November 08, 2009

We Were Deceived.

For decades.

I missed these four videos the first time around, back in 2007. I was too busy fighting the vile smoking ban. I truly believed that the smoking ban was the first experiment by the government to control a huge minority in our fair land. Naturally, the non-smokers got right behind it. After all, it wasn't them being forced outside, it was the filthy smokers. It wasn't them being abused, even killed, it was just the filthy smokers. It wasn't them having rohypnol slipped into their drinks, it was just those filthy smokers, who had slipped out for a disgusting cigarette.

It was Divide and Conquer 101. It showed the government that it could be done. So they repeated the exercise with the fat, with the lazy, and with the drinkers. If you somehow fit into all of those categories, you have my sympathy. You have had a shitty few years.

As important as it was, (for a social engineering experiment), it was as nothing compared to what was being planned in the background.

These videos might help to explain it a little better than my scribblings.

We have all been conned. We have all been deceived. We have all been taken for a ride.

The question is: are we ready to retaliate?

Fast forward to 2109. Eavesdrop on a conversation in a Pleasure Dome.

"I mean really. Can you believe those tits back in 2009 did nothing, nothing, to stop the USE from forming? It was a disaster from day one". (Lights a smoke, inhales deeply).

"I know, I know. They had the internet and everything. Archaic compared to what we have now, but shit, they were communicating, they just never acted!". (Lights a spliff, inhales deeply).

"Yep. They knew it would be bad. They knew that their national identities were being ripped away from them. I know we laugh about it today, but it took us, and our fathers & mothers 30 odd years to undo the damage. So many lives many taken by the superstate....".

"They even knew the EU was riddled with corruption and still did nothing when the old parliament kept throwing billions over to Brussels. Even when they started paying tax at the lower rate of 80% they just moaned a little more, but they kept voting in the same fucking idiots".

"Yeah. You know, I am a direct descendant of Captain Ranty. Blogged like a man possessed from 2009 until 2015. Of course, by then it was all over. They locked him up and said he was "fixated". What an embarrassment. I wish he had done more".

"I wish they had ALL done more.....".


Sue said...

I´m ready!

Captain Ranty said...


I am not alone then.


Witterings from Witney said...

Far from it, Cap'n.

Getting on a tad in years but........

Captain Ranty said...

Isn't it odd, WfW?

You, me & Sue are around the same age, yet you would think the Yoof had the sand and the motive for rebellion.

But where are they?

Where are the young, strong disaffected ones? Where are those the EU are setting out to control utterly?

I think if we wait for them we are all going to be old(er) and grey(er) before they get here.


Witterings from Witney said...


Don't know about you, but believe I could give Sue 20 years.

Problem is when, in about 18 months, I reach 'soixante neuf' I wonder whether I will have the energy to actually find out what happens!

Anonymous said...

The internet is one of the main
reasons we got the smoking ban
If the twittering smokers had spent
more time kicking ass instead of
playing patsy on the keyboards we
might have shaken the freaks
Even now most "action" is low
voltage between the unknown when it
should be 10,000V in a creeps bath.
Either get the Doc Martins on or
shuffle of in silence to the Gulag

Last but one of the Templars

Katabasis said...

I've just hit my thirties - do I count as "strong disaffected yoof"?

Ranty - I think there are an awful lot of people who feel the same way out there, we're still in the process of finding eachother though.

I only discovered your blog today after seeing one of your comments over at OH's place....

By the way, I've been writing a detailed critique (going through it line by line) of the consolidated treaty (treaties):

Revealing Lisbon - Part 1

Sue said...

As far as the "youth" are concerned, I don't think they quite realise what is going on. That was (I believe) the intention of the government. They have been slowly but surely indoctrinated into a sleep type trance.

Remember how good TV used to be? Quality programming, great comedies, powerful dramas... since Labour came to power, reality TV entered our homes to hypnotize and divert our attentions, the MSM has been controlled and we are constantly bombarded with propaganda.

It's people around our age that remember what life was like before all this began to happen, that's why it's us fighting.

Hitler said "The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions.

In this way the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed."

Captain Ranty said...


I would argue that without the internet there would have been no resistance to the ban at all. It is only via groups like Freedom to Choose that we learnt about the scam.

Smokers were battered into submission after decades of lies.


Captain Ranty said...


Good to see you here. I have been reading your sensible comments on blogs for quite some time.

Thanks for the link. I will have a read. I have to understand more about this monster if we are to defeat it.


Captain Ranty said...


You are right, of course.

The damage wasn't done with a bulldozer. It was done with a toffee hammer. A tiny chip at a time, until....well, you know the rest.

It will be tough to motivate the younglings. They will view us as dinosaurs trapped in some misremembered nostalgic timewarp.

The old saying has some truth "You can't miss what you never had".


Lost said...

Count me in Cap'n,

@Sue, so right about the yoofs, some of the most Brainwashed people out there, and that doesn,t happen by accident. distaction works a treat, in fact ignore this, i shouldn't be here just got lost the way to facebook.

Cap'n bang on, they do this a stealthy piece at a time i call it the salami slice, you don't even realise it till you wake up one day and your entire salami is gone,

History is being writen for us again.

Pesky Anonymous said...

"They will view us as dinosaurs trapped in some misremembered nostalgic timewarp."

As I did as a child myself Captain, when all the old people were born Victorians.
They had a *no-messin* attitude about them. Straight down the line. Indomitable. What a rare old bulldog breed they were.

I don't draw a distinction between the young and the old in this matter. There's seems an equally high percentage of sheep in both groups.
I've been surprised a few times by how clued up some 20somethings are. They will have their own networks and messengers. Their own way. They won't rely on us dinosaurs.

Remember: no matter how much saturation propoganda is used, you cannot fool all the young'uns all the time.
And: Freedom is not just something us old folks remember. It is also a real live feeling. Alive and kicking.