September 11, 2010

Let Us Talk, You And I, Of War

It is time.

It is time to talk.

It is time to talk of war.

This is the war for our liberation. This is the war in which we really can win our freedom. It is a war that we have lost countless times. We lost because their sinister tactics worked. Did they come screaming at us in the dawn with automatic weapons? No. Did they snatch us from the streets and lock us away like some Iranian ayatollah would? No*. Did they slaughter millions of us like Joe Stalin? No.

*It seems that I was wrong. Holby offers proof that they do. Our friend at  FTAC Watch begs to differ with me as well. My apologies for getting this wrong.

They are much smarter than that. They simply....divided us. They sowed seeds of doubt in the strong. They infiltrated and ridiculed and blackmailed. They made life difficult for us. Misinformation fed to the "right" people ensured that we had limited success in our chosen careers. Deliberate smear campaigns ensured that we backed down. If you want a topical example of this, look no further than the Wikileaks shenanigans.

We are human beings, and we are fallible. They isolate us and they frighten us. This is a classic technique. I should know. In preparation for a posting to NornIron in the bad old days I was trained to snatch ring-leaders out of a crowd of rioters. The method proved consistently to quell the problem. A leaderless mob is just that. Direction has been removed and the crowd quickly breaks up. Agitators are vital in any uprising.

That, I believe, is our problem. Here in Bloggyland we have hundreds, thousands, of hugely intelligent people. People that know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that something stinks, and more importantly, that something has to happen. Something has to change. We all differ slightly on our tactics, but agreement is fairly broad. We allow ourselves to fall victim to that age old tactic of divide and conquer. Time and again I will read heart-stopping blog-posts, posts which move me, and inspire me, and on occasion, make my jaw drop with their originality and intelligence. I read, then I watch and wait. Sure as eggs are eggs, the trolls come. They throw in a negative remark, and run away. A casual hand-grenade lobbed into the discussion room and they're off. Only to reappear where they are sent (or paid?) to sow unease, to interrupt the conversation.

Who are these people? What is their motive? Why do they do this when they are victims of the same vindictiveness as us? When will they realise this? Where do these utterly controlled loons live and work? All legitimate questions and all slightly rhetorical. We could find the answers, but I know the answers are not important. Seeking the answers will only misinform and misdirect us. It is draining.

So draining, in fact, that members of our "army" suffer great battle fatigue and lay down their weapons. (In this case I obviously mean their keyboards). The words they wrote inspired and gave us cause to re-examine what we thought we knew, what we thought was true, and what we thought everyone agreed on. These casualties, a resilient bunch, usually recover and they usually return. The self-enforced break allows them to sharpen their tools in this nasty war and they come back with keyboards blazing, spitting bullets and hurling missiles at the righteous, the priveleged, the power-hungry, the controllers, the seriously deranged and the undoubtedly deluded. This is right. We are right. No matter how small the wound, it is a wound nevertheless.

It is my belief that we are winning. We are wearing them down. Our words, sometimes laden with sarcasm, sometimes with profanity, (mea culpa), but always with logic and common sense, hurt them. We expose these freaks, for that is what they are, never doubt that, to the sunlight, and they hate that. They are shadowy, secretive, and they imagine they are above the law. They are not, and a day of reckoning approaches fast.

They must be told that their behaviour has to change or the inevitable intervention will hurt them in ways they cannot conceive of. They must be told that they cannot continue to steal our children, steal our money, condone and cover up sexual abuse in the houses of the mighty and the powerful, that they cannot wage illegal wars and get away with it, that we will not be tagged, logged, tracked and controlled until we submit.

Into every life a little rain must fall.

What they are not expecting is a monsoon.

Some will merely contract pneumonia, but some, inevitably, will drown. We must steel ourselves for the bleating, for the pleas of "We were just carrying out our orders from above". That no longer cuts any ice. It is not a valid excuse. It will not wash.

We must be prepared, in many cases, not only to watch them drown, but we must also be ready to hold them down while they do. (This is metaphorical, of course, I cannot now advocate violence to other humans).

Until we reach that point, and reach it we must, take heart.

Know that you, blogger and commenter alike, are inflicting those one thousand cuts.

They will all die, eventually. Take comfort and solace from that.

Whatever else you do, prepare for victory. It is just around the corner.

The message here, if there is one, is this: if you are tired, take a break. If the words won't come, you need some downtime. You need to reboot. And you need to come back to the fray only when you are reinvigorated, refreshed, and rearmed.

Just never forget, soldier, that you are missed, that you are needed, and that we want you there at the end.



FTAC Watch said...

