September 19, 2010

The Road Less Travelled

Ever wondered how revolutionaries simply appear?

Ever wondered what made them attractive, sometimes years later? Ever wondered what drove them to do what they did? Ever looked for that common denominator? I did.


No more, and no less.

Thet were simply unhappy with the status quo and set out to change things. I doubt that any of them knew precisely what they were doing, who it inspired, or why. They were just...driven.

I know how they feel. Mandela, Guevara, Ghandi, Tyler, Ludd, Paine, Pankhurst, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King are just a few of those revolutionaries that grace our history books. I knew (of) Nelson Mandela when he was a terrorist. During my time in the late sixties/early seventies as a child growing up in South Africa, he was known to me as a thug. And yet he turned out to be one of the most amazing leaders the world has ever known. He is revered, respected, and loved, by millions all over the world. Robert Mugabe, another terrorist, who my own brother had a glorious chance to assassinate (during the elections in 1980), was another violent animal, but became loved by his tribe as he dominated Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. Today, he is the antithesis of the well-loved revolutionary. He is hated, despised, and fortunately for the world, he is also dying. His death, for which I pray daily, should be painful and prolonged. Make no mistake, he is as monstrous as Pol Pot or Idi Amin.

Here's a vid if you prefer your icons visually:

I was wondering if I was a revolutionary. I was wondering if what I was doing was ground-breaking, and eventually, for the common good. Is what I am doing beneficial to the people of the dis-United Kingdom? I don't know. I was never reaching for a place in the history books. Peace and quiet was my main aim. Paying less taxes was another. Controlling the people we pay (to protect and serve us) better was another goal. And, of course, reducing the government, and those that enjoy huge chunks of our money, gold-plated pensions, and a day jam-packed with inactivity and inefficiency, to around five people instead of the current 7 million.

When I win my case, officially, against HMRC, and I will,  it will open the floodgates. If I don't have to pay tax, then neither do you. Or you. Or you. Or you. And that has the potential to start a revolt the like of which this nation has never seen. They will shut me down, lock me away, or they might even arrange for a little "accident" for me. What they absolutely cannot do, is let me win. Even if I do.

I have no desire to be rich, famous, or even mildly well-known. I want peace. And I want quiet. I want the government to stop raping me and then telling me, "It's in the best interests of the nation". It isn't. It never will be. I am tired of working for the government. I am tired of working like a dog, in shitholes like the one I'm in now to prop up a facade, to promote an illusion. To pay for what they call democracy. To subsidise insane decisions like war with countries that have never, ever, threatened us. To subsidise their food & drink, their travel, and luxurious accommodations when I have to live in a flea-ridden hotel in the middle of Buttfuck, Africa, and then share 50% of my hazard pay with wankers that never risked a thing in their lives.

I am tired of witnessing the slavery. Slavery, you may or may not know, is forcing people to work for no pay. Yet every day we not only see it, in a first world country, but we actively support it. Every time we buy a litre of petrol we witness the garage owner collect taxes for the government. Every time we buy a pint, we witness the landlord collect taxes for the government. Every time we buy a pack of smokes, we witness the newsagent, or the tobacconist, collect taxes for the government. All of them slaves. All of them are doing this collecting because some fucker told them to. It is purely involuntary, and no recompense is sought nor offered.

And the worst thing is that we condone it. We allow it. We permit this activity.

I don't want to anymore. I am heart-sick. I am desperately concerned that the longer we allow this shit to continue, the more we will regret it.

Sometimes, just sometimes, to live in a safe house, we have to tear down the one we already live in. The one we had convinced ourselves was secure. One we were told that was built on solid foundations.

Out of chaos will come order.

We need to create that chaos. We need to be the 21st Century Demolition Men.

First we destroy. Then we rebuild.

We tear down that which is false. That which is self-serving. And we rebuild our cities and our nation, on a solid foundation. The way it was centuries before we got here. Look over your shoulder: the answers are there. Look back. Find the right way. Before the Grand Illusion was born. The one that was shat out by the puppet-masters.

