November 25, 2012

Sunday Review

No 1 in a series of 1.

It's Good To Be The King

Why is anyone surprised that King Jacob is building himself a palace of extraordinary magnitude? The definition of the word "failure" in Africa is when a national leader does not feather his nest, and the nests of his closest friends and allies. Most African leaders are naturally bent and corruption in office is a required skill on their C.V's. Swiss banks would struggle to survive without them.

Zuma. This is the same fuckwit that insisted taking a shower after unprotected sex is a defence against HIV.

Is it a coincidence that we bung South Africa £19M in aid for AIDS and their bossman spends £17.5M on his new luxury kraal? I think not.

Link here: Fuck The Peasants

David Cameron Does Well At The EU Summit?

I detest saying anything nice about this gutless millionaire, so I will link to Daniel Hannan saying the nice things. Hannan raises several interesting points but the one that leapt off the page was this one:

"Do you remember how grateful the other countries were? Neither do I."

This is typical of those who want more, more, more. No "thank you", just a demand for even more of someone else's money. Socialist's. Is there a worse creature on this earth? (Apart from the current crop of paedo's, that is). The only answer is, of course, to leave The Stupid Club once and for all. It was a terribly cute idea, in some defects head, but in practice, shackling 27 separate cultures together is a mind-fuck, and should never have left the drawing board.

Link here: Bullingdon Boy Does His Job. For Once.

Member of UKIP? Give Us Those Kids Back.

In a staggering act of stupidity, Joyce Thacker, a Common Purpose graduate and all round numpty, takes three fostered ethnic children from a couple who were registered members of UKIP, because, she says, "UKIP is a racist organisation". Read that line again. The couple fostered three ethnic children. I don't know about you, but any family that deliberately fosters children not from their own ethnicity are blatantly announcing to the world that they are NOT racist. Why can the authoritarian misguided cow not see that?   

Link here: I Am A Cunt With Power And I WILL Use It.

It is getting so very hard to stay calm. I look about me and all is see is mindless shit. Stupid people in a position of power NOT doing right by those they are supposed to represent. The exception in the above stories being Spineless Dave. For a change, he showed a spark of the great man he could be, if only he had the sand to take us out of the EU. A demand that no less than 56% of the population are making.

In other news, I have been keeping an eye on all that legislation. You may recall that in 2011, this Coalition government broke all records for the amount of legislation created in a single year. In 2012 they will come close to eclipsing their own volume of shite produced. Last year they shat out 4,116 new "laws", and so far this year the number is 3,682. So much for "small government", eh? So much for Cameron's promise of "less interference". They must be so very, very proud of themselves.

Note to self: Investigate countries worth emigrating to.



Dave_G said...


your approbation of Cameron is misplaced. You can GUARANTEE that anything he does, ANYTHING he says will be as a result of something that fits with HIS (or his cronies) requirements - sweet FA to do with anything WE want.
Whatever his left hand is doing, keep a sharp eye on his right hand - inevitably it will be w@nking off the public.

Anonymous said...

Remember all that shite about for every new piece of legislation, one would have to be scrapped.
How's that coming along?

Captain Ranty said...


I don't trust the slippery bastard at all. I KNOW he is lining himself up for King Of Europe in the not too distant.

You are right to be cynical.

If only we all were. Constantly.


Captain Ranty said...


I presume they read the instruction incorrectly and it should say "For every piece of legislation created, create two more. Just in case we run out of rules and regulations. No-one will notice anyway, they are all glued to the Idiot Lantern".


William said...

Grey sky thinking today as in the sky is grey and I am thinking.

For me anger has given way to the realisation that for most of the population of these islands it is simply a case of better the devil you know or rather to be more accurate 'as long as you don't make ME take responsibility you can get on with shafting me any which way you want. I many whine and whinge but in the end the pain of paying outweighs the responsibility.

With such a large proportion of the population dependent on the state for an income (and by state I mean any department of government, any department of the EU any government contractors and any 'professions' who carry out the work of government such as accountants and lawyer) who all believe they have a vote and therefore live in a democracy then no matter how many loonies like those who inhabit this excellent blog and its comment boards try to broadcast the message that there is a better way we will all be ignored at worst and ridiculed at best.

