February 19, 2010

Fuck YOU, Brown.

March is spitting distance away and word reaches Ranty Barracks that Colostomy Brown may call a general election before his popularity reaches new lows.

A timely reminder to any Brown fans is in order. Quite how anyone with two operating brain cells would vote for this Destroyer Of Nations is beyond my comprehension.

Remember: Brown gave billions of OUR £££'s to the banks. He saddled us all with debt that will take us decades to repay. The banks should have been allowed to fail. Just like any other business that screwed up.

Fuck you, Brown.

Remember: Brown sold OUR gold when the price was at rock bottom. Any 12 year old can tell you that you buy low and sell high. Not the other way around.

Fuck you, Brown.

Remember: Brown puts OUR sons and daughters in harms way every single day in Afghanistan. He risks fuck all. OUR brave servicemen and women come home in body bags. They come home with fewer limbs than they left with and are treated like shit in filthy hospitals. They are under-equipped, under-paid, and over-exposed. Meanwhile, Chinooks, so badly needed to transport our troops, gather dust in a warehouse because Brown pissed OUR money away on quangos and God knows what else.

Fuck you, Brown.

Remember: Brown neglected to put away OUR money for a rainy day. He squandered OUR money during the good years and there's fuck all now it's pissing down.

Fuck you, Brown.

Remember: Brown ensures that 33 new pieces of legislation are rubber-stamped every month. These "laws" fuck up OUR lives, not his. MPs are strangely immune from this legislation that we scum are supposed to obey.

Fuck you, Brown.

Remember this, and never, ever forget it: Brown gave OUR country away to a bunch of corrupt, unaccountable, utterly contemptible cunts in Brussels. He never asked MY permission. Did he ask YOU? All his other "mistakes" I can forgive. But not that. Not now, not ever.

Fuck you, Brown.

If none of the above has affected YOU, maybe something on this list did? 

Or maybe this one?

What about all those broken promises?

Have you forgotten that maniacal control freakery? 

Perhaps it's crime that boils your piss?

Thinking about the cheeeeldren? Labour fucked them up too.

No kids? Never been a victim of crime? Don't care about the cameras and the intrusions?

Did you ever need a doctor, or a hospital?

You may be concerned about OUR economy.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, you need to be reminded about what they did to our pensioners.

If a company you were buying services from failed YOU in any one of the areas mentioned above, would you seriously still be doing business with them? Would you still trust them? Would you believe a single fucking word they said?

Make no mistake, the Labour Party IS a business. They just happen to be fucking useless at it.

When the time comes, you will be faced with a choice:

Vote for Brown, or vote for someone who might actually be better at this than he and his fetid party are.

Brown, and the Labour Party have been fucking you for 13 years.

Is it not high time we all said, loudly, and clearly:


I fully intend to.

Join me. Let's get our country back.



13th Spitfire said...

I like the anger, well done.

Captain Ranty said...

13, thanks.

This is heavily edited. You should have seen the first draft....


Corrugated Soundbite said...

I'll be joining you CR. But then again, I was probably on your boat all along.

I'm currently drafting "How to lose friends, bankrupt a nation for the Bilderbergs and murder people". Brown is featured.

Good article, Captain.

LazyCookPete said...

Nice rant CR!

Fucking him would be dodgy though, here's why:

He is almost blind
He is obviously fucking deaf; at least to the electorate.
He is a politician.

Just imagine the offspring, ewwww!

Barking Spider said...

"Brown, and the Labour Party have been fucking you for 13 years"

I thought my arse was sore!

Great rant, CR, I'd love to have seen the first draft!

watching said...

You have to take a step back from the reality the MSM presents us with and look at your own personal reality IMHO.
I have come to the conclusion that the political class is all the same. It is the system of government which is broken.
Brown Cameron or Clegg could all serve three months about and you wouldn't see anything different happening.
Yes this government has emptied the bank, all socialist governments empty the bank. Why do you think Ed Balls has dumbed history down to an irrelevance?
Yes this government has clamped monkey after monkey on the peoples backs to ensure the gravy train from pocket through state to the deceivers behind the state keeps running.
Yes this government has almost achieved equality and diversity by removing the individual from the mix.

