April 07, 2012

David Icke: A Tour Of His "Mansion".

I expect many people to think only this of David Icke: that Wogan show.

The truth is often different to commonly held misconceptions. At Ranty Barracks you get to decide for yourself.

To me, it's fairly obvious he is not chasing money, or fame, (but his high profile helps to put bums on seats), and that to him (and thousands of followers), his message is sincere.

Some will call him a shill (for something or other), others will call him a fool. They will concentrate on one or two odd things he advocates and decide that his whole message is tarnished. I do not believe that. Whatever you do believe, this man has been through an awful lot, and it seems that the path to where he now is, was not paved with gold.

Another truth is that many of us do what we do, or say what we say, in a genuine effort to bring you a different truth. It isn't always palatable, indeed, it is often uncomfortable and we reject it out of hand. We do that (mainly) because we have been conditioned. 12-16 years of "education" will do that. It will close off all obscure, or untrodden paths. It is done this way for a reason: they need compliant robots. They need unquestioning cash-cows. Cows they can milk from 18-65. And then some more when they retire. And finally, just after they die, these robots will yield one final bucket of milk.

I've never earned a penny from activism. Actually, that's a lie. I did once get paid £125 for a 500 word article I wrote for a magazine. The cheque came, and even before it cleared I had transferred that £125 to the organisation I was involved with at the time. I may even have paid some tax on that amount.

Dozens of bloggers do the same thing: they offer a variety of truths for you to think about and accept or reject. The last thing on their minds is money. I know that some carry advertising but I doubt it makes them rich. That is fine for them but it isn't something I have ever considered. It seems to me that you can't move in any direction without being bombarded with adverts and it isn't something I want to subject my readers to.

As in all things I place here, you either believe it or you don't. No-one is castigated for disagreeing. This is not North Korea. You are free to make up your own minds. And you are equally free to express your thoughts here. Until quite recently I ran this blog with unmoderated comments. Thanks to one fool that has ended. Although he leaves only insults here, he does adopt others' persona's when he comments elsewhere, including mine. I think there is a tragedy to that. A terrible sadness that he cannot offer rational thoughts of his own. I am sympathetic but only to a degree. Freedom of speech does not run to posting the same garbage all the time. This individual needs some professional help. I hope he gets that help soon. And I mean that sincerely.

Anyhoo, I have decided that David is not such a bad a lad after all.

I'm still not happy about the lizards though. But hey, what do I know? They may be real. I just haven't seen any convincing evidence so far.

An open mind. That's all we need.

Your gut will tell you if it's bullshit. Trust your instincts.

Every time.



Anonymous said...


You can tell from his talks he's sincere. He's no actor, merely a man who's been ridiculed for telling the truth. His lizard concept it out of the playing field and Revolution Harry's written some interesting articles on his connection with promoting Blavatsky's theosophy. Truth seeker or NWO disinfo agent? That's the question but that said, he's exposed alot that many people are completely oblivious too. With that he alone he deserves our respect to say the least.



Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Cheers Captain,

Icke seems pretty normal to me.

As to conspiracies, well most seem to be validated on almost a weekly basis if not daily as they pertain to fascist control be they instituted by aliens or just everyday Homo sapiens with extremely warped minds.

I very much concur with the no advertising policy as I practice the same and with the very same reason you cite.

I wish you, your family and all of your readers a Very Happy Easter!

pitano1 said...

hi cap.
when you are attemptlng to wake people up
yer gonna get a lot of shit come your way.
i can honestly say david icke,was the one
that put me at the entrance of the rabbit

the thing i find most surprising,is that
he has not been neutralised.

as for the lizzard thing,well that for me would be an act of faith,although i do see lots of evidence of the r complex.

Anonymous said...


I think a very possible reason that Icke hasn't been neutralized could very well be the 'lizard' scenario. As long as he promotes this theory the elites know he won't be taken seriously. However like their continuing predictive programming through the MSM, Icke's important facts about the NWO are doing the same. In other words, Icke isn't getting out the whole story, but enough for the 'fish to take a bite' so to speak.

His book And the truth shall set you free really opened my eyes to the NWO, International banking elites and Secret Societies, especially the Freemasons. My sister is asleep and warned me away from Icke, even though she's read nothing. Her fears are down to having been told by others who are completely ignorant to the situation, most likely told by others in the same position.

