December 02, 2009

Be Still My Beating Heart

So, our Brave New World was unveiled yesterday.

No fireworks, no street parties, no announcements on the telly-box, no letters shoved through the door, no parades, no backslapping, no high-fiving.

In fact, for a country that officially joined a community of nations with a population of just over 500 million souls, the day was remarkable for just how little attention this historic day received. I have been wondering why.

Human beings are very predictable. When we achieve a great thing, we generally shout about it. We did good, dammit! And we want to share the good news with all and sundry. Yet here we are, Day Two as Europeans and......nothing.

Yesterday we were all awarded dual citizenship. We are Europeans first, and hell, I don't know, Region Niners, or whatever Region # you ended up as, second. Anyhoo, we are all equal now. Allegedly.

Since this is about Things I Did Not See, I wanted to mention a couple of other things that weren't immediately noticeable in this awesome, historic, level playing field we all inhabit now.


My smokes didn't plummet in price to match those in the Slovak Republic (£1.30p for 20), or those in Latvia (£2.01p for 20) or even those in Greece (£2.88p for 20).

Prostitution is not suddenly legal here, as it is in Germany.

Marijuana cannot be consumed openly as it can be in the Netherlands.

Beer is not suddenly reduced in price to match Bulgaria where half a litre costs just £1.10p.

New car prices were not slashed by 25% to match French prices.

I won't bore you to death with an exhaustive list, but you get the picture, right?

So despite the fact that there was no immediate price equalisation, and no sudden relaxation of, frankly, infantile statutes, there should still have been headlines trumpeting this life-changing day. No broadcast from the monarch who stood by and gave our country away. No bragging from the politico's about the great thing they did, without, naturally, a mandate from the people.

No. Mention. Whatsoever. There was nothing. Zip. Zero. Nada.

Conclusions? Are we ashamed? Are we embarrassed? Did we do something dirty, something underhand, something furtive?

It would appear so. Good ol' reliable human nature kicks in again when we do something that we are not proud of, we slink, we hide, we down-play the event, and the very last thing we do is go on telly and shout "Look what we did!".

We just got married to 26 other countries. At least with my marriage there is an escape clause. When I die, or my wife partner significant other dies, the marriage is ended. Not so with the shotgun wedding that took place yesterday. There is no such clause. The sun will never set on this unholy union. Even Unkie Adolph put a time limit on his Third Reich. He generously allowed that it would continue for 1,000 years.

No such luck for us. We are in this forever, Citizens.

Surely we should celebrate that?

It's not every day we get shackled to a corrupt regime, hell bent on wasting trillions of euros.

It's not every day we get to swear allegiance to unelected, overpaid megalomaniacs.

It's not everyday we demote a monarch.

It's not every day that we learn that in order to be heard, to request changes from the Commission, all we have to do is gather one million signatures.

It's not every day we give our nation away.

The silence is deafening.



sickofit said...

Ah but there is a little Frenchie who has something to say.

Captain Ranty said...


A good evaluation.

Still, you've got to laugh. In amongst the insanity the clouds have a silver lining. It'll be a case of "Goodnight from me, and goodnight to all the Troughers". A sweet ending to a tragical farce.

I find Little Nicky obnoxious at the best of times, the little shit will become even more unbearable now.



Harry J said...

A very acute observation. Compare and contrast with the fuss and ceremony over the transfer of power to China in Hong Kong. If anything yesterday was even more worthy of marking in some way. Of course, if they had have done anything it ran the risk of alerting people to what a treasonous, malign, undemocratic load of old b******s the EU really is.

Anonymous said...

It's not every day we hand the City, the jewel in our crown, to the French b@stards.

Oh, and by the way, our finance team are pretty pissed off about it.

Pity the incompetent traitors didn't see it coming before they sold our country for 30 pieces of silver.

Of course, we didn't celebrate because there's nothing to celebrate. Our 'leaders' didn't celebrate because they know that we have piano wire on our minds.

I am Stan said...

The silence from the mainstream has removed all doubt from my mind that the powers that be are in an unholy alliance with each other to keep the common man down and fearful and his spirit crushed and that there is nothing I can do about it.

I am powerless to stop the huge shifts in the political landscape,I am neither consulted or informed ,I am ignored deceived, bullied and I have surrendered to my fate and from hence forth I shall live as I see fit and treat each day as if it`s my last day of liberty...before the midnight knock at the door!...good luck to you!.

Pesky Anonymous said...

If someone disagrees with you, but does not wish to appear impolite, they shut up and look away.

Let us hope then, (naively I suppose) that the general lack of street parties, bunting and morris dancing, is but a reflection of a people who don't believe a word, and won't do until we have had a referendum.

Captain Ranty said...


I checked out your link earlier. I responded but the comment disappeared into the ether.

Thanks, it was a good write up.


Captain Ranty said...


I really am bewildered about the non-event of the century.

I remember the HK fuss. Chris Patten, wasn't it?

This event? Meh.


Captain Ranty said...

Mrs F,

I left my response over at your house.

Thanks for the link.

Good to see SOMEONE reacting over SOMETHING where this debacle is concerned.


Captain Ranty said...


I think the real answer is much, much worse.

I fear that no-one knew.


Captain Ranty said...

I am Stan,

You have oodles of power. You just weren't aware of it.

Please hang tough, and keep an eye on this blog. I am going to show you how you can regain your power and fuck with their heads (and their rotten system) simultaneously, at the same time, together.

You will love it.


sickofit said...

Apologies for the ether error Captain. TBH I have no idea where it went either. MT4 does drive me round the bend at times. I've just test commented and it worked OK.
Send a pigeon next time it'll be more reliable.

Steve Tierney said...

Plenty of us scattered all around the political compass had something to say about it.

subrosa said...

CR here's a link you may find useful. Scroll down past your own.

Captain Ranty said...


Thanks. I had read your piece, I think I got there via someone else's blog.

I really meant the msm though.


Captain Ranty said...

Thanks SR.

I did see that one as well. I found quite a few links via Sitemeter.

Many people seemed stunned to learn that 1 December was D Day. A lot of folks expressed the opinion that they knew nothing about it.


banned said...

Handing over The City just so that Cafe Ashtray can become non-Foreign Minister was just symptomatic of our future woes.

Europe will go the way of Rome, invaded from without by hoards seeking refuge as was Rome by Goths, Vandals and Huns, who will likewise destroy it; meanwhile our leaders preen themselves in effete daliance and waste our treasure on manmadeglobalwarming just as Rome obsessed itself with the new regigion of Christianity. Our leaders have destroyed our economy and, just like Rome, there will come a time when our debased currencies will no longer be able to pay the forces of law and order.

I have no childred, I don't care.

Pesky Anonymous said...

That no-one knew is the very point Captain.

In common law you could get married by jumping over the broomstick. The only requirement was that this should be done in public. You were making a declaration in front of witnesses. Letting it be known to all and sundry (and open for objection). You then celebrated. The occasion was therefore marked.

Sneaking this in through the back door is not cricket. Not lawful even.

My naive hope, was for what they might do when they realise they have been robbed. A small hope I know, but for many people who can't bring themselves to believe they are being scammed, this might just be a reality that jolts them awake.

MSM might see it like this too - hence the quiet. They of course would want the most fateful moment in the history of Britain safely out of the way with no fuss.
Now, - when are the French police due?

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Anonymous said...

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Captain Ranty said...


You are very kind to say so. Thanks!