February 09, 2010



I am heading to North Africa tomorrow morning (at stupid o'clock) to do my thing.

I will be back in a couple of weeks. The internet connection where I am staying is okay, but I am not sure if I can blog. Oddly, when I log in, Blogger morphs into Arabic and although I am able to mutter a few words and phrases, I cannot read the language yet. This makes it tricky to create a new post and I am good at breaking things, so it may be safer to not blog.

Please feel free to use this as an open thread. At the very least I will be able to read and respond to comments.

If you find anything interesting, bung a link on and we can discuss it.

Meanwhile, keep dragging stuff out into the sunlight. The gibbons in the HoC absolutely hate that.

Stay well,


PS-Ma'asalama is Arabic for "See you soon, dude".


Furor Teutonicus said...

PS-Ma'asalama is Arabic for "See you soon, dude".


subrosa said...


I've removed the 'ama' in the hope that's the dude bit. :)

Captain Ranty said...

Danke schon FT.

Captain Ranty said...


Beats me.

I know that "min fad lik" is please for a man, and "min fad lak" is please for a lady. Or the other way around.

I'm on a learning vertical here.

(I made up the "dude" bit anyway...).


Uncle Marvo said...

Ma'asalama means auf wiedersehen?

Yeah right. I ate one last night with a tarka dhall and an onion bhajee.

Have a good time away, dude. Shake a rag.

Captain Ranty said...

It does Marv.

The blog heading you need to watch out for is "Goodbye".

It means that they have me.

As my first destination is Amsterdam, perhaps I should have said "Tot straks". But I will mainly smoking tabs at Schiphol before heading for Tripoli. Where, incidentally, I shall be mainly smoking very cheap tabs wherever I want.

It's rare to see women smoking in Libya though. I visit the shisha cafes and the women who do get stuck in are usually Tunisian or Egyptian. And mostly very easy on the eye.


GoodnightVienna said...

Ahlan Wa'Sahlan CR

Captain Ranty said...

Shukran, GV!

Mark Wadsworth said...

I hope you get some nice weather.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Mark.

Daytime temps are around 20C and it is around 8C at night time.

8C is tee-shirt weather in Scotland so I have unpacked all my jumpers....