Look long, and look hard. Decide for yourself that this charade cannot, must not, continue.

Then, and only then, can we truly say that we came, we saw, we didn't like what we saw, so we changed it.

For the sake of our children, and their children, and their children.

I picked a fight with the "management". I report here about it. My stats tell me that the busiest days are those when I update you about my barney with HMRC. I am pleased that you come again, and again, to see how the battle fares.

But look, I am not here for your entertainment.

I am here to change things. I am here to rebuild our house. One brick at a time, if that's what it takes. It may take some time.

But rebuild it I will.

With, or without your help.



FTAC Watch said...

"We need to create that chaos."


Since I am not allowed to do anything constructive, I am devoting my rapidly diminishing remaining days to such an alternative.

William said...

Ranty me old mucker you are not alone and off course you are correct.
Income tax is a fraud.
Council tax is illegal.
PAYE has always been illegal and yet none of it matters to the political class.

All that matters to them is that they have enough dosh to keep them in the manner they have become accustomed and have enough assumed power to affect the lives of the people they regard as underlings.

They are controlled by banksters and doubtless by many other of the overt covert organisations if you get my meaning.
The MSM is in the same position as the politicians there is no difference.
The same is true of the union fatties, why are they all so fat and all so thick?

All of this shit is held up in a pinhead. That pinhead is a belief that money is real and to be able to live our lives in this country we have to pay our taxes.

Taxes are NOT voluntary they are compulsory. I personally would not have a problem with a tax of some description on earnings IF I had much more of a say in how that taxation is to be used for the benefit of the majority not a tiny minority of tiny minds.

Tax is however the Achilles heel of the corrupt system of government. If enough people actually did as you are doing and as I am going to attempt to do and challenge by what right the government has to impose compulsory taxation on me just because I happen to live within the fictitious border of an an island called Great Britain.

That is why I asked everyone to write their MP on the previous post. How hard is it to write and post a letter?
What is the worst that can happen?
They ignore you. Well they have been ignoring us for generations and the time really has come to force them to take notice.

If enough people across this most fantastic land stand up and ask questions the political class will begin to shit itself. Once this happens then we have to ensure they all contract diarrhoea by refusing to play their taxation game. The numbers required to effect this change are small probably less than 250,000 people out of a population of around 70 million.

As holbonkers says there are only 646 of them and even though they have the men with guns there is no guarantee that those men with guns would protect the leeches once their fragility has been exposed. In fact if the cuts to the policy men and the armed forces are going to be anywhere near as bad as the MSM and unions are screaming about there will be no appetite amongst these two groups of human beings to protect those doing the cutting.

Just my four penneth


Captain Ranty said...


Whatever I can do to help. I am here for you.

Proud to have you in the trenches. Proud to stand alongside you.


Captain Ranty said...

Ah, William.

I am also proud to have you as a kinsman.

You have been here since the start and along with a few others, you truly understand what this is all about.

Between us, you, me, Holby, Puddlecote, Iron Leg, and a few others we would have our New Model Army. We would have that quarter of a million souls ready to do or die.

Have you seen Twitter lately? The great and the good are content to tweet about utter bollocks. Meaningless shite must make up for 95% of the traffic.

Imagine the potential for informing the masses? The MSM is lost. They are lost because they are either controlled by spineless editors or they are addicted to the advertising revenue. No help to be had there.

Not, at least, until we are winning. Then, and only then, will they jump ship.

It's hard not to get despondent, but I have ten times the stamina of those fuckwits in "charge" of us.

As you say, tax (money) is their weakness.

Let's exploit that.


PT Barnum said...

Of those of us who look upon the works of the mighty and despair, what proportion are highly educated, motivated, above-average earning, private sector workers? Pretty high, I'd say. If so, might it take less than 250,000 of those who foot the bill for the excesses and oppression of this regime to say Enough, no more, to tip the balance?

Anonymous said...

Peace is coming, but not in the way you envisage, by my passing you can see the future, and in my passing you will learn the way forward!

defender said...

We, the people are soverign on this land. It is time to reasert that fact.

