April 06, 2012

The Nasty, And The Stupid.

(Guest post from Gaius).
The public see the conservatives as being generally perceived as the nasty party, even by the party themselves with attempts to "detoxify" the brand by the party bigwigs. The Labour party are generally regarded as being well meaning but out of their depth and stupid, hence the loony left meme.
(The lib dims are simply the billy no mates party).
But how true is this? In other words is there any difference between the perception and reality?
Many Labour councillors and activists have not concealed their delight with the ill health of a former prime minister and their hopes for her speedy death so they can have a party. Many Labour ideologues are apologists for the most appalling behaviour from socialist govts overseas. Indeed Labour views Tories as bad irrespective of what their policy differences are. I was once on the panel (as a libertarian) of a public meeting organised by a trade union, I described all the bad things the welfare state was responsible for and how I wanted to totally abolish it, the Tory spoke in favour and support of the welfare state and the mainly Labour inclined audience had a right go at him, whereas several members of the audience whilst disagreeing with my views said I had raised several fair points.
Clearly, Labour are the nasty party.
Now lets turn to the Tories, why did they not win an overall majority against a clearly failing Labour govt when it was theirs for the taking? Why did they pick an out of touch toff as party leader instead of someone would clearly had the common touch and could connect with ordinary voters. Why do they want to maintain the Union instead of actively supporting a breakup that would give them a massive majority in an English parliament. I've never heard of any conservatives who will cheer when Gordon Brown dies, they simply see him as an out of his depth idiot with mental health issues. They only wanted him to go away.
Clearly, the Conservatives are the stupid party.
But why am I telling you this? It is because I want you to understand that there is a difference between perception and reality and I want to explain why this is and how we can use it to our benefit.
Perception and reality can be explained by the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis where language influences how we think about things.
So how can we use this to our advantage?
By ridicule. 
Mockery, derision, scorn, contempt, jeering, make fun of and laugh at. By pointing out how absurd, preposterous, ludicrous, irrational and insane our enemies are.
Let me explain, Gordon Brown had no chance of winning the general election when ordinary people held him in ridicule as started by Guido Fawkes calling him a snot-gobbling loony madman which was repeated in the press and television. Similarly Cameron has real problems with the accusation of him being an out of touch toff.
The reason why ridicule works is because it is impossible to counteract.
Let me give you a concrete example.
Deborah Arnott is the director of fake charity Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) and as such this mean spirited piece of shit wants to completely ban all smoking.
Some commentators refer to her as the "Dreadful Arnott". However a synonym of "dreadful" is "terrifying".
Terrifying has connotations of being big and powerful and something to be afraid of.
But is there anything to be afraid of from 'a snivelling little schoolgirl who gets her knickers in a twist over a whiff of smoke'?
So next time you meet a statist, simply use mockery and take the piss out of them.
It works, there is no defence and it encourages other members of the general public to think likewise.
Openly laugh at them.


Ralph Musgrave said...

Hi Captain Ranty,

I've just had a message ostensibly from you saying that you don't want me to leave any more comments on your blog. Could you confirm that the message was actually from you and not from some third party trying to mess you or me around?

If you really don't want me to leave any more comments, obviously I'll comply with your wishes.

Captain Ranty said...

Hi Ralph,

Very definitely not me.

It is the work of a troll.

It is how he gets his kicks. Pity him. It's all he deserves.


Anonymous said...

the stupidity regarding smoking today on the news is incredible.

the one thing guaranteed to make children curious is to hide something from them.so to encourage them not to smoke,they hide the cigarettes in the shop behind a sliding door,only allowing them a quick peek,at what must obviously be some treasure hidden within.

then they tell us that we need to make smoking unacceptable for the good of society.casting a large minority of good people in society as 'unacceptable' is a sure-fire way of dividing society and thus destroying it.

amazing.and people just believe this crap without ever thinking it through and realising that every policy of theirs is primarily designed to cause the very problems it claims to be fighting.

Anonymous said...

I won't cheer when Gordon Brown dies either. However, I am taking salsa lessons and saving all my piss in a big tank in readiness for my visit to his gravesite.

Bill Sticker said...

Mockery, sarcasm, pathos, bathos and grim irony are my weapons of choice. I like the 'snivelling little schoolgirl' line though.

Anonymous said...

If I am going to have a boot stamped on my face forever, I would rather a proper dictator like Thatcher, than the mincing fruits we have had since.

Caratacus said...

Excellent post, Gaius.

I do laugh at the buggers, I really do. But then my gaze turns to the victims of their appalling dishonesty and the laughter tends to dry up a bit. Perhaps just a little bit of piano wire...? Please?

Anonymous said...

I will party the day Thatcher dies.
Jelly and ice cream all round.


nisakiman said...

"a snivelling little schoolgirl who gets her knickers in a twist over a whiff of smoke"

Yes, I like it.

"I will party the day Thatcher dies."

Anon, you're an idiot, and an insensitive one at that.

I won't party when Blair or Brown or Cameron die, despite the fact that they've been the most disastrous, arselicking excuses for PM that the UK has ever seen.

Like or loathe her, Thatcher was at least committed to what she believed in, unlike the weak, vacillating tosspots who came in her wake.

Anonymous said...

