November 21, 2012

You Tell 'Em Nige!!

Is this man the only honest politician in existence?

I really think so.

I often think that if I had chosen politics as a career*, or even now, in later life, I would want to do the same as Nigel.

Expose the weaknesses, deride the inept, shine a light on the corrupt, and embarrass the unaccountable. All in an effort, you understand, to make politics honourable again.

*My career would be exceedingly short, but jam-packed with satisfaction.



wayne said...

Fantastic as usual from Farage

Unknown said...

Off topic CR, but do you know about this SOC creating a NWO before They do? And using Their own tools against them?

I came across this from Clif High's Half Past Human blog. He's posted about it here.

William said...

As good as he is at landing the punches he IS one of them. Look where he is speaking. Does he look any different to those around him?
Why don't UKIP gain any traction in local, national elections?

I understand the frustration that seeks something different, some sign that the edifice is starting to crumble but left field is where the solution will arrive from not within the ranks of those who earn a living from the european union.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Rossa.

I have been looking at the HWH site and the links to the SOC.

Fascinating stuff!


Captain Ranty said...


I hear you, old friend.

Christ knows I am as doubtful as you are but this man, although dressed the same, does not think the same.

I think he deserves some praise for trying.

Their popularity is growing. I think they will soon be a force to reckon with although, (call me suspicious), I think an amalgamation with the Tories is highly likely as their star continues to rise.

They will be subsumed.

The LibLabCon is a boat that doesn't stand much rocking. Too many vested interests.

Revolution and rebellion.

Two ideas that have been proven to bring about profound change.

And if you disbelieve that, ask Gadaffi, ask Ben Ali, or ask Mubarak.


Dr Evil said...

Right between the eyes. Excellent stuff.

Bill said...

Leaders of countries that don't play ball are first bribed, if that doesn't work they are subjected to assassination attempts. If that doesn't work then the 'opposition' is reinforced and 'supported'.
If that doesn't work and the prize is big enough the military are sent in.

The only leader in modern times who has bucked this process is Chavez.

As for UKIP being the saviour of the people of Britain it is highly unlikely to ever happen simply because their destiny is not in their hands.
Farage does an excellent job of taking them on on their own midding but the net effect of his efforts is zero.
In fact it looks for all the world that he is allowed to be the lone voice of dissent thus distracting the populace who favour escape from the european union as the route forward.
Rallying non believers to the wrong flag is a time honoured technique of overlords is it not?

Anonymous said...


I agree with William and the reply to him above. 'He is one of them...' as has been said. While people think he's sticking up for them, they get poorer while Farage gets richer.

Ask yourself capt, what good is he actually doing? Moreso, this ridiculous word he keeps using 'british' is laughable to say the least. England, Sotland, Ireland and Wales are full of aliens with no relation to any indigenous whatsoever and their indigenous culture. This influx of migrants has resulted in the demolition of this culture and creation of multiculture (globalism), its bane as was planned. Farage is sailing ahead on the sinking ship Britannia, oblivious to see 'Kansas just ain't Kansas anymore.'

And if the UK does leave the EU, so what? Will companies spring up to create jobs when the people will continue buying Chinese? Will there be a massive repatriation of aliens from the 50's onwards, return to indigenous culture and smashing the globalist one? Will they shut the doors on immigration? Will energy companies stop hiking prices? Will the government drop taxation, rates and rent to save UK pubs and local businesses? Will.............

The answer is NO.

The EU isn't controlling the UK. Hidden internationalists are making people think it is, while the MSM (they also control along with everything else) turns John and Jane Dough into happily ignorant automatons.

Capt, ffs, get real buddy! The damage done to the UK, its culture and social fabric is 99% irreversible! Former Soviet block, Eastern European countries have more culture than us!

Farage is playing the dialect, giving people the false hope that something WILL be done. It won't. The elites will continue controlling and manipulating the world simply because not enough people really give a fuck in changing their meagre existence. They've succumbed to being happy slaves. It's that simple.



William said...

Doing some blue sky thinking today in that the sky above is blue and I am thinking...

