December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!!

This kind of says it all for me. Tip of the beret to the multi-talented Grumpy Old Twat.

Good luck for 2010. It looks like it will be an interesting year, one way or another. My battle with HMRC began 3 weeks earlier than scheduled, and I can tell you this: I have already won. More details next week.

Keep safe, and thank you for visiting Ranty Barracks. Come back next year refreshed, reinvigorated and refeistified.

We'll have some more fun together.



Katabasis said...

Best wishes to you and yours too Ranty.

I'll be back fighting, joining you at the front lines in a few days.

This rest has done me the world of good.

This year the gloves are off.

Anonymous said...

Hey yoo, Ranty, Bugger Off and have a great Hogmanay and a sooper New Year.


A Friend!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Ranty!

Thanks for the kind words and let's give them all twice as much shit in 2010 ;-)

watching said...

HNY 2010 Captain.
Your blog has inspired me to explore the Freeman on the Land route and it's looking promising, might even get my accountant into it as well.

Always inspirational keep it up.

Anonymous said...

I'me celebrating New Year in the
Eastern Orthodox Rite,6th Jan
Its cheaper and the buses are running normally.
Ok I am of the Western rite but
who can really enjoy themselves
on Dec 31, no buses,double fare taxis and knee deep in non smoking
once a year hob goblins and their
gruesome partners

Far from the madding crowd

Captain Ranty said...

It has been great getting to know you all.

Sod off, and don't come back unless you have the mother of all hangovers!


Trident said...

Happy New Year - working seriously on my hangover, as I type.

Clara x

Captain Ranty said...

Good to hear, Clara! Thanks for your good wishes.

Drink two pints of water before bed and you will be as right as rain when you get up.


richard said...

happy new year cap'n!

Dick Puddlecote said...

Happy New Year Ranty boy. If you're not in the Hague in March I will hunt you down, believe me.


Captain Ranty said...

Same to you with knobs on!

Looking forward to being hunted down. I will try and make Den Haag in March.

North Africa calls though. For the whole year! My liver will never forgive me...


Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Richard!

All the very best to thee and thine.


Barking Spider said...

Happy New Year, CR, let's hope it's the best one since 1979!

Captain Ranty said...

Together we will make it so Spidey!

Be well,


Harry J said...

Happy New Year Captain. Let's hope we can all make a real difference in 2010. See you on the front line.

Captain Ranty said...

All the very best to you too, H.

The only resolution I made was to fight in the trenches. See you there!