February 13, 2013

Debt And Taxes

I found this over at Inquiring Minds and I thought it was worth sharing.

UK government debt is around one and a half trillion if you take into
account unfunded pensions, PFI schemes
and all the other off balance sheet debts.
Private debt just about matches this if you take into account
mortgages, credit cards and overdrafts. (USA debt is 14 trillion.)
Now try to get your head round a trillion.

Perhaps this helps.

1 million seconds = 12 days
1 billion seconds = 31 years
1 trillion seconds = 31,000 years
(note: – the British billion is now the same as the American billion -
a mere thousand million, not a million million)

The next time you hear a politician casually talk about ‘a billion pounds’, stop and think about it. 
Ask yourself – are they spending YOUR tax money as you want?
These facts help put that ‘billion’ in perspective.

A billion seconds ago it was 1959.

A billion minutes ago Jesus was alive.

A billion hours ago our ancestors were living in the Stone Age.

A billion days ago no-one walked on the earth on two feet.

A billion Pounds ago was only 13 hours and 12 minutes, at the rate our government is spending
even more than it can raise from…

Stamp Duty
Tobacco Tax
Corporate Income Tax
Income Tax

Council Tax
Unemployment Tax
Fishing Licence Tax
Petrol/Diesel Tax
Inheritance Tax (tax on top of tax)
Alcohol Tax
Marriage Licence Tax
Property Tax
Service charge taxes
Social Security Tax
Vehicle Licence Registration Tax
Vehicle Sales Tax
Workers Compensation Tax

Only one – income tax – existed 100 years ago (at a maximum of 10%)

Our nation was one of the most prosperous in the world.
The industrial revolution was beginning to feed mouths and fill pockets.
Public spending was a mere 25% of GDP.
We coped with debts of £600 million resulting largely from the Napoleonic Wars.
We had the largest middle class in the world.
Mum stayed home to raise her children.
Dad was allowed to discipline his children.
A criminal’s life was uncomfortable.
The sun never set on the British Empire.

And now look at us today – trapped in the EU and governed by inexperienced pygmies.
How and why did this change happen?
The answer is equally mind-boggling and appalling, because we are to blame.
We have re-learned an old hard lesson :
people attracted to power are fundamentally unsuited to hold it.
Ask yourself: do senior politicians today believe in acting in the best interests of the people who elected them?
Self-evident answer: No.  Self-interest and political survival come first.


Not my work, so if there are any factual mistakes, don't be kicking my arse.



William said...


Have a butchers CR... makes you wonder, well it did me!

Anonymous said...


Good article but.....

The Industrial revolution was a hell for the people of the UK. Their lives were completely turned upside down, thanks to the flooding of foreign corn into the UK, by the Rothschilds (them again), which forced people out of their farms and freeholds into the city, to look for work as was planned.
I'm not saying that life was great for the peasant before the Industrial revolution, but it was far better than during it.

Debtors prisons, workhouses, overcrowding....then there was the technology that put as many people out of work as it did put them into it.

The Industrial revolution certainly put Britain on the map, there's no doubt about that but the cost was great the the people of the UK, who before that time had really been making a living off the land and any wars were to defend the nation from outside attack. After the Industrial revolution, their lives turned into one of invading other lands, plundering their resources and enforcing their culture upon others on a par with immigrants forcing theirs upon us here today.

And you are also correct in that it did put money in people's pockets, most notably the elites who were running the show. The bankers, factory owners, landlords...in fact nothing changes. It's still the same today. What the Industrial revolution did was create city living, with people living like packed sardines, in extreme poverty and squalor.

In fact cap'n, it was the Industrial revolution further enhanced the system that we live within today. It created technology that will one day rule over man, almost moving into Terminator territory, with AI etc, etc.

I have no love for the Industrial revolution. I think once you way up the pros and cons of it all, Britain and it's people, in fact the world, were far better off before the Industrial revolution than after. What the Industrial revolution most certainly achieved was creating weaponry that could kill far more people more effectively.

I've always been anti Industrial Revolution and Imperialism. The 'great' in Britain came at the expense of destroying people's lives at home and abroad, along with their cultures and habitats.



pitano1 said...

hi capt.
interesting stats.
i must point out,that stating `WE LET IT HAPPEN.
is nonsense.

WE have no say in the matter period.
WE neither set the system up,or own it.
the system is scripted,for those who care to read `the script`

those faithfull to the system have
pointed out what will take place,and when.

as the bard said the whole world is a stage,and each must play his part.

it does not matter who wins an election`they are still going to have a party[at our expense.

its just a case of mind over matter..l.o.l

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Bill.

I too get weary of these reports. For two years there have been warnings of "Mass arrests of bankers this week!" and I am still waiting.

