November 19, 2012

What's Wrong With This Picture?

For more years than I care to confess to, I supported Israel as I had thought that they were the underdog.

I will usually support the underdog because I believe in fairness, balance and equality. I support neither in this eon's old war. I have given up on both sides. There have been too many promises of peace. Too many failed promises from both sides.

But have you noticed the blatant land-snatching that has continued, unabated, since 1946?


The Israeli-Palestine situation isn't exactly one-sided, is it?

Not that I think lobbing missiles at each other is the smartest way to resolve their 4,000 year old disagreement either.

I think that if both sides genuinely wanted peace, they would have had it decades ago.

It seems that when two tribes go to war there is no real interest in stopping. The USA overtly supports the Israeli's, the Middle East covertly supports Hamas, and the only winner appears to be the missile manufacturers.

The innocents will continue to die as they unsuccessfully try to dodge the steel rain that falls, just as they failed to dodge the steel blades of centuries ago. The slaughter continues.

We haven't progressed much as a race, have we?



Mike in Kent said...

Hi Captain, Usually I would generally agree with 90% of your posts, however, yeah you guessed it, this time I have to call this one a dud. Firstly, the map you are using is lifted from an anti Israel site and is all over the web now on many anti Israel and supposedly neutral sites, the clue is in the Zionist land ( booo ) and Palestinian lost land( poor souls ) purporting to be honest, it is not. First, in 1946 there were over 500,000 Jews in the Holy Land and around 1.2 million Arabs, A ratio of around 2 to 1 and hardly the tiny white dots shown in the map. Secondly the UN partition was never viable, the Jews knew it and the Arabs knew it, that's why there was war in 1948, where the Arab armies of six countries tried to destroy the fledgling Jewish state and drive the Jews into the sea. Incidently the Arab population in 1948 was only 156,000, as nearly 1.1 million had left the area known as Palestine and the new state of Israel. Odd don't you think for a people who now claim their land was stolen? In fact the entire Palestinian population remained under 500,000 until the late 1970's, such was their rush to relaim those mythical 'stolen lands'that they forgot all about them for over thirty years. The '49 to '67 map is correct'ish except for the fact that Gaza was part of Egypt and the West Bank part of Jordan, so the mythical 'Palestinians' were until '67, Egyptian and Jordanian citizens and not Palestinians at all. As for the last map 2000, well frankly it is ridiculous. The population of Israel was in 2000, 6,396,300 of who 4,995,400 were Jews and 1,413,900 Arabs or 22% of the population of Israel, why is not 22% of Isreal coloured green in the same way as jews living in the West Bank are coloured white? Finally the West bank's population is around 2.5 million, of which 500,000 are Jews, now does that mean the Jews should be evicted and forced to live only in Israel? Conversely does the same reasoning extend to the nearly 2 million Arabs living in Israel too? It's vexed for sure, but for me, morally, the Jews have it over the Arabs by some margin and rightly so.

Tim said...

Cap'n, I think it's even more one-sided than you think. The Palestinians always just wanted to be left in peace on the land of their grandfathers...

I think you'll find that the evidence suggests Israel controls Hamas. And the rockets fired from Palestinian land may be fired by Mossad agents...

The Rothschilds control Israel I hear... And Satan controls them...

By being down on the Human-race as a whole, you're doing their work for them mate. It's not us ordinary poor folk that start wars. Ever. Us real humans are caring, compassionate and friendly...

Look - a nice video of what real (non-psycho) humans are like:

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Mike.

I knew the source was slightly tainted but I presumed the areas representing each side were accurate, or at least close to accurate. I saw similar maps when I went looking.

I have no axe to grind here, and I am pleased at the depth of your comment.

Gives us all something to chew on.


Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Tim.

I knew this post would get more complex. I deliberately kept it simple knowing that you guys would lob info into the comments.

"By being down on the Human-race as a whole, you're doing their work for them mate."

I hear you.

But I also maintain that the final decision (to bomb or not to bomb) rests with a human. A human who has the power to say no.

"I was acting under orders" ceased to be a defence after the Nuremberg Trials.


Anonymous said...