Captain Ranty said...


I agree.

Fewer high-earners would have the same impact as many median income earners.

It's a numbers game.


Captain Ranty said...


Good quote.

Whose is it?


Captain Ranty said...


Amen to that, my brother!


Captain Ranty said...

BTW, I am heading to Ghana late this afternoon.

I have no Visa so I am going to try and bluff my way in. It usually works.

So I should be sipping a cold beer in Accra by 6 pm. If I'm not, it means I have been deported.

I'll let you know what happens.


defender said...

Ponder this Ranty,

UK Proposes All Paychecks Go to the State First

Published: Monday, 20 Sep 2010 | 6:55 AM ET
Text Size
By: Robin Knight
CNBC Associate Web Producer

The UK's tax collection agency is putting forth a proposal that all employers send employee paychecks to the government, after which the government would deduct what it deems as the appropriate tax and pay the employees by bank transfer.

Big Ben & London Eye
Sharon Lorimer
The proposal by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) stresses the need for employers to provide real-time information to the government so that it can monitor all payments and make a better assessment of whether the correct tax is being paid.

Currently employers withhold tax and pay the government, providing information at the end of the year, a system know as Pay as You Earn (PAYE). There is no option for those employees to refuse withholding and individually file a tax return at the end of the year.

If the real-time information plan works, it further propose that employers hand over employee salaries to the government first.

Captain Ranty said...

Yes, I saw this, had four or five heart attacks, and then told myself that this plan will get my blessing the day sun goes cold.

And not before.


William said...

I am not Mark wadsworth
MW's comment on the Redwood housing post with a flattering comment on my comment made me think I 'should' share with you a central bit of my 'financial planning' advice for clients - 'The New Feudalism'.
Some background. I am what is branded an IFA - but that's not what I do, it's just what is bureaucratically convenient for the reg-yew-lay-ter to label me. We did 'financial planning' before I'd even heard of the idea. I have long thought that essentially we are in the freedom business, in the sense that we make calculations and do things that get our clients financially independent as soon as possible at the lowest cost possible. Behind this is the core philosophy that what we now live under is a 'New Feudalism'.
Look at it this way. You're born. You do education. You go to work. It's just you. If you don't like work you can tell your employer to stuff it and go anywhere. Then you fall in love. Your family think this is great. They rub their hands and tell you that now 'you'll be able to get on the property ladder'. So you do. You buy a house. You get into a huge debt to buy a wasting asset on a piece of land whose price is being inflated like mad by the very people enslaving you - the State, the central bank and the retail banking cartel.
Now they've got you. The Bank's got you, since if you don't service the mortgage debt they'll take your house off you and blight your life for ever. You have keep your job to pay your debt, so your employer's got you and can pay you not quite enough. As you have to have a job the taxman can steal from you through the scandal of PAYE. In other words the State has got you.
This triumvirate of Bank, Employer and State owns your arse. These three weird sisters now control your life. You're on the treadmill.
The trick is to work out as soon as possible that this is the case and then set about getting them out of your life. And for that you need income that is not dependent on an employer and no debts.
If you set about it early enough (and before you ask, I didn't - I made too many mistakes and, to be fair, got trapped by circumstances beyond my control) you'll be free by 50 at the very latest.
Hence Redwood's bit about housing was, well, bollocks.
Here endeth the lesson.

sums it all up really well methinks


Anonymous said...

Awesome post.

I do hope you slay the IR monster.

But, even if you have them bang to rights, they will still find a way to weasel out of it, or play for a draw.

This could be a very important milestone, however it goes down.

If you win, and it does not get overturned, the floodgates of freedom will start to open.

If you lose, even if you 'had' them under the law, it means that they will have to bring their dirty tricks in to the open.

I reckon on the latter, unless you somehow get an honest Court, and the verdict sticks.

Like the EU, I have a feeling that if they don't get the correct result first time, they will do so until they do.

Nil illegitimi carborundum.

James Higham said...


No more, and no less.

Really, Cap'n? Not manipulated in the least, eh?