Normally I would give these reports more credence but there are far too many that end in....nothing.

Still, if it does happen, I will be the first to apologise.


Captain Ranty said...


I do not doubt a single word in your comment. But it wasn't written by me. I just cut & pasted it from IM. (Link up near the top).

Technology almost always does more harm than good, at least initially.

Look at book sales: plummeting. Newspapers: plummeting. TV's, landlines, high street shops: all suffering very badly because of the www and our ease of access and the alternative ways to shop, to watch telly etc etc.

The last company I worked for provided real time GPS for 5,000 combine harvesters in the USA. These things drive themselves. Always in perfectly straight lines, no wastage, no sick time, no holidays, no wages and no complaints. But I couldn't help but pity the 5,000 families who are now without a breadwinner.....


Captain Ranty said...


Again, not my writing but it IS our fault.

We didn't rise up.

"Just going along to get along" doesn't cut it. We have had ample time to remind the spineless politicians that we are the real power in this nation. That they work for us, not the other way around. We've had time to be awkward, time to rebel, time to revolt, time to overthrow them. Violently, if it came to it.

But instead we sat on our fat arses and watched Strictly.

Yes, we did let it happen.


Anonymous said...


Here's how they spend out taxes. Trawling the third world to import benefit scroungers.
P.S. I'd be very surprised if 100 years ago the govt spent 25% of GDP
Paris Claims

Captain Ranty said...


I saw that image on twitter today. How many billions do we spend on immigrants? And how much would their home nations spend on us if we turned up, hands outstretched?

I thought about that 25% and I wondered if it was used to beef up the empire? (I don't know, just guessing).


Anonymous said...


Paris Claims

John Pickworth said...

I've always thought that the best visual representation of what a serious load of money actually looks like is here: pagetutor.com/trillion/

Its US dollars and the starting unit is the hundred dollar bill. Obviously, you'd need to double the size if you were to use £50 notes as the base unit.

But yes, your point is well made and I wouldn't disagree with a word of it.

Anonymous said...

Was just under 15% 100 years ago, according to this chart and table underneath.

You can easily spot all the manufactured crises.

Lowest figure in the chart is 4.11% in 1754. If only!!!!

"The English government... has long ceased to possess the respect and confidence of the people, and it has governed by over-awing the weak, deluding the ignorant, and corrupting the baser part of its community. The latter - its power of corruption - its means of rewarding its adherents by the spoil of the people, is the great lever by which it operates. [...]

"Many persons still seem to expect retrenchment under such a system. A fallacious hope! To retrench is to weaken; its policy is to spend, not to save. There are, no doubt, scores, nay thousands, of offices, useless indeed to the people, but invaluable to their rulers. The greater the sinecure, the greater its importance; and the very reason urged by the people for its abolition, is the strongest argument for its continuence by their oppressors. Could government only reward its servants in proportion to their deserts, what inducement would there be to enter into its service? Who would incur the odium of such employment? How could it obtain adherents? How could it have zealous supporters in every part of the empire, and carry on an execrable system, which has trampled on the rights, and is incompatible with the happiness of the people?

"Ministers, weak and contemptible, are yet too wise to depend on their wisdom and justice; they depend on force and corruption; on the bayonets of the military, and the expenditure of 60 millions of money. These form the right and left hand, the master principles of the system. The support they cannot bribe they will intimidate. [...]"

The Black Book; or, Corruption Unmasked (1828 edition)



Anonymous said...

I seem to remember reading that at the start of the 20th century there were approx 50,000 civil servants
Paris Claims

DC said...

Good post Ranty. I itch with frustration at the thought that most people find this perfectly normal, as though it all came about naturally. "No-one stole this money, it's just the way things go" they'll say. I could scream at their faces. Quality of life does not decrease for no reason. Yes our people have become lazy and ignorant, but that's the result of banker theft, not the cause of it. To be honest, you have to trawl through some pretty controversial and awkward history to get to the bottom of it - when and how this happened.

And I really urge people to read this in order to understand just how evil those filthy bankers are. Take this information and then consider that our national debt, and thus our fast-decreasing quality of life, is due to enormous interest repayments to private central banks who conjured money out of thin air, loaned it to our government and then demanded eternal repayment with high-interest rates so that they could then buy up real assets and thus literally 'own' the world and our childrens' childrens' labour while they're at it.

The enormity and evil of the scam is almost beyond comprehension... yet according to our zombie kinsmen "that's just the nature of economics".

Dave Allison said...

Capt' Doncha get fuckin fed up wit these fuckin armchair warriers the write and write and write right but get off their fuckin arse and actually DO SOMETHING NO.

They piss me off
Yer chum Dave

Preemptive WAR
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