November 26, 2009

The Trouble With Politics

Take a look at this Tax Payers Alliance video, if you haven't already, and you will quickly grasp what is wrong in our country. Millions of words have been written about the scandal that is our forced entry into Europe. ZaNuLabour have no public mandate for this nonsense, and they steadfastly refuse to give us an in/out referendum. It is easy to bash Labour because, frankly, they are the worst government in living memory. They have a Phd in wasting money, a black belt in political correctness, and a Masters in listening to the fake charities that they pay to tell them what to think. Their dictionary is woefully inadequate, containing as it does, just five words: Tax, Ban, Fine, Legislate and Waste. Change for the sake of change with no discernible benefits seems to be their motto, and by Christ, they have produced enough gormless change to last us all a lifetime. I am confident when I say that this lot will warm the opposition benches for a very, very, very long time.

The Tories? Same morons, same objectives, same mentality. They have nothing new to offer me. Not. A. Single. Thing. I will not be voting for them.

LibDems? As you will see from the table below, they have had almost 100 years as a fifth wheel and nothing they do or say convinces me that we will see a LibDem prime minister until the sun grows cold. I honestly have no idea why they carry on. It can only be for the troughing experience, or the monotonous opportunity to appear on TV to say, "We-ell, we're not really sure".

Here is a list of prime ministers since 1900 and the parties they led:

Marquess of Salisbury 1895-1902 Conservative
Arthur Balfour 1902-1905 Con
Henry Campbell-Bannerman 1905-1908 Liberal
Herbert Asquith 1908-1916 Lib
David Lloyd George 1916-1922 Lib
Andrew Bonar Law 1922-1923 Con
Stanley Baldwin 1923 Con
James Ramsay MacDonald 1923 Labour
Stanley Baldwin 1924-1929 Con
James Ramsay MacDonald 1929-1935 Lab
Stanley Baldwin 1935-1937 Con
Arthur Neville Chamberlain 1937-1940 Con
Sir Winston Churchill 1940-1945 Con
Clement Attlee 1945-1951 Lab
Sir Winston Churchill 1951-1955 Con
Anthony Eden 1955-1957 Con
Harold Macmillan 1957-1963 Con (Capt Ranty arrives on the planet)
Sir Alec Douglas-Home 1963-1964 Con
Harold Wilson 1964-1970 Lab
Edward Heath 1970-1974 Con
Harold Wilson 1974-1976 Lab
James Callaghan 1976-1979 Lab
Margaret Thatcher 1979-1990 Con
John Major 1990-1997 Con
Tony Blair 1997-2007 Lab (Capt Ranty finally wakes up)
Gordon Brown 2007-  Lab

Of the 25 (26 if we count Gordoom, and I haven't), 17 resigned and 8 were defeated at general elections. I wanted to confirm when the Liberals last held office as I had forgotten. I posted the full list here only as a reminder to the LibDems that they are absolutely not required in British politics. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the list above shows us one more important point. British politics is exactly like Scottish football. It is a two horse race. Labour have had 7 prime ministers and the Conservatives 15 in the last 80 odd years.

Clearly, not all governments are bad. Some of them had horrendous decisions to make, during WW1 and WWII, for instance. And we all know that life was none too pleasant for Brits back then. After that we had Aden, the Suez crisis,  Korea, some involvement in the Vietnam War, the Falklands Conflict, Gulf War 1 & 2, and the Afghanistan debacle. So we can see that wars are important to politicians, although, back in the day, we generally had good reason to pick a fight with another sovereign nation. These days, and forgive the cynicism, they all seem to be about money. Or oil. Or money. Or oil. How can they deliver democracy to a people when the deliverers themselves have forgotten what democracy is?

If I have a point to make about all of the above, I would say that I am sick and tired of the same charlatans appearing, almost turn-about, for the last hundred years. More recently I have become disgusted, utterly disgusted, with the Labour goons. Statutes, bans, stealth taxes, more statutes, manifesto lies, broken referendum promises, more bans, even more statutes, allowing the EU to swallow us hook line and sinker without a by your leave, more bans, cameras, bloody cameras on every corner of every street, yet more statutes, even more bans and the endless political correctness. I am a non-person. To be white in the UK today is almost a crime. Stand by, and those bastards will vomit more legislation to make white people criminals. To criticise immigration is heresy, and one is immediately branded a racist. I have been fortunate enough to spend time in 71 countries on our planet, and anyone searching for any racism in my mind or body will be searching until the end of time. Merely looking at anyone under 16 makes you a paedophile. God help you if you have to work with kids, transport them to school, the Brownies, or a local football match. I really wonder what sort of world we are making. The children, as the song has it, are our future, yet we have spent billions making them terrified. Daily we ensure that they take no risks whatsoever and that they assume absolutely no responsibility for their actions. We can always blame society, or a poor upbringing, or a Catholic priest. (Mind you, the priests have a lot to answer for. The sick bastards).

