November 23, 2012

Friday Funnies

I am still not feeling particularly hilarious but laffs are important.

So I haz stolened some funny slash poignant pics for your hentertainment.

Here goes:

WTF happened to The Lard Foundation?

WTF are you made of?

Read it. And be proud. Chemically.

Cleverest/worst shoes. Ever.

Deep thinking. For deep thinkers.

The two sides of Twitter.

For the record: I like both.

If this dog is NOT levitating I wish to call the RSPCA.

For my Merkin readers.

True. Dat.

I had the temerity to mark my wife using this scale.

My surgeons say that the bandages can safely be removed next week.

Have a bodacious weekend.



banned said...

"WTF are you made of?" 99% empty space and 60% bacteria apparantly.

Span Ows said...

All of those are hilarious, in fact I'm stealing the lard one now!

Kynon said...

I also follow Gus The Fox on Twitter. I do enjoy the complete surreality of most of what "he" posts.

Anonymous said...

No freedom of expression on the blogosphere now

James Higham said...

Not so sure about the 10th merit on the chart.

Steven said...

The fuller version of the Marital Rating Scale actually makes interesting reading.

Leg-iron said...

That dog has very wide eyes...

Noggin the Nog said...

What is that woman doing to that dog?