April 06, 2012

Friday Funnies

This week, in pictures.

Tip of the beret to those people I nicked the images from.

Fact: 95.623512% of statistics are made up on the spot.

Drunks: every family has one.

Are YOU going to hell? I can tick at least two of these...

We know HMS Blighty is going down, it's just a question of time, thanks to these two muppets.

Charlie Sheen. Much misunderstood. By his home help.

 People think this is an old advert. It isn't. This is how we will all be communicating when the snooping legislation kicks in.

And finally, something for the weekend...

Have a good break,



Anonymous said...

there was a study carried out recently that showed that just the thought of meeting a woman,caused impaired thinking in men.

there was another study done that showed that after seeing a picture of a scantily clad woman,men were less inclined to refrain from carrying out indecent acts that they had previously condemmed as unthinkable.

i think the above has much to do with our current state of affairs, and was reminded of it by the first of your friday funnies.

good men are not realising what is going on around them as they are distracted by women,as confirmed by the gorilla in the picture.

nowhereman said...

Heh, you're right. did not see King Kong at all in that photo.

JJ said...

Well I jolly well did see King Kong in the picture...what else are we supposed to be looking at...tsk tsk.