September 04, 2010

Know Thine Enemy

The government is not your enemy.

The police are not your enemy.

The European Union is not your enemy.

HMRC is not your enemy.

Quangoes are not your enemy.

Fake charidees are not your enemy.

Government pecksniffs, incompetent PCSO's, lacklustre judges, screeching traffic wardens, scheming politicians, colluding lawyers, power-mad local councillors, the Illuminati, Freemasons, Bilderbergers, Common Purpose, the Council on Foreign Affairs, and doddery Lords & Ladies are not your enemy.

THIS, is your enemy:

Meet the Normals.

They allow all the fuckstains named above room to breathe. They permit them to exist. They continually bend over for them. When the Normals die, the others die by default. Your mission is to exterminate the Normals. Rid us of these unthinking, uncritical drones. Please.

The Normals think that an EU superstate is just fine. The Normals believe that being robbed of 60% of their income every year is just peachy. The Normals agree with the European Arrest Warrant. The Normals are absolutely certain that a camera on every street corner protects them. The Normals believe that the state has a right to eavesdrop on every single conversation they have on the telephone. The Normals know for sure that if the state traps and records every single email ever written that "bad guys" will be brought to book. The Normals are happy for just under 20,000 different council employees to enter their home without a warrant. The Normals are equally happy for "criminals" to be detained for 28 days without charge. The Normals campaigned for ID cards Because They Are A Good Thing. The Normals support a DNA database. The Normals know intuitively that justice can be found in a courtroom. The Normals love ANPR. The Normals want more speed cameras. The Normals believe that the War On Drugs, The War on Terror and, the War on Smokers, Eaters & Drinkers are holy and justifiable wars. The Normals support minimum alcohol unit charges.

In short, the Normals support every single moronic diktat that the government shits out.

They are the enemy. No question about it. No doubt. No if's and's but's or maybe's.

But here's the kicker: the Normals are unaware. The Normals simply cannot comprehend a different reality. They are supine. They are brainwashed. They genuinely believe that this way, is the only way. They think libertarian is an obvious mispelling of 'librarian'. They think anarchy is another word for 'violence'. Lawful Rebellion, to them, was a right granted in medieval England and has no use today. Indeed, all rights that were fought over, lives sacrificed for, and blood shed for, are worth less than the wanky 'benefits' the state offers in return.

Parliament, introduced in 1265, equates to democracy in the Normal mind. The Normals wouldn't consider that we had been getting fucked by parliamentarians ever since. Nor that before that we were getting fucked by a succession of kings and queens. According to the Normals, what we have today is normal. Nothing else will suffice. Nothing else can replace this enduring farce.

Until we can persuade the Normals that big government is big trouble, we are lost. The Normals believe that laws cannot be changed, far less abolished. The Normals think that we need almost 7 million public sector workers. The Normals imagine that by the time they reach retirement age there will be something in the pot for them. Never mind that the fabled retirement age gets ever further away.

The Normals will never rock the boat. They will never protest. They will never say no. They have forgotten how to do these things.

They bow, and they scrape, they tug their forelocks and they acquiesce.

They consent. They do this because no-one ever told them there was a choice.

They do this because no-one ever said to them "There is another way".

Our job, good people, is to educate them. Saying nothing is not an option, doing nothing is negligence writ large. You have an obligation. You have a duty. You have a mission.

Exercise your obligation. Carry out your duty. Complete your mission.

Help them to live.

Mere existence is not enough. We are greater than that. We deserve more.

So much more.



Corrugated Soundbite said...

This is a top piece.

And oh so true. I - for one - am glad you were willing to be persuaded out of bloggy hibernation, Cap'n.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks CS.

I am honour bound to thank an exciting little red I found in a Lagos mall.

(If you can find it, buy copious amounts of Africa Classic merlot produced in the Western Cape).

Drink it. Then blog.

It has a way of finding your "sweet spot"!


