April 18, 2012

Nigel Touches A Raw Nerve

But will they react?

Hell no.

The historic statement he refers to is here 

And is it any wonder the wheels are coming off when you read reports like this ?

These thieving bastards have no self-control. They will waste trillions and not lose a nanoseconds sleep.

Because it isn't their money they are wasting.

It's ours.

Angry yet?


Then you aren't paying attention.



Anonymous said...

I read some of the outer links. I didn't realize Europe was in such crisis. Saw Greece in the news here. Didn't have much sympathy. People retiring on full benefits at age 50. That's what we hear in Canada. Here they've taken off the age 65 mandatory retirement.
The economic situation in North America is very fragile as well. I'm not sure what the root cause of the economic problem is.
Is it the world's desparate need for fuel?
Is it bread and circuses? People buying on credit and living beyond their means?
Is it overpopulation? Too many people not enough jobs? Too many mouths to feed?
Is it the rise of Russia, China, and India, as economic and manufacturing powers, selling cheap goods that the rest of the world cannot afford to buy?
I don't know the answers. I DO think that politicians lose sight of things when they get into power. The Europen Museum looks like a total waste of money. Leave things alone. People will never agree to what happened. Time will wear the corners round.
People can only do what they have always done. Endure, and survive.

Harri said...

MEP's, have only 3 minutes to allow the EU masters to totaly ignore them ... did not the Ex-Soviet union work in the exact same way?

Johnnyrvf said...

I am amused by the indignance of some of the people in the forum when the harsh light of reality is shone into their soporific la la land existance. The fact that the Euro is seen as dead by the US Federal Reserve and that real money ( as opposed to levered toxic derivatives ) is leaving the Eurozone faster than an SR 71 on afterburning is even being reported in the MSM means their futures are going to become a little rough......perhaps people power will ensure that their fall from grace ends in a particularly brutal manner.

Anonymous said...

The IMF reckon that the crisis is sorted. Europe needs to find its virtuous circle. They explain the idea in this youtube video:


Clearly Nigel doesn't buy it.

TheBoilingFrog said...

Completely OT Ranty. I've had a number of comments on my blog (currently sitting in spam folder) that claims to list your name, address and other family details. Obviously I'll delete them but thought you might like to know.

(I've no idea if the details are genuine or not)

microdave said...

@ TBF - It might be worth your while checking Longrider's latest post regarding the troll.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks for the comments and the links guys.


MD is right. It's our supremely overweight troll again. They aren't my details, but his brain doesn't function like a normal humans, so there isn't much point telling him this.

I was mildly annoyed before.

Now I am going to fuck him up.


Longrider said...

TBF - leave them in the SPAM folder if you haven't already deleted them. They are evidence and they may be needed.

TheBoilingFrog said...

Cheers chaps, have deleted all but one which still resides in spam folder. Obviously I won't publish it.

Someone really needs to get a life...

James Higham said...

Think most people are either shellshocked or ignorant at this moment.