This leaves two options in my humble.
Emigration (but to where?) or disappear in plain sight. Neither is easy neither is the outcome I would want but both are preferable to dropping back into mainstream which is frankly impossible for me know as too many genies have slipped out of the bottle.

Captain Ranty said...


I think you just pointed out some horrible facts:

1. More people are dependent on the state that aren't, and when you consider the EU is 500 million strong that is a most depressing thought.

2. Invisibility is a preferred option. Another horrible thought we should not have to consider in our own country.



Raphe said...

Come to Hong Kong. There's plenty of work for highly skilled, well-educated or creative individuals, or alternatively you can set up a business. This takes about ten days. I earn roughly twice what I would in the UK for the same job, which puts me in the top few percent of earners here, and yet the government only stole 8% of it this year and then gave a lot of that back because they didn't actually spend a lot of what they stole last year. The cost of living is reasonable and the government rarely passes any legislation. When they try to pass something unpopular then half a million people take to the streets and the legislation gets dumped - this has happened twice in the 5 years or so that I've been here. The mainland doesn't seem to mind, so long as it doesn't threaten to spill over the border; they seem to have the sense to not kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

Kynon said...

When you find somewhere worth going, do let me know.

James Higham said...

Socialist's. Is there a worse creature on this earth? (Apart from the current crop of paedo's, that is).


Chris said...

CR, I understand your frustration. You know that, but it's a pity you weren't at the British Constitution Group conference last Saturday. I'm sure it would have cheered you up.

1. The Lawful Bank, hopefully up and running by next Summer,(if you don't know about that check out their website), and the launch of the Sovereign pound; interest free loans, etc.

2. The three year Magna Carta 2015 initiative, whereby en masse all supporters of the BCG can announce their sovereignty in June 2015 (300 years since Magna Carta.

3. Committee of 100 to form working groups in various areas in preparation of forming our own government, courts, police force, etc.

4. They have various departments, including an energy dept, researching free electric, apparently along the lines of Tesla.

5. UK Column to expand its alternative media, and BCG to do a monthly newsletter for its members.

OK, it remains to be seen just what happens, but it's undeniable that Roger Hayes' commitment is genuine. Can't help feeling he should keep his head down; people come to sticky ends for initiating a lot less than all this.

I'd recommend all freedom fighters giving them a go, and signing up to the BCG and the Lawful Bank; there is little time left and there is really nothing else going on of worth.

Anonymous said...

Chris, 19:12

Think I'll give the BCG a miss mate.


Chris said...


Check out a 100 websites and you will find 100 opinions. Mix in a lot of misinformation, disinformation and plain old ego, and you find everyone 'exposing' everyone else as 'state', 'infiltrator', ... or whatever. No wonder nothing ever changes. There is also of course the fact that we are merely human, and so sometimes get it wrong. We are all learning. I have no doubt at all at this moment in time in the sincerity or capability of Roger Hayes. Furthermore at a time where there is absolutely nothing else of worth happening, it might pay to give them the benefit of the doubt, at least for now. Perhaps you know of something better?

Anonymous said...

Agree with the above, I hope I am wrong about the BCG, but for me there is something not right about them. When Roger was arrested, the same day a comment was posted on the lawful rebellion site by Albert, saying roger was a mad man, etc, and should of used common law etc, I went back to the site about a hour later, the comment was gone, probably deleted.....why ?.

Albert knows his stuff, so why delete the comment. For me the BCG are just another political party waiting to happen, but sitting on the back burner for now. Regarding '' you know something better'' I think I do, forget joining any group etc, the system does not represent me. Over the last 3 years I have learned self representation is the way forwards, if everybody did this they would be fucked, the need for the individual, rather than the collective, I pay for me, you pay for you.......and try and help someone along the way.

The idea we all pay into the pot does not work, as we know, try telling the sheeple that, they look at you as if you are a selfish cunt, .........then so be it.