Bill Sticker said...

Not 'normals' at all. There is nothing 'normal' about hiding from the world. There is another word for them derived from history; Serfs.

Captain Ranty said...


They do not know that they hide.

They do not know that they are being shafted. Being robbed. Being brainwashed.

And yes, serfs is what they are.

What we are.

I would never claim to be enlightened. Just slightly less blind than the unseeing.


Captain Ranty said...



I fucked up though.

I should have stated that the Normals are prevalent in all walks of life. They are in all classes. They represent all political parties.

Royals, judges, top cops, all are Normal.

If they know the truth and do nothing about it, they deserve eternal damnation.


joe said...

I know they're in all walks of life Ranty, when i say on the dole and going about their shitty buisness,i mean whatever their jobs are,i mean alot of these people are shit scared of their bosses,let alone the state.

Captain Ranty said...

Either way Fraser, it was a valid point and allowed me to point out that the Normals are everywhere.


Anonymous said...

Nice one CR!
Normals, Sheeple, Serfs, cowards, wimps, automatons...there are many names for them. The problem is there's a distinction also between them. There are those of the older generation for example who grew up with so much honesty and respect within them that they simply are unable to believe that authority would do anything to harm them. It's not that they're brainwashed or indoctrinated, far from it, they're simply unable to see danger in those whom they elect to govern and protect them. They're in two words - too trusting.

Then you have the others, who are braindeads, believe the hype, believe the double speak and oblivious to liberty and what it means. You know the sort of fuckwit who will say something like "I believe in freedom of speech but if you're saying something not nice then you shouldn't be allowed..." bollox.

Society is greatly divided. There are those who will fight their executioners and those who will give them their swords.

This war has been going on for a long bloody time, the war between good and evil. And what's more ironic about it is that good needs evil in order to understand itself and vice versa. You cannot have anything in life without its opposite.

It's all rather laughable because when you start really looking into the whole rigmarole it's incredibly hypocritical. LOL

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks H.

I see now that I should have expanded.

I should have added that we cannot blame them. That we, too, took a while to understand how rotten things were in the state of Denmark.

That we too, disbelieved. That we too, were astonished at the scale of the fraud.

We can spend ages re-categorising them but one name is as good as any other.

I agree though-the "Normals" are too trusting and they (the PTB) took advantage of that trust.

For that abuse of trust, let alone the promulgation of the illusion, they are unforgiveable.


Anonymous said...

I have just been looking around the shops in my city centre. The signs are not good.

Overweight, vacant-eyed, gum-chewing, litter-dropping, fag-dragging, aisle-straddling, foul-mouthed – there’s no way back I’m afraid.

Habeas Corpus and common law just don’t exist in their bubble and they are not going to look for it if they don’t need it. The ‘State Morlocks’ will provide.

It’s going to take another war to sort this lot out and get back to a society that actually takes democracy seriously.

Captain Ranty said...


A war?

Too bloody. Too damaging. Too dangerous.

Rebellion is what we need.

Lawful Rebellion.

We can fuck them up forever for the price of a stamp.


Monty Cristo said...

But the Normals have had a normalized education from the State, so that must be optimum.

We can't even meet them down the pub and have a conversation with them to offer a different view point, they don't go there any more, 'cos it's not the normal thing to do.It is no longer normal to go down the pub. You might find the bad smokers and drinkers in the gardens, lurking.

Captain Ranty said...


Their education is far from normal.

Education was last worth having in the 1820's.

Since then it has been puerile, at best.

They no longer teach our kids what they need to know to succeed. Only enough to get a job and pay in to their corrupt system until we are old and piss-stained.

We are of no other practical use to them.

Cash cows is what we are. No more and no less. The last thing they need is for the masses to think for themselves. Once we do that, their role is...compromised. They are no longer needed.

They started closing down the pubs and workingmens clubs when we started to wise up.