I can see your point Captain but I have to disagree. I'd much rather that space was filled with Israelis than violent jihadists. Remember that the land issue is a mere sideshow. These groups - backed by very powerful Wahaabists - are intent on creating a global caliphate. Israel is just the practice run.


Anonymous said...

I spent 6 months in israel 1972ish.
On kibbutz etc...

Did not know at that early age the politics of Zionism.

The zionazis
Godwins Law comes into play

they are stealing the land and causing wars.

Tim said...

Mike seems to be quite the Zionist.

Arabic (Semite or Shemite - after Noah's son) people have lived on those lands for millennia. What the land is called matters little compared to who controls it.

He says "the mythical 'Palestinians'" as if the people themselves don't exist... It's true, they have been invaded and controlled by many different groups of psychopaths over time, but that doesn't invalidate their existence, and it doesn't invalidate their lawful claim to the land they have lived on for generations.

The Palestinians - as they're currently called - are just ordinary people, who have had their lands taken away, and a foreign government and apartheit regime installed. They are undergoing an apparent genocide at the hands of the Israeli government backed by the USA and Britain.

Mike is conflating the numbers of people with areas of land under the control of the two 'Authorities'. There are plenty of arabic people in the population - that's certain. But how much control over their lives do they have? Little it seems.

Also, I hear that the the Jews who were there in 1946 had mostly been shipped in by the Brits and Hitler (British Agent)...

Anyway, it's just an unlawful occupation. Even the UN says so.

The Jewish religion of 'being the chosen ones' is divisive, and leads to terrible abuses. People should humble themselves before God, and give thanks (like the prophet Bob Marley taught ;^) - not glorify themselves as 'chosen'. They should learn to treat all mankind as their beloved family - because we are.

pitano1 said...

hi capt.
when the temple is destroyed is
when the shit hits the fan.
`for us`

this is what the freemasons/luciferians have been slavering over for century`s.
according to albert pike who
knew their would be 3 world wars.
ushering in the completely seculor order.

ifyou have a look at some of the speech baby bush made to invade iraq,he uses biblical terms from the book of revalation.
there are many other instances.

the zionists do not see any jews,or palastinians,or women,or children being `sacrificed`,they just see the agenda unfolding.

Rob F said...


Hitler was a British agent? If so, why did he SOE try to assassinate him?

Sure (to play devil's advocate here), the whole Operation Foxley thing could have been disinformation on the part of the British government.

However, if Hitler was a British agent, then doesn't that mean the British government tacitly supported the aims of the Nazis?

If so, why did hey mobilize millions of troops from he Empire to fight the Nazis? Why did they allow Coventry to be firebombed?

I believe that all governments are corrupt in some way, and that any attempt to hero worship Churchill ignores the fact that he was a racist (and often pissed or depressed, or both), but at he same time to denigrate him for his faults ignores his values of leadership.

Sorry, I just can't believe that he or his government were somehow orchestrating the rise of Hitler.

I'm willing to be convinced of anything, though, if real evidence is presented. That's what debate is all about, surely!

Anonymous said...

Last conflict 20008. 1400 palastinians lost their lives, along with a dozen Israelis... Bit one sided for me, if it wasn't so one sided it wouldn't happen... Simple as, we have a bully and a victim.

Rob F said...

And Tim (sorry Cap'n for the double post!), I've no doubt that some people use the biblical status of Jews being he "chosen people" leads to some Jewish extremists believing themselves superior to other people.

However, the Talmud teaches that gentiles are not even bound by the ten commandments, but only by he seven laws of Noah, and any non-Jew who keeps to those laws (including Christians and Muslims) will be considered righteous by God.

I'm not actually that religious, by the way; I suppose you could call me a deist who's comfortable going to a Christian church now and then (but nipping outside for a smoke halfway through he sermon), but I have Jewish acquaintences who I've discussed Their faith with

None of he Jewish people I've talked to seem to be exremists. None of he Muslims I encounter seem to be exremists, either (to give some background, I work a Manchester University where you inevitably come across all sorts of people).

