-topic, Captain, but I believe you'll want to know about this) Richard Grove, whistleblower, has produced proof of the financial crisis scam, where global bankers, and the media are guilty of fraud - the extent that a judge agreed. And the media is complicit.

We know all this, but now there's proof.

If you want the embed code for the series, let me know.

Anonymous said...

Correction: global bankers and the regulators ...

Captain Ranty said...


That earns you my newly created Hero Of The Month Award.

I intend to make a fuss as well, should the occasion arise.

Good work!


Captain Ranty said...

Mrs F,

I am YouTubeless.

If Allah wills it I will arrive home tomorrow at late o'clock and will be able to check it out.

As the Merkans say, can I get a raincheck?


Anonymous said...



Best I start wearing my boxers over my trousers. I left my spandex suit at home.

It's either that, or my missus yoga leotard thing.... and that's just plain wrong.... it clings in all the wrong places....

Raising a drink right now, to all those who are going to cause a fuss and start digging their heels in.

All you have to do is say "No." It's easy....

Safe journey home, CR.


LazyCookPete said...

Fucking microchips... under my dead skin!