December 01, 2009

A Picture Paints A Thousand Words....

I thought I would get my sedition in on this historic day. Several beat me to it but I am in good company.

See you in the gulag.



Anonymous said...

Did you notice on the Daily Politics Vince Cable's assertion that Cameron is talking bollocks?

He reckons that no parliament may bind its successor and that if Cameron wanted to, he could just repeal the Lisbon Treaty or any of the preceding treaties, without having to introduce additional bills to limit EU powers?

We all knew that, but now it's been said on the BBC by a mainstream politico.


Get out of that one, Cameron!

Captain Ranty said...


The key is in repealing the European Communities Act 1972 (passed during Ted Heaths watch) and the nightmare ends.

Having been to Norway a few times I can personally guarantee that trading with Europe without bending over daily, or handing them billions of pounds, is absolutely possible.

I haven't seen the Daily Politics thing. Good to know the notion is getting some airtime.



subrosa said...

I didn't see it either Fausty, will have a look on iPlayer.

Wonder if either of you have read this from the Brussels Journal.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks SR, a great link.

Did you spot this:

Being a citizen means that one must obey the law and give loyalty to the authority of the State one is a citizen of – in the case of classical Federations, of the two state levels, the federal and the regional or provincial. In the post-Lisbon EU the rights and duties attaching to citizenship of the Union will be superior to those attaching to one’s national citizenship in any case of conflict between the two, because of the superiority of Union law over national law and Constitutions (Declaration No 17 concerning Primacy).

Many negative comments (about my Theft Report piece) arose when I said that the EU is supreme. Here is the evidence supporting my statement.

And what about Queenie? This is quite clear: I must declare loyalty to the EU. Which would make me guilty of all sorts of things. And if Queenie agrees that I should swear loyalty to the EU, what does that do to her standing??

She has clearly lost all legitimacy. She is oot on her erse.


Anonymous said...

If you check out then you'll soon realise that what really matters to us go up over 100 comments.

We're currently having a bit of fun popping off at cap'tranty and his paranoia and innacuracy.

It's always fun to educate the unilluminated!

Captain Ranty said...

Anon 22:16,

If you go back there you will see that I offered to debate you here.

"Popping off" is a bit strong. Only one or two of the thirty anons bring anything of real value to the table.

Call it your victory if you must, O Illuminated One, I couldn't give a shit really.


Purbeckandproud said...

Well Cpt took your advice and got meself a name now they will know who to go for lol Ty kind sir for putting your time into popping into dear old Swanage.

boojahadeen said...

Perhaps this will help
Communitarianism What Is It?

Antipholus Papps said...

This is an excellent blog and I salute you sir! I've refused to pay my last tax bill, because there is no British government to pay it to (well, that, and a little matter called the Nuremberg precedent). Thankfully, I have dual nationality and have therefore been able to relocate to a 'sovereign' common law country (Canada). Let's see if Lizzie betrays her other employers as well... oh, wait she already did. Fuck it - at least the Canucks demote her to their $20 note! Onward. Further!

Captain Ranty said...


I don't think that they really want to see behind the curtain. The illusion is enough for them to cope with.


Captain Ranty said...


It did indeed help.

I have been struggling to put a name to what they are doing with us here in Europe. You have provided that, so thank you.

I will spend a lot more time at that site, it has a lot of great information.


Captain Ranty said...


Good to see you here.

Very pleased to see you fighting back. In Canada the gubmint are very much aware of the Freeman movement and in many ways I envy you. You will achieve a great deal more, a great deal faster in Canada.

I have decided not to use Nuremberg. I have been advised that there is a different way to ease the tax collectors out of our lives. I will be running a piece on this in the next couple of weeks.


Anonymous said...

Yes the Brussels Journal article is very informative.

Ranty, does your Freeman status still hold under EU law? Can't they just lock you up for non-compliance?

Blimey - we have reams of new laws to get used to.


Captain Ranty said...


All EU "laws" are statutes.

I can safely ignore them, and the LT as well.

For me, nothing changes. I removed my consent to any and all statutes. That now includes the hundreds of thousands of new ones we just took on.


Captain Ranty said...

By the way, I was wrong about repealing the ECA.

To leave now we have to "apply" to the other 26 member states if we want to go through the seccession process.



Jason Rose said...

I need your help Capn Ranty! I read the Lisbon Treaty press release and it said something about us being exempt from the "Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union." Im not sure whether thats the entire EU law system, or just the things we're entitled too.

If you could help Id be much obliged as im trying to make a video for youtube to educate others - only now I need educating lol.

Captain Ranty said...

I'll dig around Jason.

Watch this space.


Jason Rose said...

Thanks matey. Having read about myself a little it seems that the British Government will rubber stamp everything that comes through just to make things look like we still have our own powers. The fundamental reason for the opt-out was to prevent us having decent rights for industrial action which is perhaps one of the only good things written into the EU constitution.

Captain Ranty said...

Here you go Jason:

"During the negotiations for the Lisbon Treaty the British Government, and the then Polish Government which also had concerns about the implications of the Charter for its domestic law, sought and obtained the agreement of Member States to a protocol. This is not an opt-out from the Charter, as has sometimes been suggested, but rather a legally binding text which seeks to prevent the Charter being interpreted in a way that creates rights additional to those already provided for in British or Polish law.

The question of the actual effect of this protocol has been debated but without agreement as to its likely legal consequences. The British Government believes that all the protocol does is to put – in the words of the Justice Secretary Jack Straw MP – "beyond doubt what should have been obvious from other provisions".[9] In other words the protocol’s benefit is largely political in making it crystal clear that the Charter will not impact on UK law except where EU law is being implemented in this country."

Clear as mud?

That's what I thought. It appears to say yes and no. And maybe. Very helpful.

I could be misinterpreting it so have a look at this link (this is where I pinched the two paragraphs above):

Some good stuff in there.

If this doesn't blow your hair back, let me know and I will dig deeper.


Jason Rose said...

Thanks for that matey. This all smells rather stagnant to me - it seems like in the rush to sign all these things they realised they might lose out on some of their back handers from the City.

The way that it all seems to be worded makes it sound like maybe the EU isn't what we should be scared of afterall. Picking and choosing the legislation as this corrupt Government see's fit is only going to be worse for us in the long run im sure.

Captain Ranty said...

My pleasure Jase, and please let me know when the vid is ready so that I can plug it.

One hand washes the other, no?