All religious extremists will find something in their "holy texts" to justify what hey believe. Some Jews might take that "chosen people" thing and quote it out of context to justify their want to feel superior, and some Christians might quote passage from he bible, taken in isolation, to justify the demonisation of homosexuals.

My worry, though, is that Islam presents so many more excuses to be inhuman to one's fellow man than does Christianity or Judaism. Did Jesus or Maimonedes advocate exterminating the non-believers? No, but Mohammed certainly did, and he is held up by Muslims as being he perfect man, and the best example to follow.

As I've said, all of the Muslims I've met so far have been friendly, bu does anyone seriously doubt that here are Muslims in Arab countries who wan to see he extermination of he Jews, or that here are imams here in he UK who are are preaching hat Muslims should never mix wih the kuffah, and that their version of Islam will triumph over our democracy?.

Sue said...

What I don't get is, we are expected to live in harmony with all sorts of races, religions and ethnic minorities in the UK. Why can't they? They should just take down the borders and tell the bloody lot of them to share the land.

Noggin the Nog said...

Good grief, Hilter was MI6? Is there ANY evidence for this ludicrous claim?


The temple was destroyed in AD70 by the Romans (to teach uppity Jews a lesson) and has NEVER been rebuilt. If Jews have only been pitching up in the last century or so, how come they have had a temple there 900 years BC?

The Bible predicts that there will be a third temple, which HAS to be built in the exact same spot, currently where the Dome of the Rock mosque sits.

The amounts of ignorance and stupidity seen in posts about this conflict is astonishingly high. People have seen a 10 min vid on Youtube and think they have it sussed. Ridiculous.

The main thing to remember, IMHO, is that all the talk of negotiations, settlements, peace treaties, land swops, etc, are ALL secondary to the single main cause, namely the inveterate hatred of the existence of the Jew by the average Muslim in the region. This problem will never be solved until one side utterly defeats the other.

PS Ranty, your map is totally inacurate, pure fiction.

Anonymous said...

Jews or Muslims. Who gives a shit about either of them?

James Higham said...

With Mike in Kent on this one. Israel accepted the proposed borders, the Arabs instead tried to wipe Israel out, israel retaliated and took what they wanted.

That's the way greed always goes. said...

This is my take on the whole issue, Cap'n.

Mike in Kent is making the same kind of arguments that Zionists usually do, that is playing up all of the Jewish grievances while trying to minimise the Palestinian grievances, and above all, trying to bury the root historical fact of Palestinian dispossession of land and statehood.

"First, in 1946 there were over 500,000 Jews in the Holy Land and around 1.2 million Arabs, A ratio of around 2 to 1 and hardly the tiny white dots shown in the map."

The Jews immigrated peacefully into Ottoman and British Mandate Palestine in the late 19th century and very early 20th century. The root issue is their creation of a Jewish territory and state within the Palestine territory to which they had no former legal right.

"Secondly the UN partition was never viable, the Jews knew it and the Arabs knew it, that's why there was war in 1948, where the Arab armies of six countries tried to destroy the fledgling Jewish state and drive the Jews into the sea."

There is a kind of twisted logical truth to this. The immigration of Jews into Mandate & post World War II Palestine did indeed create an inevitable pressure against any possible assimilation, but the immigration itself was cynically planned by Zionist Jews to bring this about in the first place with their relentless support for unlimited immigration.

The war in 1948 is interesting because mutual hostilities were already well underway before the war began. During this pre-war phase, the Jewish paramilitary group, the Haganah came up with what is called Plan Dalet or Plan D. This involved killing and expelling Palestinians from their villages, seizing strategic territory etc. When David Ben Gurion declared an independent Israel state he also at this time asserted that Jews would seize territories outside of those agreed in the UN partition plan. Not only that, the declaration contained an ambiguous reference ("the rock of Israel") to the establishment of a greater Israel that would stretch from the Litani river in the Lebanon and cover the whole of Transjordan as well, all of this being the historical Eretz Israel. It's not really surprising that the surrounding Arab countries decided to invade Palestine shortly after this.

Some quotes which show how early Jewish preparedness was for ethnically cleansing the Palestinians.

"We must expel Arabs and take their place." Ben-Gurion writing to his son in 1937.

