December 03, 2009

Eyes Wide Shut

 Bloody typical.

I write nothing about this sordid business and then find all sorts of good stuff.

Thanks to Daniel1979 we can have a closer look at the emails surrounding ClimateGate, or if you prefer, How To Rig The Science And Keep The Taxpayers Money Flooding In.

The full report is 43 pages of gold-dust to sensible people.

In other news from Watts Up With That we learn that Al Gore (inventor of the interweb, saviour of the planet, and all round good egg) has cancelled his plans to speak at the Copenhagen ClimateShite Fest. OK, OK, it's not called that. It's called COP15. I like my conference title better.

Meanwhile, over at EUReferendum we learn that "the science is clear and settled". This bollocks was uttered by that embarrassing little man, Ed Millibland. Now, having looked hard at the way science works, the one thing I know for sure is that the science is never "settled". Not on anything. Not ever.

Oh, and for those of you that pop in for Freeman related stuff, fear not. We will resume shortly. Progress is slow because I want it to be. I am at pains to express how important it is not to leap in without a full arsenal. I don't mind if I crash and burn, but I will not drag any good people down with me because I got it wrong. Slowly slowly catchee monkey.

I almost have him. He is within sight and he is fast asleep.

Not long now.



banned said...

Looks like the Saudis might lead at CO2pengate about the Climategate stuff, this from the Beeb yesterday

Summary in case it is pulled.
E-mails hacked from a climate research institute suggest climate change does not have a human cause, according to Saudi Arabia's lead climate negotiator.

Mr Al-Sabban made clear that he expects it to derail the single biggest objective of the summit - to agree limitations on greenhouse gas emissions.
"Climate is changing for thousands of years, but for natural and not human-induced reasons.
"So, whatever the international community does to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will have no effect on the climate's natural variability."

Then he gets slagged off by the usual suspects.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks for the link, Banned.

It seems that Mr al-Sabban goes where angels fear to tread. He uses the truth, unfashionable these days, to highlight the scam. At the very least his words should make others stop, think, and revise their version of the truth.

But they will not. They will not review what they "know" because the ends justify the means, as usual. The Noble Crusade is well underway and nothing will stop them. Truth be damned, there is money to be made here. Billions of gullible souls will be forced to hand out ever-increasing green taxes as the charade blooms and grows.


Anonymous said...

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Redintheface said...

For anyone that is interested, the following site provides a slightly more scientific slant on some of the reasons for Climate Change being crap.

Please, please, please, bear in mind that I used to be a greenie. A full supporter of AGW, but it's when there's too much hysteria surrounding an event that I start to get cautious...

Anyway, the site is well within the realms of ordinary people with even a jot of intelligence, so I hope it helps.