December 07, 2009

State Of The Nation

This speech, given in the EU chamber of horrors, has become one of my all time favourites. Dan Hannan pulls no punches while Gordoom sits and grins inanely, reminiscent of Dubya's limited facial expressions.

I'm no economist but even I know that when my bank account is running low, or empty, I stop spending. I cut out waste, and I cut out luxuries. Borrowing money is the last thing on my mind. Gordo thinks differently. He keeps borrowing, and why not? It isn't his money he is wasting, it's ours. He continues to fund fake charities, he continues to send £60 million a day to his masters in Brussels, who are simply the best when it comes to wasting money, and he continues to fund quangos to the tune of £18 billion per year. He is on self-destruct. He must know, as do we all, that Labour will begin the wilderness years next May. His reaction? Instigate a scorched earth policy. Just like that WMD mastermind, Saddam Hussein, he will destroy as much as he can, as quickly as he can. Were he a responsible man, a principled man, a man with one iota of honour, he would leave the nation in a state that gives the incoming government the best chance to put things right. He consistently proves that he is without honour, he is without integrity and he is without morals or ethics.

Despite being told that scientists have lied about climate change/global warming/global cooling for years and years, he will commit even more of our money on the myth. Ask any scientist that doesn't have a dog in the race and they will tell you that whilst we must take care of our environment, the planet is not doomed, not yet, anyway. The only scientists running around shouting "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" are those whose mortgage repayments depend on the sky falling. Greed can bend a man's mind, and like the scientists involved with the second hand smoke swindle, that greed becomes all-consuming. I watched, with a steadily dropping jaw as study after study was pumped out and just like the climate agenda, the cause was noble and just, but the studies were based on lies. If your foundation is constructed of lies, everything that follows is in doubt. The filthy lucre is vastly more important than the truth. Science will take decades to recover because of the dishonest, greedy fabricators, and I for one disbelieve every single one of them. Until, at least, I have checked out the money trail. Who is paying for this or that study, and what is in it for them? Facts, I have discovered, can lean either way. Whenever I see someone dancing to a particular tune, I look at the piper and ask, "Who is paying you for this gig?". The answers are unsurprising. Vested interests abound, and if we are not careful, this will cost our children dearly. We have a responsibility to put things right.

Do I have an answer, a magic bullet to put it all right again?

I have one answer, and it revolves around just one word: change.

We have to change the way we are governed, and we have to change who we are governed by. The first step is file for a divorce from the EU, in my opinion. Once we are out, we can take stock. We will free up billions of £££'s that can and should, be better spent. As previously stated on this very blog, I would like to see a Libertarian Party government but they need more time. Time to grow, time to root themselves in our psyche, and they need to make a name for themselves. An LPUK government next May would be, I feel, a little too much for Joe & Jane Public. We have been oppressed and repressed for far too long. The freedoms the LPUK have on offer would overwhelm us. I believe UKIP are the only real opposition to the LibLabCon. They intend to peel back the layers and let us experience our hard won, hard fought freedoms again. After five years of this, the UK, (no longer known as Regions 1 to 9), will be ready for yet more relaxations, more freedoms, more personal responsibility. We need to know that we are not just cogs in a machine, and we need to know that we are not cash cows to be milked and milked and milked until we are drier than the Sahara.

We deserve better. We deserve less restriction, not more. Having listened hard to the talking heads, and having read the newsletters I get, I know that the transition from Labour to the Conservatives will be absolutely seamless. Same ol' same ol'. Nothing new, nothing changes. Broken promises will follow broken promises and we will try, but we will not be able to spot the difference. Because we will be looking for something that isn't there. Labour wouldn't listen, ever, and the Tories, knowing for sure that we want an in/out referendum, have already stopped listening. The LibDems are meaningless, the BNP have a radical manisfesto, the Greens just became the biggest joke in politics, and that leaves us with limited choices.

Think hard. Since 1922 we have voted for the Reds or the Blues. Some were good governments and some were bad. I am struggling to think of a government that was ever as bad as the current one. Their successors look likely to be Call Me Dave's crew, and sadly, they haven't convinced me that things can only get better. Same guys, different coloured ties.

The EU monster is the first problem. If we slay that one, we will be on the road to recovery. Radical rethinking on spending is the second priority, and any government that can do these things, whilst repealing many thousands of statutes that we simply do not need, will get my vote.

If we don't force change, we will have to revert to Plan B.

Plan B may take several generations to implement though.

This is the plan:

"Swear allegiance to the flag ...
Whatever flag they offer
Never hint at what you really feel
Teach the children quietly
For some day sons and daughters
Will rise up and fight while we stood still"

The question you need to answer is this: Do we have the years that Plan B needs?



Harry J said...

Personally I can't see a purely party political solution to the problems. Apart from anything else I have severe doubts about both the UKIP and BNP leadership. The only thing I can see working is a grass roots movement that has an effect on both the public at large and all political parties.

The question is, what would be the 'cause' that would unify the various political groupings out there. I'd like to think it would be something along the lines of the BCG's declaration. If we add to this the sovereign right of the British people to create their own currency then we would simulateously dismantle the power base of those who seek to oppress us.

Making it happen is another thing entirely.

Anonymous said...

To defeat this cancer, we will have to become its cancer. We need to infiltrate our institutions of old, infiltrate their new institutions and subvert them quietly, while networking with each other on tactics.

Edward G Griffin advocated this.

Merely voting will not solve the problem, particularly while we still have the FPTP system. People are fearful of letting the other lot in, so vote for the least worst. Thus, we always end up with the same old crud in government, with different rosettes.