November 20, 2009

Unleash Hell

Old Holborn has reached the end of his chain (click on my title to go to his place) and he has asked for suggestions on how we restore sanity.

He wrote the following:

Right. Enough is enough. I can walk around in a costume, I can write on my blog and I can make life hell for the 646 in my own little way.

It isn't working though, is it?

We need ideas. It isn't voting for XXX or YYYY, that got us here. It isn't Twitter and it isn't Facebook. IT isn't the Daily Mail and it isn't Radio 4.

Something has to change. It simply cannot continue like this. We are bankrupted, our children are bankrupted, we are giving away our wages to people who want us to give away our wages and control our every movement, action and thought. Everything we do is now illegal.

I want serious suggestions from readers of the Old Holborn Blog. Do I publish a DIY "freeman" guide? Do we march? Where? Do we write? To whom? Do we start a newspaper or a national campaign? What do we do?

I don't have the answers but every, EVERY populace has prevailed over their oppressors. They did it. We can do it.

But we are going to have to get organised. And very, very serious.

646 of them. 60,000,000 of us.

This then, is my response. There are some fine suggestions in the 90 comments so far.  Regular readers will not be surprised to learn that I favour Lawful Rebellion. It is simple. It is peaceful. It clogs up the government machine. It is effective. No blood is shed. No need to mass march on anywhere or anyone in particular. This is an Armchair Warrior's dream come true.

From the comfort of your favourite chair you can unleash chaos. Using ancient law you can, and will, reclaim the high ground. Any soldier knows that once you have the high ground you have won. No-one is asking you to dash through the streets, Molotov Cocktail clutched in a sweaty hand. No-one is asking you to risk life and limb in an unfair battle against uniformed thugs who are trained to believe that the people they are meant to protect are, in fact, their enemy. Old school coppers know that the vast majority of us are good people, law-abiding people, but the new recruits are trained using neurolinguistic programming. They are a new beast entirely. They have some serious kit that can hurt, maim, or even kill us.

Before I set out on Freedom Road I carried out a risk assessment. I investigated the pro's and the con's and it became a no-brainer for me. Is there a risk in what I do? Certainly. But I find the risks acceptable. The worst they can do is kill me, and what I am doing, or intend to do, is definitely worth an "accident" when I am out walking my dogs. But here's the kicker: far too many people are doing the same thing. More and more join us every day of the week. I hear that over 200 affidavits a day are being delivered to government, and/or Queen Lizzie the 2nd. Lawful Rebellion is the new black.

I ask you this: what have you got to lose? If you are angry, if you are beyond that and regularly see a big purple vein standing out near your temples, it really is time to get a grip. I too was outraged, and when I started reading OH's blog, or DK's blog, or Leg-Irons blog, and a huge number of others, I found that my rage did not go away. It merely accelerated to new, life-threatening levels. I knew it wasn't healthy, I knew I just had to find another road to travel. And so, as you are all now aware, I became a Freeman.

Now, (as you also know), it is not all beer and skittles. It is a serious responsibility. Taking my destiny back from a bunch of scumbags in government was an easy choice. Retaking control, and I do not pretend that I am there yet, feels....amazing. Awesome. Fantastic. Pick any superlative you want. That's how I feel. What has it cost me? A few quid in stamps and registered letters. Just a few quid to remove a rabid, mindless monkey from my back. It was money well spent.

OH wants ideas? You could do worse than to start with this. A few simple letters to those money-grabbing bastards saying, (nicely), "No. Not anymore. You keep taking my money, and you give nothing in return. It stops now. I offer conditional payment. All I ask is that you show me a contract with two wet signatures, yours and mine, and I will happily pay you the money you say I owe you". Mr Council Tax Collector and Mr Inland Revenue can do no such thing. No such contract exists. Question their demands. Every single time.

How much risk are you exposing yourself to there? Is it frightening to contest a bill or a demand for your hard-earned cash?

Of course not.

