November 04, 2009

What Now?

Seriously, what now?

I have questions. Many questions.

If we buried our nation and all of our hard won freedoms yesterday, where do we go from here?

As we (already) regurgitate 88% of EU statutes and rubber-stamp their passage through parliament, does this mean we can reduce MPs pay by 88%? And from 1st January 2010 by 100%?

As we are to be utterly controlled by the EU, do we really need an election next May?

As the EU is to subsume us, will Scotlands SNPs continue to campaign for independence? If so, why? And independence from what?

As Brussels is now (or soon to be) in charge, can we use Westminster Palace to house the homeless?

If European Competition  Laws are to be adhered to, will I be paying a damn sight less for my cigarettes? And, will we be allowed to smoke indoors again, just like ALL other EU nations regions?

As HM Queen has agreed to be ruled by a foreign power can we shut her down, flog off her properties and remove her from the Civil List?

As we will change to Napoleonic Law, can I still be a Freeman?

I have many more.

If you have any answers I would be very grateful.


Snakey said...

As long as the MSM spins Lisbon as simply "streamlining" the processes of the EU then the man in the street will continue to believe that the EU will not affect us here in the UK.

My husband spoke to his barber yesterday and it is a typical example of how the working man thinks:
1. He didn't know what the Lisbon Treaty was.
2. He did not believe that the EU could change what we do here (even though it already does).
3. He would not countenance the UK changing from sterling to the euro. His exact words were "It'll never happen, it won't be allowed." This is after he was told that the Lisbon Treaty document itself states that all member states would have one currency.

How can anyone get through that kind of ignorance? It is this ignorance that the eurocrats are relying on.

We may be able to use EU law here and regain some of the freedoms Labour took away (such as the ban on smoking) to bring us more into line with other EU countries such as Spain (who allow businesses to decide for themselves if they will allow smoking or not) but it would be a costly campaign, fought through the Courts, which as we know are weighted in favour of the elite and not the common man and which would have to be presented to the European Court rather than a British one. There would be no guarantee of success.

The political elite have successfully maneuvered this country into the Federal State of Europe and despite Cameron's promise of a Sovereignty Act (which won't work and the EU will make sure it doesn't) we have lost our freedom.

I am not sure we will ever be able to get it back :(

Anonymous said...

Question: I often see people writing "EUSSR". In your opinions how does the EU political ideology actually compare with communism and capitalism, or is it a case of waiting to see how it will develop?

Lost said...

forgive my naivety Cap'n

You've been looking into this stuff far longer than me (infact stumbling onto your blog one day is what got me interested)so your wisdom will far outstrip mine.

As far as the freeman stance, if we are all incorporated and so is the country, therefor falling under the admiralty/commercial law thing. Is there a possibility that the eu clusterfuck is nothing more than a corporate merger. UK plc, France plc ect ect all merging like corporations do.

Again forgive my limited understanding i'm a mere beginner:-)


Captain Ranty said...


Your view mirrors mine to a tee. The plebs (for that is how they view us) have no clue whatsoever. That barber is typical of the people I see in my village. "It won't affect us!", they tell me.

The reason for my chagrin is not that our elected representatives sold us down the Swannee, it's more for the way we just accept everything they tell us. They must, after all, be doing right by us because thats what we pay them to do. And yet, here we are, stateless.

Will these people wake up when they one day look at a map and notice that Scotland, England & Wales have gone, to be replaced with "Region 9", "North Atlantic Tranche", and others that they do not recognise?

The folks in my wee village think I have gone off my rocker. I mention the EU and their eyes glaze over. For a laugh once, I randomly inserted the words "Coronation Street" into a sentence about EU regulations and the wifey perked right up, and asked what I had heard. "About EU regulations?" I asked, "No! About Corrie!", she said.

Oh dear.


Captain Ranty said...


I have no real idea. I have never studied political history and I am none to familiar with ideologies either. I am learning as fast as I can.

The EUSSR name-tag is accurate though. The EU seem to think we all need watching, tagging, microchipping, databasing, DNA'ing, so that they know what we are doing, wherever we are doing it, 24/7.

They will take "Police State" to a whole new level.

I find them, and the present UK government more terrifying than Al Qaeda.


Captain Ranty said...


I would like to think Common Law is enshrined forever, but with this new development, who knows?

You are of course, spot on with your comment. This is nothing more than an international merger. This has more to do with money than any of us yet realise.

I'll have a sniff around and see if I can back that up with some facts.

BTW, I'm no expert on this. I am stumbling along too.


Anonymous said...

Interesting that you find the EU terrfiying, yet by your own admission are doing everything you can to annoy them. Doesn't going for freeman status and UCC-1 filing mark you down as an enemy of the superstate, and first in line for the great purge?
One could argue that keeping a low profile is the best course of action if you want to preserve yourself. Of course this IS the wimps option!

Pesky Anonymous said...

Pity the poor sheeple. They have it all to come.

Until it happens to you, you don't really understand what it is to be shat on. It happened to me Captain, like you and Rob Menard.
Before this particular awakening, I held a belief in common with the sheeple, that our land is good, fair and civilized, and that corrupt people are kept in check by their good, fair and civilized fellows. It was inconceivable that something wicked might this way come. Oh I could see all the wrongs in the world, but felt sure that right would prevail, regardless of anything I said or did.
It took some nasty stuff to convince me that something I had dismissed as my darkest fears was actually real.

Captain Ranty said...


I haven't (so far) picked a fight with the EU.

To date my battles have all been with the UK government.

I am a Freeman already, but my concern is whether I can hang on to that status. Then again, as long as it is statute law I am ignoring, I don't suppose it matters where it comes from, eh?

As for UCC-1, I have the link to the website in Washington DC (which, it turns out, is NOT part of the USA) and will complete the filing when I know a lot more about the process that follows.


Captain Ranty said...


I think the "something wicked" has arrived.

The trick now is not to allow it to get comfy before we send it back to the hell from whence it came.


Griblett said...

I do wish you had numbered your questions!

1) 'We' as in the British people go nowhere, for there is nowhere to go.

2)No and no. They will be Regional Directors on the same or more money.

3)Yes and no (only for a cosmetic exercise to fool the sheeple a bit longer).

4)Yes. See bracketed explanation. It's a charade, one must see it through.

5)No. Again see brackets.

6)No. They will be brought into line with us.

7)No. 'You', 'I' and 'we' are meaningless terms. Certain masquerades will be useful in order to control the citizens of the Regions. The monarchy is one.

8) No. The EU is going to supercede Common Law, firstly by enactment of legislation and then by removal of the terms Britain, British, England and English. You cannot live by the laws of a non-existent land or judicial system.

Well it was a nice ride while it lasted but as the Great O once warbled; "It's over".

You might like to reflect on two small things;

1. The EU Regional Police Forces will be made up of no more than 3% of the indigenous population of that Region.

2. The re-enabling, through a sub-clause of a sub-clause, of an EU wide death penalty.

As a legendary hooped-top Scottish rocker once said; "It's been a real gas to be here".

Captain Ranty said...

Sorry Gribbsy.

So, we are buggered then?

I'll polish me cudgel.