November 03, 2009

Czechs Guarantee Euro Super State

A dark, dark day.

Freedoms that took over 900 years and countless lives to win were obliterated at the stroke of a pen.

Tonight I shall be mostly saying good-bye to an old friend.


H/T to Sue over at Muffled Vociferation for the artwork.


Anonymous said...

In my ever so humble opinion

Democracy died a very very long time ago, it's just a particular illusion of demockery thats being scrapped.

just my op

May your path lead to wisdom & in wisdom find ye peace


Captain Ranty said...

Thank you Lost.

I concur, but I wanted to mark the day. I should have spewed forth a multitude of words, the day warrants it, yet however deep I dig, all I find is despair.

I shall drink, I shall sleep, and I shall awaken on the morn with fresh fight in my heart and in my bones.


Dick Puddlecote said...

I was tempted to post a picture just like yours. That some Britons are gleeful about this is staggering. We have been denied a say, and they are happy about it - perhaps they just enjoy being bent over and roughly sodomized.

Unknown said...

I don't have much political nouse and, at one time in my life I was all for togetherness in Europe and said "so what if we get rid of the pound for the Euro?" Back then I didn't realise where we were heading and how much much more we were losing than mere monetary symbols.

I want my country back but I fear it is lost for ever, barring a revolution, (which the EU superstate have contingency plans for if it ever happened.)

A depressing day indeed CR.

Anonymous said...

Yep Cap'n your right

We do need to mark these occasions, else history will be written for us rather than by us.
And as we both know it will not be the truth.

The frustration n despair is overwhelming.

Keep up the good fight, i shall join you in opening a bottle or three.

God speed

Captain Ranty said...

DP, maybe they just got used to it, and now they imagine there is some lubrication involved. They should be so lucky. Next time it will be encased in barbed wire.

Gleeful? The numbfucks have no idea what they have allowed to happen.

No idea whatsoever.


Captain Ranty said...


Like you I meandered through life and was convinced that politicians (beyond thieving from my pay-packet every month), couldn't do me too much harm.

How wrong I was.

We lost a nation today. Tomorrow we will lose our identities, and the day after that we will lose another shedload of liberties.

Rebellion is all we have left.


Captain Ranty said...

Slainte, Lost.

Drink deep. Sometimes the answer can be found in a bottle. Sometimes it reminds us who we are and where we came from.

Sometimes it even gets our danders up.

The battle continues afresh tomorrow.

Until we win.


Sue said...

Indeed it does. I am not ready to lay down and die. I still have fire in my soul and energy left to fight.

"He who loves not his country, can love nothing".

Lord Byron