November 05, 2009

Is THIS What We All Wanted?

Some information for you.

I have not checked it for accuracy, but most of it looks sound. (Link to site embedded in the title).

1. The Queen has signed 6 of the 7 EU Treaties.
2. The 6 treaties define and build the EU as an unelected dictatorship.
3. The EU's laws give it the powers of a police state.
4. The 7th EU treaty will complete the abolition of Britain as a nation

- the Queen could sign it in as little as two years.
Shouldn't we repeal the 1972 European Communities Act now
before we are imprisoned permanently inside?

5. Thirty three years inside the EU - have you noticed how our democracy is being withdrawn?
The EU has already denied us that most basic of human rights - the right to vote against the EU and to keep our own nation. A majority of us don't want to be in the EU. We are being forced in against our will.

Do you feel you've become powerless, unable to influence events, or your vote is worth less? The six treaties are gradually removing our democracy; and 70% of the laws now passed by our Parliament are EU laws, not ours. Isn't the real reason people have lost interest in politics precisely because the EU has taken away our ability to change things?
Common law, where the government was our servant, is now largely replaced by the EU's Corpus Juris, which puts the government above the law, and we don't participate. We have already lost most of our rights (including habeas corpus). The power of government grows unchecked, as does that of large corporations. Politicians continuously lie about the EU, pretending its not significant.
6. Massive EU corruption
The EU's auditors have found the fraud is so widespread they've refused to sign off the EU's accounts for each of the last ten years. Whistleblowers like Marta Andreason, the EU Budget Director, who in 2005 found the EU couldn't account for 95% of its £66 billion budget, are simply fired for telling the truth.

7.The bribing of our Politicians by the EU
Europe works by bribing politicians with huge salaries and expenses to vote for Europe, against the best interests of their own voters.

As a result all three parties are in favour of the EU - Westminster acts like a one party state of politicians: the Lib-Lab-Con. The parties are run top down and implement the policy of their leaderships, not that of their members. (unfortunately UKIP is run in the same way). If you have voted for the Labs, Cons or Lib-Dems since 1969, you have voted for the EU dictatorship.
8. EU corruption is now exploding through our Civil Service, our local government, and our 7,000 quangos.
A shadow EU government lives inside our bureaucracy, headquartered in the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM.) It includes many parts of government including the RDA and the Regional Assemblies. Common Purpose, an EU organisation, the UK branch also headquartered in the ODPM, has members across many government organisations including some city and county councils, the Land Registry, the police and the NHS, which it is destroying from within.

Common Purpose is the glue that enables fraud to be committed across these government departments, most of it lining the pockets of politicians and bureaucrats. It often involves the sale of public assets such as land to friends of politicians or their businesses. (The RDA -The EU Regional Development Agency, is a major player in this type of fraud.) And the handing out of plum government non jobs with big salaries and expenses to members of Common Purpose, all of it involving the theft of our money as taxpayers. The Chief Executive Officer of Common Purpose is Julia Middleton of the ODPM.
9. Businesses closing under EU regulation
The EU's 107,000 regulations will close hundreds of thousands more businesses when fully enforced, and control our private lives more closely than those of Soviet citizens. (In a Parliamentary answer to Lord Stoddart in January 2003, the government admitted there were 101,811 EU regulations)

10. The EU costs us £200 billion pa, 20% of our economy
According to the government's Better Regulation Task Force, complying with EU regulations now costs our economy over £100 billion a year. Economists say we lose £80 billion pa by associating with the EU's inferior economies. The EU took our fishing industry, which costs us £5 billion pa. EU damage to other industries (like forcing us to close the Rover Car Co) a further £20 billion. Our EU contribution is £10 billion.

