February 27, 2010

The Devil's Eye

This set of three videos comes to us from the far-seeing, insightful, and utterly logical Timothy AntiTerrorist.

It will cost you 30 minutes. Give it a go.

As the man says: Wake up. Stay awake.



Unknown said...

I've been a fan of the 'anti-terrorist' for a long time now on Youtube. He knows a thing or two about the 'freeman' movement too.

Anonymous said...

He's astute and accurate. Good video, Captain.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting this up.

Excellent, and so right.

95% of the people are brainwashed and do not REALISE it - that is the part that makes it so pernicious

richard said...

thanks for that. AT has his head screwed on.
TV is mostly News, Sports, and Shite. Sport, as a means to fitness and pride in accomplishment is a good thing; but millions of non-sportsmen buying into a fake identity and living and breathing it is a perversion of our natural tribal loyalty. maybe a handy way of diverting attention from other matters which not so long ago would have caused grave unrest?
Shite - shallow fools and screaming, ape-like audiences, or violent "family entertainment"? fuck that, i'm not fooled, it's total crap. let's stick to the knowledge channel. natural disasters ("will WE be able to survive? there's no doubt - we WILL be tested again!") a life without and before people showing a veritable Eden, mass extinction, weapons as interesting and "cool", battles and conflict, species going extinct, and - almost without fail - why and how Hitler was a bad man. Christ, he's the basis for an entire TV industry! was he a puppet who turned on his puppeteers? if so, it would appear that he hasn't been forgiven. his pre-war speech about the US president paints a different picture about the reasons for war than that which is thumped home on a daily basis. nobody seems to play that one, though. who did he fight, who's in charge now, and who's saying how really really bad he was? he's apparently a much badder man than anyone before or since, with their illegal invasions and warfare, civilian deaths, lies about weapons and a horrible fascination with the apparatus of control. yes, he was a bad man, so obviously bad that everyone else isn't.

Anonymous said...

do you have a link or searchable reference to that hitler speech you mention Richard?

richard said...

anon - glad to oblige
part one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOY_0gIV7is

part two

maybe there's a part three, part two seems to end suddenly. but the first two parts are shocking enough.

i'm no fan of Statism, of which the Reich was but one grim example, or of Hitler, or of the mindset that Statism tries to engender. but if this speech is true it's not surprising that it seldom sees the light of day. history is written by the victor.

CR, I hope you don't mind these links being posted here; i mention it purely as an example of one viewpoint being ignored, purely because it doesn't fit in with what we are taught about historical events, in this case Allied conduct prior to WW2.

Captain Ranty said...

Post away Richard.

My blog is your blog as we both look for the truth.

We all know that the victors rewrite history to show them in the best possible light. I for one am pleased to be re-educated.


richard said...