Whatever else we may call them, "stupid" isn't one of them.


microdave said...

Would these be the same "Nice, Normal" people who their neighbours talk about when one of them suddenly commits some unspeakable crime? You know the ones - "Always kept themselves to themselves"....

And in reference to Harbingers comments about the older generation - I had many arguments with my elderly parents before the last election, when I said I would be voting UKIP, and not Tory, as they have always done.

However I think they are slowly beginning to see that things aren't that rosy...

I showed them the previous post about Tax, and they were initially astonished, that this "typical couple" would have so little left over to cover clothing, holidays, emergencies and suchlike.

Captain Ranty said...


I wonder if those that suddenly erupt are also those who suddenly awakened and couldn't cope with the(ir) new reality?

Your parents deserve nothing but praise. They were fooled like we were fooled, like those unassuming ones keep fooling their children.

There is hope!

And it lies with good people like your mum and dad.

It proves that the new "truth" is getting through to some.

Thanks for that!


defender said...

"Normal" German people in 1938 did not see it either.
Under no circumstances must there be no resistance. Lawfull rebellion must be considered a tactic, if it does not do the job, there will be a plan b, c, d.......

Captain Ranty said...

Excellent point Defender.

Like the smokers, they didn't say too much about ghettoisation.

Like the drinkers, they didn't object too much about stigmatisation.

Even if it is metaphorical, how soon before innocent people march, with pride, towards the gas chambers?

We can fight them with bombs and bullets, and Molotov Cocktails, but we will lose.

If we fight instead with pen and paper, we will win.

If enough of us rebel, victory is assured.


defender said...

With respect C'pt, this pen and paper malarky has produced no results for years. Long before you even used a computer letters have been written.
They have learned to deflect letters and protest marches.
When the "blacks" rioted in the early '80's, there was a result, when the Bradford riots kicked off, the muslims got concessions, after the London bombings, more concessions.
The last time the people where motivated to march and got a result was the poll tax in the late 80's. The G20 and the Iraq protest made no difference.
Hey, "normal" people write letters, and are ignored.
What makes you believe we would lose?
"If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a small chance of survival. There may even be a worse case: you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves." Wnston Churchill

That was our situation in 1940.

Captain Ranty said...


I am not afraid of my death.

My death is the price I pay for living. We all owe (our God) a death.

If I genuinely thought that I could riot for change, I would be on the front line already.

The trouble is that they have guns. They have all the guns. Fighting them ("them" is really us) on the streets of Britain is unappealing. I don't seek martyrdom.

I seek real, lasting change.

My bits of paper do that. I know that already. This country runs on paper. Get it right, and you have the might.

Winston was a man amongst men. We will never see his like again.

Unless, of course, we live up to his ideals.

His ideals, and those of many other wise men.

Ghandi, Luther King, Mandela, among others.

We can make believe that the words of these men are iconic, idealistic, tragic, realistic, mystical, or we can make them...... real.

The choice is, and has always been, ours.


JuliaM said...


A.K.A. Damo Mackerel said...

It seems that when we remove one bunch of overlords we replace them with another. In fact the normals have already replaced the government with quangos, special interest groups, NGO's, fake charities and senior civil servants.

May I paraphrase Franklin. Those who give up liberty for security, deserve neither and end up losing both.

Monty Cristo said...

My bad, I should have been more liberal with the use of quotation marks. I wholeheartedly agree with your response.

Anonymous said...


I see your point and I see defender's point.

The trouble is that they have guns.

And who are they?
That's the whole point I'm seeing about reality.

You can watch Bill Hicks and see him make his comment on life being like going to a fairground and getting on a rollercoaster which is no doubt taken from Carlin's idiom of when you're born you get a ticket to the freak show etc however the point is obvious when one looks at it. Sure the corporations/NWO/PTB/Illuminati may very well own the fairground but:

1. Who builds it?
2. Who works in it?
3. Who does the security for it?
4. Who protects the owners?

Yup you've got it the public. Therefore the shit that is within society is so because people make it so and no one else.