Before we joined the EU we had an even balance of trade with them. Now EU regulations have fixed it so we lose £22 billion year trading with the EU on our balance of payments. We'd be enormously more wealthy if we left.
11. Our counties to be abolished
The Queen signed the 1992 Maastricht Treaty, which adopts the EU Regionalisation Plan. This will abolish England's 48 counties and replace them with 9 European regions, each with their own Regional Capital, which reports directly to Brussels, not to Westminster. This effectively obliterates the country of England. For example the County of Cornwall is replaced by the South West Region, which stretches from Lands End and includes Gloucestershire and Wiltshire; its regional capital is Exeter. As this move is unpopular it is being kept low-key and will not be implemented until the seventh treaty is signed, when we lose our right to object.

12. The deliberate destruction of our way of life, standards and morals
From Sunday trading, where large stores force staff to work Sundays for derisory pay - or they don't get a job, to the government's deliberate undermining of the family, to sex education for the under 13's, to children being given obscene homework, its all traceable via our compliant government back to the EU over the last 34 years. While inside atheist Europe, British Christianity has almost died out; safety on our streets and a great chunk of civilised life has left with it.

13. The EU has controlled our immigration since 1997
The Amsterdam Treaty handed complete control of our immigration to the EU. The EU increased the numbers of immigrants from 30,000 a year to 200,000 a year. That's why house prices have been screaming up. Politicians and huge corporations like immigration - with thousands of immigrants available on low pay, corporations can impose the minimum wage on millions. Politicians then lie that they can't get British workers to do dirty jobs. The truth is they won't offer a decent wage to compensate for unpleasant work, and instead use immigrants at £5 an hour.

Michael Howard was lying on the 24th January 2005 when he said he'd fix immigration - as Prime Minister, he'd have had no control over it whatsoever. Immigration hurts our existing immigrants first - new immigrants move into their areas, decreasing the wages and increasing the pressure on housing.
If the seventh Treaty is signed, we lose our right to withdraw and Britain ceases to be a nation. Like the other six, it only requires two signatures: the Prime Ministers, and the Queen's. 

There is much more at this site. Worth a look.



Sue said...

I think this is beginning to make me crazy now. How on earth is this happening?

What are we going to do?

Captain Ranty said...

We are either going to

1) Keep calm and carry on


2) Move to a less oppressive country like North Korea

Or we could repeal the European Communities Act 1974. No, wait. The Lisbon Treaty forbids it.

North Korea it is.


Sue said...

Tim Worstall has just had the same idea. Where does it say The Lisbon Treaty forbids it?

Sue said...

Aren't there any clever political law people out there who are just as fed up?

There must be someone who can find a loophole!

Of course, there's always Lawful Rebellion but the electorate are more interested in X Factor than their freedom!

Captain Ranty said...

I'm looking for a link I followed earlier today. In effect, the LT says "Member states cannot repeal previous Acts that contain a get-out clause". It's more wordy than that, but thats the gist of it.

Oh, and I got the year wrong. It is ECA 1972.

I was ten. I had more hair and I was built like a racing snake.


Sue said...

Oh dear, I was.... eeek 14

banned said...

Lots of good stuff there Ranty, Item 7 could add that the EU further corrupts via generous pensions to its former servants. These pensions are forfeit should the pensioner act in ways deemed to be against the EU interest ( who would decide that ? )

ie Mandelson & The Kinnocks are obliged to act In Favour of the european interest even when voting within our own Parliament. They have been bought.

Captain Ranty said...


I think it is a bit out of date.

As Mr Griblett says below, the dance is over. The politicians get the spoils, and we walk home kicking rocks.

I have exercised my imagination in pretending that we were invited to the dance.

Of course, we weren't.


Anonymous said...

hello captain ranty

id love you to get in touch with me...

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there are several ideas id love to run past you.


Captain Ranty said...


I can't find contact details for you at either site.

I do like the information you have and I will listen to the interviews tomorrow.

Wing a note to captainranty at btinternet dot com and I will be able to send you my phone number or you can send me yours.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, it's looking increasingly likely that the EU's just another cog in the wheel. The real power seems to be the UN and the world banks.

Whether or not we're headed for communism, TPTB seem to have learned a thing or two from commies.

PJC has kindly documented the illuminating >plans of the Club of Rome.