We are all complicit in this.
We just moan and groan and acquiesce to everything.
More tax, we just call the government bastards and pay up.
Another freedom done away with, we just moan call the government bastards and carry on working.
Another benefit cheat brought to light we call them and the government bastards and go back to our sofa.
Another school not letting you in to watch your child perform in a play because you are not CRB checked and you call the government bastards and crawl back to your sofa.
Another child of the state taken by the SS on some claim you know is spurious and you call the state bastards and then say 'well it's nothing to do with me'
You see the police forcing people through body scanners on the streets of Manchester and you call them and the government bastards and turn and walk another way.
Another pleasure banned and we call the government bastards and meekly accept the ban.
Another crooked MP shown up and let off we call the government bastards and put our heads back in the sand.
Another lying scumbag cries on television and we call them bastards and switch over to the X-factor.

We all moan, whine, whinge, threaten, disagree with almost everything that this or any government does but we will not do anything to put a stop to any of it. So the state/government/party is free to carry on suppressing us all because we consent to it, we acquiesce, we don't say NO.

We live in fear of standing up for ourselves as individuals let alone in fear of standing up for something that is right just because it is right. We are living through a time where the fault is always someone else's.
There is no responsibility, no respect, no discipline, no spine left in most people. The young are being brought up in a world which teaches them these qualitiues don't matter because the state will provide.

I have no desire to force anyone to do anything against their wishes.
I cannot force anyone to do anything against their wishes. If I tried I would risk a beating or possibly put my life in danger.
Yet this government beats people every second of every day and then expects those same people to either vote for them or stay at home and vote for no-one.
They don't care about how many people vote all they care about is how many of their supporters vote.
The same is true of all political parties.
I wish there was some 'magic pill' that could open people's minds top what is going on or there was a Ghandi like figure who could lead by example to reveal what is really going on but neither seem to exist.

It's all just a smokescreen anyway because the United Kingdom is now simply a region of the Eurpopean Union so no matter which clone party gets elected this year, unless enough people wake up and force whoever is in government to pull out of the European Union Federal Superstate, by the time the next general election would be due, 2014/2015, general elections will have been abolished as an irrelevance and instead of calling the governemt bastards we would all call the European Union foreign bastards and carry on exactly as we do today consenting to be governed by the crooked.

Anonymous said...

Brown is only a tool of the state,Blame him all you like,we'll soon have another tool to spill bile on,Time we went after the Real Powers
not the Queens mouthpiece.

Anonymous said...

That's it CR, rev some fucks into the fucker. I'm sick and tired of the fat boy arse raping me at every given opportunity.

All aboard HMS FuckUBrown!

btw, any chance you could send me the first draft? Perhaps I could do something to go with it ;-)

Captain Ranty said...


I never saved it. I had a whole paragraph containing some of the finest insults my (sober) brain has ever produced. I decided that they were definitely libellous and they didn't add much to the piece, so I deleted them in the final seconds before publishing.


Captain Ranty said...

CS, Drabzz, BS, thanks. You guys are all on the squad anyway. I am preaching to the choir where you are concerned!

Watching, I hear you brother! For everyone else, you really need to pop over to his place to read his "Who am I" series. He has nailed it.

Anon (12:39), I know, I know, I know. The first task is to bring down this shower of shits. Then we can start on the next shower of shits. All the while we need to be dragging the dark and nasty ones out into the sunlight. I firmly believe that we have uncovered more in the last year than we have in the last fifty years. We have them in our sights now.


Anonymous said...


It just gets better!
Let me know if you have a red wine induced memory recall ;-)

banned said...

Great rant, though some of your labourwatch links are broken.
And what is dippy Daves response? Worrying himself about imposing women only shortlists on Tory constituency parties which is not only irrational and unConservative but also ignores the obvious lessons to be learned from the demise of Blairs babes.

Nice response from watching who says "because the United Kingdom is now simply a region of the Eurpopean Union...", sadly it is worse than that; UK is now 11 Regions of the EU, all busy lobbying against each other in Brussels for a share of our own fucking money

david said...

i love swearwords. :-)

Anonymous said...

You know the fucking fuckers fucking fucked, when the useless dipshit tosspot of an opposition, when handed all the open goals they need, for fucks sake, (it's almost like the governing shower of shits are not even on the pitch) and still Dave and his motley crue of fuckwits, can only muster a pathetic, what was it, 6% lead?

I mean, for fucks sake.....

There. A few more "F Bombs" for you....