The truth will set you free but it will smash your life into pieces. Then again considering that life is not only a lie but also whose foundations are built from lies, it's no real loss.



Harry J said...

Did you ever watch David Icke debunked Captain? Someone who gets to play Wembley Arena (tickets from £40 to £62 plus booking fee) as well as many other major venues around the world, has his books in major book shops, an iPhone app and appearances on mainstreamTV is hardly a threat to the PTB, imho.


Anonymous said...

Hi Captin,

Again agreeing with your comment's and other commenter's David icke is a really respectable man. I'd recently never heard of him until a mate mentioned it on my blog. She didn't abuse him in anyway but did refer to him as "The guy who think's the government are lizard's and sh**" I've not really looked into that part yet, can't really make a decision until ive checke out the rest first, seen as she found it as something he defined him for I did not want to do the same.

I have however had a ranty poster on my blog, basically coming across as very closed minded and has resorted me to moderate my comment's. I never bothered before. I don't know if this is the same person like. Unwillingness to accept any idea's and baseless comment's about me more than anything. Nothing relating to the subject matter, just what I would do when the time comes I need to get a girlfriend and i'm not allow a mortgage because of this that and errrrrr...... sigh it all got a bit boring to be fair.

Well I just thought i'd mention it anyway, thank you for your post. It's given me strength to carry on.


bryboy said...

He is a very brave man. He has probably sacrificed his high profile, where he could have earned a lot of money, for his beliefs. He has been reviled by the Political Class and yet slowly we have to admit that he had a point. In fact he had more than a point!

Anonymous said...

Generally Icke is right.
I think it is highly likely that the world is ruled by a small cabal of "power families".
Presidents and kings are indeed related.
The blood line of rule is real.
Not so sure about that one though.
2012 is shaping up to be a defining moment in human history ,especially in the west ,I think people are waking up looking round and pondering,what on earth are these people thinking?

Summerisle said...

A fair article. I believe he's genuine, and I'd recommend anyone to visit his site once or twice a day for the Headlines section, which takes a whole load of news items from around the world from both mainstream and alternative sites. Most of this news you probably won't come across in the normal course of events, and from which you can form your own worldview. True, it may not the be absolute truth, but at least you will get a damn site better view of things than if you rely on the mainstream media alone.

Anonymous said...

Hi Captain,

David Icke appeared on Wogan for a second time and made a better account of himself. I think we have a lot to thank David Icke for regardless of the lizzard thing. (I have seen others mention this along with "the greys", refering to ET's)

Maybe the Lizzard thing is the only thing keeping him alive... Who knows but without people like David Icke there would be no hope.

A person I definately haven't made up my mind about is Benjamin Fulford...... Has been right about a few things but not nearly as much as David Icke but claims that these "elites" are on their way out... Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...


I remember you asking myself and the cap'n our views on BF when you replied to the article 'Can we fix it?'. Sorry for not responding then.

I've read quite a bit from BF's blog - the account of Christopher Story's last email before his death was interesting; BF's discussion of the White Dragon Society is also highly probable as seeing as China has the largest numbers on the planet, reading Agenda 21/Georgia guidestones means they'll lose out the most.


Having seen his interviews with Rockerfeller and others, he comes across as a drugged up solo activist who may be speaking truths but someone also profiteering from the truth movement. I don't know him so can't really go too deep other than to say any warning he can give to avert the forthcoming rapid world depopulation will always earn my respect and proves he's at least trying to do something.



Anonymous said...

Hi Harbinger,

Thats the thing with BF he does seem off his face at times but again if he is a solo activist he is not helping people by saying that the "elites" days are numbered because as we know people now need to get off their arses and do something about these evil bastards.


David Wilcock seems to be striking a few chords, especially with the "financial tyranny" investigation... worth a read to learn pretty much what these arseholes are up to.


Anonymous said...


I think this is worth a watch:


Anonymous said...

He has a very nice computer chair, doesn't he? Much nicer than mine. You don't buy computer chairs like that from Argos.

coz said...