"It is our right to transfer the Arabs, and the Arabs should go" Yosef Weitz, Director of the Land Department in the Jewish National Fund (JNF) writing in his diary in 1940. said...

"In fact the entire Palestinian population remained under 500,000 until the late 1970's, such was their rush to relaim those mythical 'stolen lands'that they forgot all about them for over thirty years."

They forgot about them probably because they were too busy remembering being ethnically cleansed out of their original villages and towns.

"so the mythical 'Palestinians' were until '67, Egyptian and Jordanian citizens and not Palestinians at all."

"Mythical, non-existent, Jordanian, Ottoman, only shepherds and goatherds..." This is a familiar deceit that Zionists bring up and one which shows just how whacked out their morals are. The Palestinians have been living in those lands for more than a thousand years, in fact almost as long as English people have been in England.

"why is not 22% of Isreal coloured green in the same way as jews living in the WestBank are coloured white?"

Erm.. because the map shows how territory has been taken from formerly Palestinian areas from a Palestinian perspective?

"Finally the West bank's population is around 2.5 million, of which 500,000 are Jews, now does that mean the Jews should be evicted and forced to live only in Israel? Conversely does the same
reasoning extend to the nearly 2 million Arabs living in Israel too?"

Personally, I think that the Palestinians should give up the right of return but only in favour of a peace deal that would give them full sovereignty over the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem. But it seems that Israel will never accept that, since they still seem to be trying to force out the Palestinians via their settlement and checkpoint building.

Israeli Jews can't write all of this off as the actions of survivors of the holocaust, with their backs up against the wall. They started out with the idea of taking Palestine and restoring historical Israel and still today they rebut all attempts by the surrounding Arab countries to reach a peace settlement as with their refusal to negotiate with the Arab Peace Initiative of 2002.

Noggin the Nog said...

Another point: if all the current trouble is because Israel refuses to retreat to pre-67 borders, what started the war in 67?

Yep, Arab muslims trying to exterminate Jews.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Mildly off topic but I recently saw a compare and contrast between Israel an Pakistan - both formed at about the same time... It's not an entirely pointless comparison.

The latest spasm in Gaza all seems to be rooted with the Iranians. They have apparently wound their necks in over nuclear weapons (was it three or four Nimitz class carriers off the coast?) and obviously Ahmydinnerjacket wants to torment the Yanks some more and Israel is the handiest target.

Iran categorically has designs on bits of Iraq and the southern (Oily Shia Bit) coast of "The Gulf".

Throw in a few folk with proprietorial interests = the Turks, Russians and Saudis and you've quite a combustible mix.

Since you're doing maps - it is instructive to look at a coloured map of the Middle East in 1919 - just about in living memory.

Attila – Skyler said...

Watch this video and you don't need more words:

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...


"The Constituency of Conscience" indeed - it is a big messy constituency...

Kurd, Armenian and Turk, Christians and assorted Tribes (All at each other's throats in "Irag", "Syria", Lebanon & Egypt ), Shia and Sunni = on and on.

Balouch between Pakistan & Iran, Kashmiri in India, Bangladesh.

Most people want to get on with their lives without the threat of war - but the unscrupulous political exploitation of religion, toxic partisan politics, tribal hatred and greed are human vices that hard to overcome.

I was struck by an interview with a Gazan guy outside the pile of rubble that used to be his home (Cast Lead) "These fucking assholes won't leave us alone - they're as bad a s each other"

The world is chock full of human conflict and history shows us that there's no shortage of assholes seeking to exploit differences.

There's no doubt in my mind that the Israelis should cut a deal and bring all the people in the geographical area onto an equal footing - there will be nutters on both sides who'll resist that tooth and nail.

Something'll happen - but the present mix of zealous religion, whacky politics, ethnic friction and vested financial interest makes for difficult progress - and it'll be (quite) a while coming

Anonymous said...

Hi Capt,

There is a saying: The Jew cries out in pain as he's attacking you.

There is huge ignorance on the Israeli/Palestinian issue and even more regarding Judaism as a whole within society.

