November 03, 2009

Uniform Commercial Code

I have previously mentioned that you are a commodity traded on world exchanges. You have enormous value but because we are viewed and treated as children by our governments, we cannot be trusted to manage our own financial affairs.

Listen to Jordan Maxwell explain how and why it happens.

Oh, and just because he talks about dollars and New York, don't be fooled. WE exported this method of slavery to them. It doesn't matter where in the world you live, UCC controls you.

I don't know about you, but I cannot remember being taught this at school.

More to follow on this.



Anonymous said...

When you post a vid like this it would be good if you could reference various credible sources. Otherwise it's just a random man giving his opinion, and we have to presume that you have done the research and not just bought into the latest conspiracy theory to pop up on youtube.
If you have done more research it would be good to see something like "for further evidence of this read the following sources...".

Captain Ranty said...

When you post a comment like this it would be good if you scrolled down and read some earlier entries. I have watched dozens of Jordan Maxwells videos and I find him credible. Not only that but links I have provided in the past take you to multiple sources and they all agree on UCC.

You would also have learnt that I do not buy into conspiracy theories. None of them. They take an awful lot of knitting together. I prefer my facts hard boiled.

So, for further evidence, scroll down.

Alternatively, find these articles yourself. Or, see if you can rebut what I am trying to impart.

Jordan has a website you can visit too.


Anonymous said...

Okay. sorry for being a lazy mofo.

Captain Ranty said...

My words were harsh, and that was not my intent. I am lazy too and don't repost links I have added to earlier entries.

It's all here somewhere. And I will add to it as we go.

My original intent was to provide a repository for Freeman related issues and my journey, but it is a moving feast.


Lazy of Lazonby said...

Don't worry it's nigh on impossible to judge tone from mere text.

I'd love to see a brief "journey so far" post, together with advantages and disadvantages of what you've achieved, any pitfalls etc.
Pithy, with some choice references would be excellent.
It would help new readers to catch up, especially lazy ones :).
Perhaps you could keep it external to the blog format, say in your profile, then it will act as a sticky page you can keep updated.

Captain Ranty said...

An excellent idea, L of L.

I will make it so.