Naturally I have chosen to highlight the bad stuff, and no, I am not going to praise them for the good stuff, because that's exactly what we pay them to do. Keep the damn roads in good repair, we give you £44 billion a year to do that. It's still not enough though, is it? You still feel the need to snatch £328 million in parking fines. We send £35 billion your way every year via tax on alcohol. Your response? Introduce yet higher taxes using some gormless "unit table". Smokers in the UK wing £11 billion your way every year and you moan that it isn't enough, even though only £1.5 billion is spent on alleged smoking related diseases. More people were flying abroad so you just had to increase travel taxes to insane levels. They needed passports so you increased the price of those too. 11 fucking times! Even petrol, which we produce in vast quantities, didn't escape your greedy little eyes. We now have the most expensive fuel in the world. Thank you very bloody much for that.

There it is. There's the problem. Not only did you bite the hand that fed you, you kept on chewing. All the way up to the shoulder.

When people have decided that they have had enough, choices are limited. The stock answer is "Vote 'em out!". Good advice if the opposition weren't exact replicas. Labour numpties wear red ties, and Tory numpties wear blue. That is the only way I can tell them apart. Voting out one set of gibbons for another won't help. Voting in a fresh crew, a crew with new and exciting ideas is probably the best way to go, but as you can see, we British sheep think that the only choice is red or blue. Some people vote red because their dad did. If that is the only reason you are going to vote in the upcoming general election, do all of us a favour and stay at home. If you don't know why you are voting one way or the other, then don't bother. You are too dozy to be allowed a vote. Seriously. Voters should be handed a form which says "I am voting for XXX because, [fill in this portion with a sensible reason]", and if the reason is shit,, they should be sent home.

Revolution is on the table too. Except that in order for a revolution to take place we would need to ensure  that X Factor, or Corrie, or Eastenders was cancelled. The British public have never been dumber. They have never been more complacent than they are today. 6 million are idle, whether they want to be or not. 12 million are directly, or indirectly employed by an inept group of greedy, lazy shysters, so there's no help to be had there. 25 million of us are working like demons just to keep our companies trading successfully and by so doing, we hang on to our jobs. The remainder are the seniors, who deserve some peace and quiet after a lifetimes toil, and the children, who must be trained to obey, like good little Borglets. Who the hell is going to revolt? The only people who want or need to revolt are too busy keeping the country and themselves afloat.

So. We get to why I am doing what I am doing. It is an obvious choice for me because I could not be any more disillusioned with British politics if I tried. The Labour party have ruined my life, and the Conservatives look like they are simply going to take the baton from the reds in May and keep on going. Same shit, different party. I have a new plan. It isn't for everyone. It requires a great deal of thought, and not a small amount of soul searching. I have chosen lawful rebellion for myriad reasons, one of which is, I admit, to cause chaos. Mostly it's because I cannot live under the yoke anymore. I cannot continue to give this government, or their successors, more of my money than I get to keep for myself and my family. I am not a greedy man, but I do demand fairness. That is why I chose to be a Freeman. I chose to be the change I was looking for. I chose to take a radical road to get where I am going, and yes, I may live to regret that, and yes, I may be making a rod for my own back, but damn it all, it is my choice. My risk to take. It is my responsibility and if it all goes pear-shaped, I won't be looking to blame anyone but myself. Once again I say this to you: I do not want a free ride, I just want to pay a reasonable fare.

What made this an easier decision to make became apparent when I discovered that we have been lied to for a very, very long time. Council tax is illegal, not to mention unlawful. Income tax should have been abolished years ago. Stop and Account is about as unlawful as you can get. Random vehicle stops by the policey officers are anathema to Freemen. The deluge of unwarranted, unnecessary, unwanted legislation we have borne in the last 13 years has been mind-blowing. Especially so, when you learn that our "lawmakers" do not even bother to read them first. Not ever. When the Minister for Europe runs around baying and bleating for us all to accept the Lisbon Treaty with nary a blink confesses, live on air, mind you, that she hasn't bothered to read the document, you know that something is rotten in the state of Westmonster.

Politics, I will therefore conclude, is a waste of time. It will get us precisely nowhere. The waste will continue under the reds or under the blues, and, mark my words, it will get a damn sight worse before it gets better. Incredibly, the kids of today will look back on these years and say, "Ahhh. The good old days". Just like us old farts say that the fifties, sixties, seventies and the eighties were the good old days.

The days get worse. Time to make a decision.

I have made my decision.

What will YOU decide?



Dick Puddlecote said...

Pure quality, Captain. If there was one of those applauding smileys around, I'd be putting about five of them to this.

Captain Ranty said...

Thank-ee kindly, zur.

(Almost makes up for that horrible piccie you posted).


Unknown said...

Gotta agree with DP on this one CR, excellent piece you have written here. A stop and think piece.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks TBY.

It is heavily edited. It contained a lot more....Anglo-Saxon in version 1.

The more I think about the damage done to our beautiful country, and to the wonderful people she has, the more colourful my words become.


scorpy66 said...

Hey Captain, I've missed your rants! I clearly have a lot of catching up to do... This one is first class - thank you!!

Captain Ranty said...

Hi Scorpy,

You are too kind. Thank YOU.


Witterings from Witney said...

Good post Cap'n - have linked to it.

Captain Ranty said...

Ta muchly, WfW.