What terrifies you is stepping away from the norm. What scares the bejesus out of you is what your friends and family may think. You need to start behaving like Billy in Midnight Express. Start going around the column in the opposite direction. Just like the nutters in the film who didn't like what Billy was doing, so the nutters in Westmonster will start shitting bricks. They want obedient cash cows. Without a compliant population they are fucked. Being compliant and complacent has just encouraged them to take more. Kill their money supply and you kill a government. It could not be any simpler. Conform and die. That is all your government requires of you. I prefer non-conformity. It is good for me, and it is good for the people I hold dear. It is my duty to rebel. I owe it to myself. I owe it to my family. I owe it to my country. I owe it to the countless unborn.

The power you gave to them can be taken away. Let's get started. Let's withdraw our consent to them robbing us and wasting our money.

The Powers That Were have used fear to control you since you were a child. You are a child no longer. You are an adult, a thinking, feeling, sentient being, and you know as well as I do that the system is corrupt and that fear has no place in a democratic society. "Control" was the domain of Joe Stalin, Idi Amin Dada, Pol Pot, Adolph Hitler, Julius Caesar and Giuseppe Garibaldi.

Now that we are fully subsumed into that EU monster, the control, the fear, and the corruption will erupt exponentially.

What is the answer?

Lawful Rebellion.

Or, you can sit there whining.

Be the fucking change. Make a difference. Make history. Restore your pride and your sense of self.

Break the chains.



Lost said...

"From the comfort of your favourite chair you can unleash chaos" Love that! Cap'n

Been looking at freeman/lawful rebellion since I first stumbled upon your place.

I gotta agree the idea seems perfect non violent and completely lawful. It needs far more of us to wake up yet though, quite easy to section a few but not the masses eh.

Have you managed to stop paying UKplc ? Yes I know I shouldn't ask.

Good luck

Captain Ranty said...

Au contraire, Lost. You have my express permission to ask anything at all.

The answer is no. It is, however, my New Years resolution.

I intend to let slip the dogs of chaos on January 1, 2010.

As we all know, from chaos shall come order.


Harry J said...

I'm in full agreement with your strategy Captain with one proviso. We have to be sure we know exactly what it is we're fighting for. Rebellion and bringing down the government are fine objectives in the current climate, but we have to ask ourselves what next?

That's why, in OH's comments, I linked to the BCG Group and the UK Column because they have the awareness that it is our constitution that has been usurped and it is that we need to return to. They will express it in a clearer manner than I am able to but in essence it's the people who are sovereign, not parliament. They should be (are) our servants not masters. Coupled with this is our sovereign right to create our own currency. A practice that is currently the reside of usurious private bankers.

I've bookmarked your blog and look forward to reading accounts of your New Year journey as a Freeman.

Captain Ranty said...


Scroll down, and you will find that I am in full accord. I have talked at length with Roger Hayes at BCG, and I am in touch with people at UK Column. I visit TPUC regularly and my new friends over at

I am merely taking the first steps. I agree that we need to plan this carefully.

I appreciate you following my progress. Rather than watching me from the gallery, you should join me on the stage.

It isn't witnesses I need. It's fellow Freemen.

Give it a go.

It's a blast.


Captain Ranty said...

Welcome aboard!!

Horrible cunts make good Freemen.

We have bastards, fuckwits and twats as well.

You will feel right at home.


Harry J said...

Captain, I can now see that you are aware of 'the bigger picture'. I can see OH has picked up the ball and is running with it. I'm not so sure he's fully aware.

There are many who are beginning to wake up to what's happening in this country and indeed the wider world but they are still trapped at the politics level. The Freeman stuff is really just a means to an end and I think it would be worthwhile attempting to express this to OH and his followers.

Captain Ranty said...

Good idea Harry.

It is blatantly clear that many don't get it judging by the comments.

I'll do a broader looking piece when I get home on Thursday.


Pesky Anonymous said...