Any conflict regardless where about in this world is a competition. You can look at any battle like a chess game. It's about moving your pieces into position with which to destroy the opposition. It's not about strength of force but tactical maneuvres in order to bring about total defeat or submission.

As I'm typing this I can think of loads of way to completely disable the opposition. With enough people and good strategy you can easily overcome the opposition and you really don't need hi tech equipment with which to do so.

I remember speaking to someone a while back and we were discussing much. He wanted me to become politically active within a party, yet I was talking more along the lines of removing people from positions of power. His answer was simple - "you'd be far more use to society speaking out than lying on the pavement with your brains seeping into the gutter."

Of course I agreed but then that was if I chose to be a headless chicken and put myself in a position to be removed from society.

Anonymous said...


The situation is quite a stark one. As we all get older we get weaker. It's life. As we (you, I and the rest of the pushing 40 and above generations) get older and start to disappear into whatever's next the up an coming generations are in a situation of even more control and indoctrination that we have been brought up under.
There is plans to stop the growing of home produce within the USA, martial law, Obama's Hitler Youth, the list goes on.... There are vaccines that contain viruses, possibility of RFID chips, doctored water and who knows what the fuck you're given if you go to hospital when you're counting Z's.

Our younger generations are already unknowingly parroting the NWO's global village society, believing that cultures are there to divide all the people of this world, when this is human nature and difference and are all quite happy to destroy individuality because they believe difference is keeping everyone apart!

The NWO want to keep hold of what they have. They will fight to keep what they have and they will use the people to fight the people in order to obtain it.

We have choices:

1. We can continue to do what they tell us to do and forever be guinea pigs and their slave labour.

2. We can go down the freeman route and leave society altogether and form our own.

3. We can simply remove those who control us, create our own constitution, by the people, for the people that can never be changed.

Now it's obviously 2 or 3 but the problem with both is that with point 2 you are expecting the civil law courts to bow to the common law and yield, when really, if they've got the power they could do whatever they want (dictatorship where we're headed) and with point 3, removing people from power takes careful planning and will result in people death undoubtedly.

I'd love to go deeper but I'd never speak about this online for obvious reasons, but remember what I said - chess board and outwitting your opponent.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are in good health CR.Think about an oath for all to take.Well worded,covering what is expected from each and all.With respect and love with no compremise to deviate from the rights of each individual to justice. Not an oath of indoctrination as it should be in such a manner it can be taken by children in our schools.This I think is a difficult one,but I think you know what I mean.They use there oaths to take office,so why not an oath we take to put them there.Maybe the whisky is taking effect and talking shit is in my blood.Their use of words has controlled us,lets use the same method.....I am Morgan.

Captain Ranty said...


Two great comments for the price of one.

They deserve a fuller answer so I will mull them over before responding.


Captain Ranty said...


I like it!

A Peoples Oath. I'll chew this over and reply later when I have had some time to turn it over in my little brain.


Umbongo said...

I hope I'm not too late to comment that you left out one characteristic of the Normals: they believe that the BBC is impartial and that every word spoken and every opinion supported by a BBC stooge on, for instance, Today or Newsnight is the unvarnished truth.

Anonymous said...

Harbinger is right about point 2.

Seems the Emergency Powers Act of 1939 was never repealed. Even though it is bollocks, they have their excuse to ignore Common Law.

The more I read about our current state of affairs, the more I worry for all our futures.

The narcissist psychopaths in parliament have no idea what they are getting themselves into.

And when it is all over, the victor shall say: 'never again!'

Just like the last time.

Longrider said...

They think libertarian is an obvious mispelling of 'librarian'.

Or, more usually, 'libertine'.

Timdog said...

Roar! Great post CR, sorry I'm so late seeing this but have just been directed by the excellent JuliaM.