Love her or loathe her, Thatcher was the last (perhaps only, in the latter half of the 20th century) leader genuinely holding the interests of the country above her own. That she made mistakes cannot be denied; she is, after all, only human; but, Anonymous (is your sign-off, "cunt", how you wish to be known?), I can only hold pity for you; for you to celebrate the death of another is a sad reflection upon you.


coz said...

Did she do the masonic handshake, was she knighted by the pope? Oddly enough, Thatcher doesn't figure hugely in backtracking the plotting and scheming of the NWO and their appointees. Barely rates a mention in conspiracy and that's gotta be something in a leader of her stature.
When you add to that the fact that Hellywood had to do a 'we hate you' biopic, hmmm, maybe she's a more interesting figure than previously thought. I really liked that photo of her with the whippet on the park bench. Got two whippets myself, they're sensitive dogs.

Stealthy said...

Superb post Gaius, let the mockery begin hehe :P

Anonymous said...

"Like or loathe her, Thatcher was at least committed to what she believed in, unlike the weak, vacillating tosspots who came in her wake."

And so was Lenin, Stalin and every other psychopath that's ever been throughout history. Like them or loathe them, every leader today is performing the wishes of the NWO admirably, just as Thatcher did, Callaghan before her, Heath before him etc etc...

Thatcher has done more under her rule to obliterate the UK, than any other. It was on her watch that the coal mining, car, ship & plane building and steel industries were smashed. It was on her watch when she started the Rothschild created privatisation and sell off of our industries. It was on her watch the poll tax was unleashed on the UK. It was her government that contained many Rothschild schills - Lamont, Rivkind, Howard, Brittan who set about plundering the assets of many within the UK. It was on her watch that many migrants came to the UK to help continue the cultural demolition ang racial homogenous-isation of its peoples.

Under Thatcher's watch the UK went further into the EU. And of course we are told by Christopher Booker in his book -'The Great Deception: Can the European Union survive' that Thatcher found out the nefarious scheme of controlling the UK by Europe too late, hence her removal from office when she tried to intervene, to which I say BS!

Thatcher was/is a snob. She never gave a fuck about any other class other than her own - upper middle/upper. On her watch the rich got richer and the poor poorer. If she loved Britain so much (as we are continually reminded) why did she do nothing while aliens continued to pour in? We have, as with everything else in history been lied to about Thatcher. She was a puppet of Rothschild as are all cabinets within government. She was merely part of the ongoing Hegelian Dialectic at the time. Nothing has changed.

We can say our armed forces are sticking by their convictions which is killing people for the elites' financial gain.

Fuck Margaret Thatcher, her government and all politicians, prime ministers and presidents before and after her reign as the 'Iron Lady'. I will never forget the miners whose lives and livelihoods were obliterated thanks to her following orders. I also won't forget her lies about the reasons for the Falklands not forgetting her call to bomb the Belgrano. She was there before Blair and played her part in Britain's devastation. So again, fuck Thatcher and may the truth be outed.



ps to Gaius: Cameron IS an out of touch toff. He and his missus are worth 30m. When one thinks about it, he's never been IN touch! Another classic example of the people electing people who will do nothing whatsoever to make their lives any better.

Gaius said...

Dear anonymous cunt,

are you a socialist, and thereby providing proof that my post is true?

Harbinger, you are missing the point. The mere allegation of cameron being an out of touch toff is enough, it can't be argued against because it simply makes Cameron a figure of fun.

Anonymous said...


With all due respect, I'm not missing the point. I very much understand the concept your promoting but.... Cameron may be slagged off that he's an out of touch toff. He is an out of touch toff. He knows he's an out of touch toff and? Last I looked he, along with Clegg is at the helm of the coalition government. He has a far greater income than your average Joe. He adds to that through expenses, literally meaning day to day costs are covered and his salary goes straight into the bank. He's sitting pretty and will move into a cushie job in some corporation once another banker puppet has been placed into no 10.

Spitting Image did precisely through the 80's what you're promoting. From Thatcher in the suit smoking cigars to David Steele sitting on David Owen's knee to Roy Hattersley spitting every time he spoke. They were all ridiculed and to what avail? All succeeded into top jobs and lavish incomes, hell, even Neil Kinnock (and his wife Glenys) the Labour leader profited greatly in the EU after he lost leadership.

You, the people and the MSM can continue taking the proverbial out of high profile individuals. They won't give a shit because they're laughing all the way to the bank.



Gaius said...


The fact that he is an out of touch toff is still irrelevant, it simply matters that an accusation (about anything) can be levelled at him that deminishes him in front of the general public that is impossible to refute. David Davis or indeed Ken Clarke has the common touch that Cameron himself realises he will never have. Even Thatcher comes across better than Cameron because she never had to try and fake sincereity.

I also had Spitting Image in the back of my mind and this raises another point. Only Steel suffered from being in Owens pocket, not Owen. This stopped Steel from ever considering being leader and he had to accept remaining as a constituency MP as he had 20 odd years of that already behind him. He was well respected in the constituency, everywhere else simply saw him as a puppet.

Thatcher hardly suffered from being portrayed as dominant and aggressive either, indeed the writers actually had to admit defeat and start portraying her as simply bonkers which never really took off.

The Cameron toff meme would be powerful stuff however which is why Cameron has already spent the last 4-5 years trying to defuse it