The people who deign to rule (despite all their various titles NWO, Bildergers, Illuminati, EU, UN, BIS, IMF etc there are people pulling the strings not things) need other people to rule or there is nothing for them to do. This phenomenon is why so many go into politics, the so called public sector, the upper levels of the so called voluntary sector and it has to be said why a fair few spend their lives creating or working in big businesses.

There is cash control, mind control, coercion, fear of death, fear of loss at the disposal of those who deign to rule and it is part of their daily life to decide which is to be played next.

But fundamentally they all amount to the same thing fear. This tiny pocket of humanity keeps the overwhelming majority of humanity in a totally fake state of fear. It seems to have always been so at least according to the history we are allowed to see.

In past times military might and religious mystery appear to be the twin weapons weapons of fear.
Today there is less need for these two to be deployed as there is a far more effective pair in play.

William said...

Firstly there is the new religion called Man is Killing Our World.
This manifests itself in the C02 scam, the nuclear is bad scam, the coal is bad scam, the pollution scam, the lack of water scam, the over population of the earth scam, the unsustainable scam, the security theatre in airports, the bid bad oil scam, the big bad tobacco/alcohol/sugar/fat/junk food scam and doubtless many others I am not even aware of.

The other weapon which is both sublime ans supreme and not to mention dirt cheap is consent.

Let me illustrate...
In the British Isles we the people consent to be governed time and again sometimes unwillingly like the blind belief that the birth certificate out parents created for us is OURS.
Same goes for the NI number that is handed to us on the date of our alleged birthday (it has to be alleged as although we are there we cannot speak or comprehend calendars).
Those who deign to rule need this very early consent as all else is built upon it but they can never be 100% sure that the name on the birth certificate is the same as the name in their register or the name on the human being who is now asking to be registered on the electoral roll, the driving register, the marriage register, the divorce register, the unemployment register, the benefit register etc so they have to ask for consent again only they never use the word consent they simply demand a signature.

The signature shows them they have the right human being one who is still a child as they need to sign their name to prove who they are.

Thusly we consent to whatever whim those who deign to rule come up with.

What is really, really clever and I admire even though I shouldn't is the way that between us that have figured this shit out and those who deign to rule is a whole host of people who will defend thing such as the vote, the death of old people in winter, the persecution of business with red tape and regulations, the persecution of people by the NHS, the persecution of people by councils, the theft from the pocket by the councils, the NHS, the regional governments, the national government, the supra national government, the brainwashing in plain sight of the youth of these islands by a moribund state education system, the piss take that is the benefits system and so on and so on.

The biggest employer in the current land called Britain is the government which is entirely supported by those who are outside of government earning a living.

William said...

Where I admire this is the fact that some clever or lucky twat among those who deign to rule has worked out that having the government as the biggest employer is the easiest, cheapest most effective way to keep the majority looking the wrong way which means they ignore the nefarious activities of those at the top of the heap and even those who support those at the top of the heap and crucially they label those who do see what is going on and speak out about it as nutters and conspiracy freaks.

It really is a sweet control system that allows those who deign to rule to act out their fantasies right through to the end of their days safe in the knowledge that they are the 'highest court' on the planet and so are quite literally above all laws, the gods of the world must be how they see themselves.

Yes they kill a few 'prominent people' if some portion of the slave population is looking uppity.
Yes they create some 'terrorist incident' if the killing of specific people doesn't send the right message.
Yes they may or may not be able to control the weather.
But all this has to be measured because I believe they get their biggest kicks out of keeping as many humans as possible dancing blind in their slave system.
They have no comprehension of wealth because as far as life on earth is concerned they are omnipotent.
They are the Q (Star Trek reference) of earth but nasty with it.

So all this tosh about wealth, ownership, labels be they national, local, international, religious etc is just the mechanisms used to prevent the individual human being from realising the reality which is they are as much a Q as those who deign to rule.

William said...

And then a venture across to that truly horrible BBC web site reveals this little snippet of truth that is a fine example of how those who deign to control cannot control everything

Professor Dieter Helm, an economist from the University of Oxford, told the BBC he doubted a large expansion in offshore wind power was affordable. He said: "Offshore wind is one of the very few things that makes nuclear power look cheap."

This chap needs to be careful. He might be taken for a walk in the woods if he carries on telling it as it is.

Steven said...

The Hidden Roots of the European Union