I followed the articles, here and at OH's, with great interest. Lots of good comments, and a valiant stand by yourself Captain.

Do not be discouraged by one or two of the comments. Old Holborn's place is a very lively debating shop, and in such places you will find some people who, put simply, like the sound of their own voice. Their very mindset is to argue. They try to make a point which will put a spanner in someone's spokes. This is their joi de vie. They are not there to learn anything, but to try and win an argument. It's an ego thing.
It speaks volumes that they don't come here to a freeman specific site.
My point is just that such comments distort a true reflection of the views of the majority.

On the subject of reflecting views, I amused myself recently when I imagined the newsreader on BBC evening news announcing that: "100s of 1000s of people are refusing to buy our license."
It is not going to happen is it :-) People might get ideas...
Like Gil Scott Heron sang: "The revolution will not be televised.. (the revolution will be live)."

One more point:
In my efforts at evangelism, a very common "Ah... but..." reply I receive is: "Ah, but it is ok if you are self employed. Most of us are on PAYE."
I noticed your reply to such a comment Captain: "..once you have won your case against HMRC, they will supply a letter for your employer and they will stop deducting at source. Simples."
May I suggest that a step by step guide on how to proceed with this (possibly with template letters) might be very productive.
I have never come across this, and so cannot point to a link myself. I am usually stumped for a good answer.

quackquack said...

I love the write up.
I am trying to do something Mr:
Start your own in Scotland if you want.
Who knows it may help things.

quackquack said...

I would just like to say. I have been doing some digging and I am not too keen on what I have found. The above project is now on hold. Please do not email your views. There needs to be some way of collecting the views without using the internet. Anys suggestions regarding that are welcome at
This is what I have found.
I went to check out the bcg and had a peak at their source code (right click -view page source) on their website.
and in it found this:
The above can also be found on
If good old gordon brown is behind the bcg we are stuffed!
If good old gordon brown is behind despite the fact that we the E.U. laws ant group or organisation acting nationally will not longer be allowed then what are we all going to do?
This is serious!
sharing views over the net could get us into a 1984 situ.

Captain Ranty said...

Hi Cindy,

Thanks for the info.

I am not sure how to treat the Berners-Lee connection. I have had long chats with Roger Hayes at BCG and his passion, his drive, and his infectious enthusiasm for Lawful Rebellion is very powerful. This doesn't synch with a government connection.

Can you help me to understand why you think Brown might be behind the movement?



Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Pesky. Good observations, as always.

I still think a fairly close look at politics today might help casual (and even interested readers) understand why Freemen do what they do with such conviction.

I got home late last night from North Africa and I have a ton of stuff to do for work, but when I clear the decks I will get started on it.


Pesky Anonymous said...

I think you have nailed it there Captain.
It is precisely politics today that have brought about the feeling of *enough is enough*, and in some, the desire to take peaceful lawful remedial steps.
It is paramount that laymen understand this.

quackquack said...

I am sure the bcg mean well. Although I am more for building on what we have left, if we only knew what that was or is, or maybe isn't. If you get me.
My point was that is worth taking a look at. It's behind every website in the source code. It's in the b.c.g.s and even in yours and mine. Why is that I ask myself having been without net for sometime now and not having seen this before. (I am a view source code nut due to previous employment) Why would that have been added to the html code. Right click - view source page once read view source 'code' not 'page'. The info you get now is very different. Why would that be SIR Tim and Mr Gordon B. What is there game I asked myself. Whatever their game may be the fact is I have read 1984 and watched the film. Views collected online become numbers and they are put into schools of thought and in the wrong hand...hey presto you have it!
I hope they mean well, but regardless some info is personal for good reason and I don't think I want to be apart of creating a 1984 situ. (Facebook!) so...
Therefore I shall collect views without the aid of 'the net'. Is that a fishing net?
I hope not for everyone's sake. Cindy.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Cindy.

I looked at the website and from a high level it all looks reasonable. I googled Berners-Lee + Gordon Brown to see what I could find. Mostly I saw articles where Brown had asked Tim to work on opening up govt data for all to see.

