April 03, 2012

What Is Free Speech?

Well, just what is free speech?
It is the right to say something that someone else will find offensive, rude, derogatory, nasty, evil etc, nothing more nothing less. And as with pregnancy, you can't have a little bit. You either have free speech or you don't, and with the jailing of some drunken fool for 56 days for saying bad things about a rather ordinary premier division footballer and using the words "nigger, wog, cunt and twat" we no longer have free speech.
Of course, the reason why the state wants this sort of legislation is not to deal with rather silly and immature young men like Liam Stacey for saying something uncomfortable and wrong but to silence those who say things that are both uncomfortable and right.
Like for example that Tuberculosis is again on the rise in the UK because of immigration from Pakistan and India, or the recent revelations about grooming young girls from the Muslim community.


George Speller said...

Or explaining why birth defects and female infant mortality are higher than average in Bradford?

Michael Fowke said...

At least we have free thought - for the time being until they invent some cockamamie machine.

Nisakiman said...

The more control desired from the elites, the more draconian the surveillance measures. We know that they've been recording our calls, texts and emails far longer than we've been told they have. Anyone who's watched Casino with Robert Deniro and Joe Pesce will have seen that they had to speak in a public place with their mouths covered in order to foil lip readers and powerful long range microphones.

I'll never write down any plan on an internet blog, email, text message or phone call. You're inviting trouble. However plans must be created and the people fomented not just before the total control network is instituted but while people still have the common sense and intelligence to act. Our generations have been getting dumber with each new one, although we're falsely told otherwise. Soon there won't be the need for any dictionary as slaves don't need to think, just do.

Anonymous said...

Free speech is free speech and defining right or wrong should only be up to the human on the receiving side. When third parties get involved, totalitarianism ensues. It's somewhat sad that people are imprisoned for 'alternate' names for calling dark brown people but what should people be more concerned about; calling an African or Asian a nigger or a wog, or the completely illegal invasion of their lands and murder of the people through the war on terror?

Of course, people choose to ignore the real reasons, reasons I wrote extensively about on my blog. The main purpose of 'racist' name calling punishment was not to protect dark brown people but to condition light brown people into accepting the invasion of aliens into their lands. And the people have been dutifully reprogrammed.

I remember getting into a heated argument with a member of the armed forces who said "I'd never call an Asian a paki.." after attacking someone who did. I replied "no, you'd kill them instead." He wasn't happy but had no reply.

I've said just what you said that free speech is the freedom to speak freely and should anyone have that removed from them, we are now under tyranny.



Nisakiman said...

It appears to have hacked into the blog and has started deleting messages

Ralph Musgrave said...

One of the most disgraceful curtailments of free speech of all time was the arrest and trial of Nick Griffin about ten years ago for drawing attention to the grooming of white girls by Asians / Muslims. Channel 4 got into trouble as well for highlighting this grooming problem five years later in a programme called “Edge of the City”.

Roll forward another five years and the pompous dick-heads who make up this country’s establishment finally tumble to the fact that Asian grooming really is a problem, and we’ve had literally dozens of articles in The Times on the subject.

In short, the U.K. in 2012 is closer to Nazi Germany than is commonly assumed. In both regimes, expressing views that the powers that be don’t like can result in you getting sacked from your job or ending up in court.

Anonymous said...

They are all wankers.

Dr Evil said...

Souting fire in a vrowded cinema or theatre? Free speech or reckless endangerment? However those words the kid used should not have got him 56 days in jail. That is outrageous when a copper who nutted a 14 year old boy car passenger whilst on duty gets let off with nothing.

Dr Evil said...

crowded FFS!

Anonymous said...

Land of the Free home of the brave
Land of disease home of the slave
Freedom of religion Freedom of speech
Freedom of press and freedom to breach
Freedom to steal freedom to take
Freedom to carry guns and Freedom to break
The laws of the man and the laws of the word
Freedom from peace but to still use the bird
The only home of brave and Land of the Free
The land who rules based off democracy
Freedom to starve and Freedom to be poor
Freedom to break and enter someone’s door
Freedom to lay off workers and close off jobs
Freedom to take what they want and to rob
Freedom of abortion Freedom of extortion
Freedom to own land and give everyone their portion
Freedom for action by any means necessary
But what their picture of that can really be scary
Freedom to wage war without our consent for our hours to be spent
Freedom to take our money then make us pay rent
Land of the prospering riches and of those who don’t care for the
People who live in the FREE old England


Anonymous said...

"What about Lord Ahmed?

16 days in an open nick for killing a man on the motorway.

The judiciary is all fucked up."

Of course despicable but.......you know there was more to it. Lord Ahmed had been connected to radical Islam, itself an affront to the monarchy, safety, sovereignty and cuture of the indigenous peoples of the UK. One of the strategies of the NWO is to make people feel helpless in their own lands and giving Ahmed the sentence he received not only put the life of Muslims above the indigenous but added more fuel, to the NWO created, fire of hatred against Islam. Thus they continue to draw cannon fodder from the indigenous in the war OF terror againt the usury despising, Islamic lands.

The judiciary isn't fucked up but takes its orders, as do all other cogs in the system, from a higher authority. Let us not forget Lord Aitken and Archer, who both served sentences for arms dealing and plagiarism respectively. And both received far longer sentences than Ahmed's pittiful jail time, a jail time the working man would have served at least eight years for.

The sentencing of Ahmed should have been the catalyst to get people thinking, but it didn't, especially when they're so programmed and told what to think, say and do by the nanny MSM & state.

Remember my good friend, what is happening has all been written beforehand. We are living the pages of two books; Huxley's 'Brave New World' and Orwell's '1984'. Until the people see and understand this and actively take steps to stop this, nothing will change. And ofcourse, for the 'awake' life will get hellishly worse. For the sheep, nothing changes, apart from who's shagging who on Eastenders/Coronation st.....



Anonymous said...

The post by Coz (3 April 2012 14:48) is mine from a previous reply to one of your articles cap'n and the reply above (3 April 2012 15:43) is not by myself. I suspect DD imersonating again.



Captain Ranty said...

Thanks H.

Well spotted. I haz deleted it.


Anonymous said...

We have had some ripples in the water this week.
The sheeple are awakening.

Ian Thorpe said...

Freedom is slavery
War is Peace
Ignorance is strength

and as Frank Zappa one sang:

"They said it couldn't happen here."

coz said...

"The post by Coz (3 April 2012 14:48) is mine from a previous reply to one of your articles cap'n and the reply above (3 April 2012 15:43) is not by myself. I suspect DD imersonating again.


Yeah, not me, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.