You are 100% right, the frustrating thing is when you try to discuss or debate any of this, you get a shake of the head or a roll of the eyes like you're the nutter for mot accepting all this stuff. "Stop ranting" say my friends. Well bollocks. I will keep ranting because even if it changes nothing at least I can say I tried to change some people's opinions.

To Fraser's point, you are correct, Normals exist across all walks of life. Bovine acceptance infects the well-off and well-educated just as much.

Captain Ranty said...


Yes. They think we want a free for all. What they don't understand is that with freedom comes responsibility.

Maybe that is their secret terror: that they really don't want to be personally accountable. If Nanny is in charge, then when something goes wrong they can blame Nanny.


Captain Ranty said...



Please keep ranting. It is one of the tools we have so we must employ it whenever possible. Not everyone will switch off. Just keep planting those seeds!

BTW, I have added you to my Awkward Sods list. You are eminently qualified!


Richard said...

Excellent post, and I will link to it. Slightly OT and less serious, but do you remember the Bonzos?

"We are normal and we want our freedom;
We are normal and we dig Bert Weedon"

MTG said...

I risk a post which is abnormally lacking in gratuitous profanity, to protest at the unfair traducement of the Normals.

Their lives are welded to apathy. Apathy is thrust upon them economically and socially. It is their shame but not their fault. Naturally they envy plutocratic luxury but they will continue to scrape an existence at the bottom of the pile. Better that than argue with heavy state batons, gas, tasers or state guns callously loaded with fragmenting bullet tips.

Given real freedoms, the Normals would despatch the feeding parasites. The latter are too well organised to ever again find themselves contemplating the upward aspect to a guillotine blade. Thus there is no prospect of life changing for the Normals.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Richard.

I don't remember the Bonzos. I was in South Africa and Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe, for younger readers) from 1966 to 1976 so I could have missed them because of that.

Bert Weedon helped me to learn three chords. I bought his "Play in a day" book for the guitar back in '81.

Do I get 1/2 a mark? :)


Captain Ranty said...


I hope you are wrong.

If they stay in this self-induced coma for much longer we are doomed.

But yes, I agree wholeheartedly that the real "enemy" is apathy.

If apathy is the father, then surely ignorance is the mother.

Their only get can be mindless, unthinking, uncritical drones.

Which was the plan all along. The breeding programme progresses nicely. To end the programme we have to destroy the architect.


Richard said...

You missed them at the peak of their artistic talents. Brilliant, bizarre, anarchic and musically promiscuous, they were, in comedy terms, the forerunners of the more surreal aspects of Monty Python.

I learned with 'Play In A Day' too, but that must have been in the mid-60s. It seems a bit naff, looking back, but it laid the foundation for a lifetime of making and loving music that piano lessons never managed to achieve.

No marks lost for your exile in SA and Zim, so it's 10/10 for remembering the curly-haired, cheeky-grinned strummer.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Richard.

There must be some archived material. I'll look them up.


Captain Ranty said...


Thanks for swinging by, and thanks for the kind words.

Yes, we should have a Threat Elevation just for the Normals.

Mind you, it would consistently be in the "FFS!" category.

We need to poke them in the brain. Just after we disable their tellybox.


Lord T said...

All true however you will have a big job converting even a small percentage from their apathy. The ordinary person is just too thick to understand the details. We are just a minority and the tipping point will not be reached by us converting others but by something else. Wait till the black outs start or we run out of tikka masala for this lot to open their eyes.

Captain Ranty said...

Lord T,

I wish I was a big hitter. Not for fame or fortune but so that more people could be made aware.

Thanks to JuliaM, and her link, and counting visitors when this piece went up earlier this month, around 14,000 people have seen it.

From little acorns.....

And yes, when the blackouts hit the TV broadcasting studios, that might do it. They will rouse from their fug and realise that the telly has been lying to them.

All is not well.