That they are gathering information about every click of the mouse, and every site we visit is a no-brainer for a growing police state. They want to know everything. This is yet another waste of tax payers money and, if they could just keep their snouts out of our business, we would all be paying a little less tax.

I don't pretend to understand it all just yet but I will keep digging and educating myself.


PS-Berners-Lee invented the interweb? WTF? I thought it was invented by Al Gore....

quackquack said...

I promise to leave you to your own thoughts after I have given you this. An email that I am hoping will be seen by all...

To him that will, ways are not wanting...
27/11/09 has been relaunched today based on feedback received.
I hope it is now to everyone's liking if not please send me any suggestions that you have.
Lets try and do something together. Please.

My friend asked...'what has influenced me'

You may well ask that question it is a very good one I said...
How long have you got?
This story begins about 3 years before I met you (1994). I was living in Ibiza when I met this man who called himself Africa. Something to do with Ice T? He told me his dad was called Africa and so was his daughter, he was from good old USA and his ex was from Austria so his daughter was growing up there. He called me over to talk to him when he saw me in a bar on a beach. I had a flowered dress on and he called me his flower girl. He was in his 30s and must have weight about times what I did. I sat on his knee which was like a sofa and this is what he told me. His father was the godfather (creator) of hip hop and that is how Africa got involved in music. He was a D.J.

Africa's dad had sent him on holiday for a month or two so that he could make a decision... whether or not he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father and become a member of an organisation that run the world. This was in 1995 by the way. He told me that the organisation were responsible for just about everything that happens on the planet. They create things to keep people busy busy busy. Football for example. His father had been told that he was going to be the godfather of hip hop before hip hop had even existed. It was all meant to be to distract people in the world from what was really going on.

Africa took me onto his boat (cruse ship) and showed me the books he had been given to read and they were massive and very holy looking. Antiques. I wasn't too shocked by the concept that someone or a group of people should I say would be pulling strings. The powerful and the rich maybe even royalty and religious folk. I thought they would be working for the good of mankind. You know - it will all be for the best. What will be will be. Crap! How nigh eve was I. How things have evolved since.

I have met many folk with tales to tell which until now have just been tales.
There are a lot of organisations being set up - world ones.
New World ones... -

Where is everyone? too busy busy busy or just chatting about it but too worried to say anything out loud. Maybe even playing into their hands by tearing what little we have left (possibly bcg and possibly playing into their hands). Whatever people are doing it is not enough and possibly damaging. This project idea has lead me to realise that the net could be just that - a great big fishing net.
Is 1984 on the horizon. I hope not.

Harry J said...

I'm a little confused Cindy, is that your story? The bit about Hip Hop beng created rings true. I would assume the father's name was Afrika with a k, as in Afrika Bambaataa. As you can see in the linked video he was credited with being one of the 'creators' of Hip Hop along with 'Grand Master' Flash and the Furious 'Five'. Do you want to join an organisation that runs the world? Is that how they do it?

I checked quite a few sites and found many of them had the in the source code. There were some that didn't as well. Not sure about the significance of it being in there. You would need to speak to a web designer to find out. I'm going to on Monday.

Is 1984 on the horizon? It's pretty much already here. They just need to fine tune it a bit and roll it out into a few more areas.

I already operate under the assumption that they would try and identify the rebellious ones in some manner. I've also come to the conclusion that one of the reasons why there's so much 'New World Order' information out there is to keep people locked into the net and not actually doing much else besides.

I do hope that the BCG are genuine. It would be a shame if they weren't.

Harry J said...

Just checked with a web designer friend of mine and he said there's nothing sinister about the BCG website's source code at all. W3 is a standard that most websites adhere to and if the site had been made in Dreamweaver it would have done it automatically.

Captain Ranty said...


Anonymous said...

interesting post. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did any one know that some chinese hacker had hacked twitter yesterday again.