December 11, 2009

Zeitgeist: The Rebuttal

In the interests of balance, I wanted to put up this rebuttal from Alex Jones. Now, I do not assume that Alex is the font of all knowledge, his opinion is just that: another opinion. Having heard him on ClimateGate, I feel he is doing what he does well, which is a deeper analysis.

This adds to the debate and allows you to look at this from a different standpoint.


Or not.



Anonymous said...

Sinister forces have been hiding PV technology that is ten times more efficient than standard solar cells?. So, crystaline silicon can maybe reach 14%, triple junction polysilicon photovoltaics around 13% and stacked tandem cells with concentrators hit over 40% power efficiency in a lab, where is this secret technology that can manage 140%-400% efficiency, was it discovered reverse engineering an area 51 UFO?. Batteries suck, they are heavy and have a very finite number of charge/recharge cycles. Small diesels on a dust to dust analysis may have a better eco-footprint, it's all down to how you do the accounting.

I like Alex Jones, he has some thought provoking insights, but sometimes he is singularly ill informed.

Captain Ranty said...

I'm starting to think we are all ill informed. Maybe purposely so.

So much to uncover, so little time.

I hadn't considered Area 51! (Just kidding).

I have watched battery technology pretty much stand still for the last couple of decades and I wonder why that is?

Are you saying that there is no truth to the wave, wind, solar, and geothermal theories?