1. The land DOES not belong historically to the Jews but to the Israelites of whom the Jews are one of their twelve tribes.

2. And of those Jews there is a clear difference between Sephardi (semitic) and Ashkenazi (non semitic) Jews. As highlighted in brackets, the Sephardi are the indigenous Jews. The Ashkenazi have stolen the land. The same Ashkenazi who have been controlling and destroying the west for centuries. For the 'fake' Ashkenazi stating they have right to Israel's land is on a par with African Buddhists demanding China.

3. The control of Israel is for one purpose - the land where Talmud worshipping Ashkenazi Jews, who see themselves falsely as God's chosen. is to be their home (that will grow far more) and not only the seat of their totalitarian NWO but the throne for the King of the Jews and emperor of the world. After all, the goy (non Jews) are nothing but cattle and there to serve the Jews.

It saddens me when I see the portrayal of Muslims in the west as they are. This is nothing but countless years upon years of Hollywood and MSM brainwashing (both Jewish controlled) in order to further their agenda of world supremacy. It is somewhat ironic when people attack Islam for their practices when they fail to see that the complete smashing and downright degradation of western society is down to Ashkenazi Jews (porn, homosexuality/feminism promotion, destruction of morals and culture, mass immigration - all thanks to School of Frankfurt, Marx, Freud, Boaz etc) who promote death over Islam life.

The ignorance on Jews is staggering but understandable considering TV is TALMUDVISION and freemasonry is the Talmud for the goy. Know this that the war against Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, soon to be Jordan, Lebanon, Iran and Turkey are there for the complete destruction of Islam and safety of Israel and it's dispicable Ashkenazi inhabitants.

You may think that the destruction of Islam is a good thing, yet if you do you cannot take any moral high ground in defending liberty. If you accept the attack on Islam, then you must accept the destruction of your culture (what little is left), liberties and freedoms. Why? Because this is all being perpetuated by Jews.



Anonymous said...

David (19 November 2012 19:16),

Wahabbism is a Jewish creation, purposefully created to bring about the situation we're in today with the restoration of the caliphate. Ask yourself a question - why is the Muslim populous in the west the size it is? Why have they been allowed to continually migrate and grow? Have a look at American Jewess Barbara Specter has to say:

She's in Sweden which is now the rape capital of the world thanks to her (and the Jewish) multicultural agenda. Who would you be more angry at; the fox who eats your chickens or the person responsible for leaving the chicken coup open? The laughable reply to the fact of Jews being behind Muslim migration to the west is - "that's preposterous as it would put them in danger to their age old enemy...." to which the knowledgeable answer is - "it would create Jewish sympathy (more notably for Zionism) as anger grows at invasion of their indigenous lands." You fail to see that this is the Jewish dialectic in order to further their agenda.

The massive migration of peoples into the west is 100% Jewish. Of course there will be conflict due to culture clash. The problem in society is one that sees people running around frantically putting out the fires and completely ignoring the fire starters. Worse still, whistleblowers are now persecuted for doing so.

People's ignorance on Judaism, their dialectic, their total control and NWO will see nothing but the death of liberty and freedom. How many times does one need to be warned of jewry before reality sinks in?



Anonymous said...

Also 'some' facts about Israhell:



Steven said...

Well said Capt.

My I suggest a book by Israeli Historian Ilan Pappe, "The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine."

deegee said...

What's wrong with this picture? For a detailed fisking A course in map reading II: Four maps & five, six, seven … lies

Map #1 The map of Palestine only looked that way between 1922 and 1946. Palestinians didn't conveniently stop at the current border. Jordan was part of the mandate. And for 300 years previously this was Ottoman Turkish property not Palestinian. Ditto for the British.
Map #2 The Arabs unanimously rejected the 1947 Partition Plan. It was never implemented. How can they claim it now?
Map #3The green parts between 1948 and 1967 were Jordanian and Egyptian sovereignty not Palestinian.
Map #4Israel left Gaza in 2005. Much good it did it.

The map is fraudulently drawn to show roads as kilometres wide. Making continuous areas look like specks.

Perhaps just as importantly, 20% of Israel's population are Arabs. You have literally wiped them off the map.