Icke's done some worthwhile stuff, he started speaking out long ago, when others were silent. I think he's probably a great storyteller in the saga tradition, you know before we had tv and radio, entertainment was the village storytellers, so I think he's out of that tradition. I've heard him interviewed and he has a charismatic voice quality that draws people in and makes them want to hear more. I'm suspicious of people whose voice qualities are too good, it can be a mesmeric thing, like personal magnetism. You know, the hypnotist's voice deep, steady, reassuring, resonant, rhythmic pacing of speech/breath.

He is however anti-christian and the whole 'lizards' concept is an unbelievers substitute for the scaly cold-blooded biblical snake/dragon.

PS will be using one of my new email addresses, it's my ISP one so will be an Aussie address. I deleted my google account.

Leg-iron said...

They might not have 'iced' Icke yet but they're going after Alex Jones.

He's realised that the Climatology thing was never about the environment and they don't like him now.

I wonder if he's realised that the smoking ban was never about health?

coz said...

People don't necessarily know that they're being used for the elite's advantage, if you want to call it 'controlled opposition' or 'disinfo' or whatever term you prefer, I think guys like Breitbart and Icke have gained some ground, and offered some truth, but they end up getting used too, so never rely too much on any one individual, evil is a Borg type organisation and people who are assimilated aren't necessarily happy about it or conscious of it.

Any voice that emerges from the slaves with potential, obviously there's a huge effort to assimilate that voice. Doesn't mean some of their stuff isn't useful at the time as a territorial breakthrough, lets just say they all broke some ground at the time.

Icke's good on the Royal Family shit. I like his work there.

Anonymous said...


Seeing as you are speaking of the likes of Breitbart and Icke, being used, the elites (Bertrand Russell) spoke of taking the best from the brightest and bringing them up to do their bidding. Their plan has always been simple and that's seek out individuals and have them working for them, or 'remove' them.

We have the likes of Common Purpose creating Manchurian candidates and placing them deep within societal establishments. We have jews doing the same controlling politics, the MSM, banking and corporations the same way. And overwhelmingly freemasonry is intertwined with all.

Bottom line is people who upset the apple cart don't get far. Christ would be sectioned were he alive today. Every revolutionary leader (not the controlled puppets) whom we've had wouldn't have got past the first couple of days without being arrested by the authorities.
The elites, through schooling know who to look for. 'You're either with us or dead' is how they look at things.



coz said...

Pardon me for being a bit verbose but I've apparently used up my allocated bandwidth unusually early in this billing month (3 weeks until I can load videos and the heavy load sites, except between 2am and 9am, never had this happen until the third billing week of the month before) and this is a relatively fast loading site, so I'm also gonna comment that I think the comparative experience to Icke/Jordan/Jones is the union rep who ultimately gets offered a nice cushy salary to say nothing, and that person isn't conscious of the process, it seems natural to them. We hope for the best and in the early stages of these people's careers, and they do too - as an ex-public servant that's the comparison I see and have experienced.

They are on our side and do gain some territory for us initially, but obviously management is going to offer them a comfortable salary and all sort of tax free perks at some stage, that is management's strategy and it works most of the time.

War is always about territory, if this war is about beliefs, that's not new. I'm more interested in what territory we regained through these people and while its small, it's still a gain.

Anonymous said...

I think he's a disinformation. Very clever one, most of what he says is true and verifiable but is completely tarnished by the lizard thing (which is unimportant enough to leave out for credibility's sake even if true).

coz said...


'Seeing as you are speaking of the likes of Breitbart and Icke, being used, the elites (Bertrand Russell) spoke of taking the best from the brightest and bringing them up to do their bidding. Their plan has always been simple and that's seek out individuals and have them working for them, or 'remove' them.'

Yeah there's an extremely long thread at a conspiracy forum I use on 'Opportunity Schools' and IQ testing - it's called different things in different countries, in the states I think it's G.A.T.E. and I think the basic theory is they select out certain types through that process in school and subject them to more particular forms of brainwashing. Some of the people who've been in these programs struggle to remember much about those classes at all, it's like a memory blank. I keep meaning to look further into the whole IQ testing scheme, history and origins, but still haven't gotten round to it.

oh and ugh, Bertie Russell. I remember dad (a mason) had one or two of his books, along with some theosophy works, the usual Nietszche and well you can guess the rest of the small library of works these people have.