"Did they snatch us from the streets and lock us away"

They did to me and they claim to be proud of it. Actually, they did not take me from the streets which would be lawful, but abducted me from my home without a warrant. They could have got a warrant by the arrogant bastards took me anyway in the knowledge that they could lie and everyone would back them up.

bofl said...

stirring stuff ranty!

we will win.we just have to nail a few of the 'elite' and then the flood will start.....look at eastern seemed impossible...

holborn nicked my slogan....there are 60million of us.
645 mps?
a few hundred lords?
100,000 police?

i was inspired by this:

Captain Ranty said...


Oddly enough, I thought of you, and your horrendous battle with the freaks, when I wrote that line.

One day, we will put that right. I swear it.


Captain Ranty said...


It wasn't intended to stir, just remind.

There are some fantastic orators in the world, and I am not one of them.

That video was quite beautiful, and by turns, quite horrible. It certainly reached many. And you know what? It brings hope. The tears, and the expressions on the faces of those who saw the cruelty is evidence enough that we still have the capacity to witness, and recognise, needless suffering, AND be moved enough to do something. If only we can extend that, and continue to remind people that we are humans first and it is a fucked up world that turns us into uncaring monsters.

Thank you for the link. Thank you very much.


Angry Exile said...

/wild applause

Linking permanently. That's worth a read every time my misanthropy dial gets stuck on 11.

Captain Ranty said...

Praise indeed, AE, coming, as it does, from a maestro.

Nuff respeck, and stuff.


Anonymous said...

At your best again Mr Ranty. Stirring post (The tension builds. The bagpipes blare. The war cries sound. The people move. Then they start to run....)

Indeed the biggest defense and subsequent attack is knowledge, for knowledge is the only thing that can destroy tyranny with ignorance its ally.
I too have read many a poignant speech from my truer individuals of honesty and integrity that you could ever hope to meet for some nomad to come along and attempt to destroy, sully and lambaste. Why do they do it? Only they know and for us to attempt to unravel.

And yes divide and conquer. It's the name of the game (to borrow from Abba). And hence why the continuing flooding and demolition of our culture (as expressed in my last reply in your previous post) is underway at a rapid pace. The two biggest enemies of the NWO are nationalism and patriotism, love for one's country, people and culture and in order to destroy this they have equated both with the word racism, whose definition changes more than a whore's knickers. We have forgotten our liberty for to like, associate and employ whomever we choose to is our business and no one elses.

Are we wearing them down remains to be seen but so far 10/10 for trying. We are getting knowledge out there and we are getting many people to think and change their views, through their own accord of looking at the bigger picture themselves, which everyone needs to do.

The message here, if there is one, is this: if you are tired, take a break. If the words won't come, you need some downtime. You need to reboot. And you need to come back to the fray only when you are reinvigorated, refreshed, and rearmed.

Excellent advice! Step back, put your feet up, leave the blogsphere. It can get you down. Think about it as coming up to breathe. That's how I look at it.

We do not know what will happen. Will it remain peaceful or violent? I tend to slide to the latter, but what I do know is regardless of the outcome there will always be the evil to constantly attack the good, for without it we would not understand goodness and without goodness badness. It's a never ending battle that's gone on since time immemorial and a vital part of everyone's existence.

Thanks Cap'n

Just Woke Up said...

Fine and inspiring words! I too was in NI as a soldier and I must admit it was this experience that removed from me every last vestige of respect for authority. I saw through the lies, the spin, the propaganda, the 'training'. I bought myself out soon after, thoroughly disillusioned. After that the world turned out to be a much more complex and devious place than I had previously thought. Since then I had stumbled along thinking I was alone. That I was some kind of deranged freak for constantly questioning everything around me.

I also joined the lawful rebellion movement a few months ago and every day I'm learning incredible things. The LR guys are the best bunch of mates I have ever had and I like the way that they don't act a part. You don't see that anywhere else in life. With the LR guys what you see is very much what you get - and it is sooo refreshing.

There is a war on, CR! A war on the real fascists. People who brainwash us as children and shit on us every day thereafter. These people are lunatics. They are driven by all the negative aspects of human nature such as greed, cruelty, and arrogance. Their minions are bought and sold - and only too happy to do so if it means they can wear a badge and strut around with an authoritative title. I learned from my army days that the ones constantly quoting rule books were the ones least confident in themselves. They were over-acting the part to counter their lack of personality.

The war is only just starting mate but I alone have, in the space of just 3 months, enthused at least 20 others to join. We are like children unlearning all that we have 'learned'. It is an incredible journey. One sadly that many will not be prepared to take because they are lazy, living off other people's labour, benefitting from the current system, or just plain daft.

We will win this war. It will take time but every day more and more people are asking the questions that started me and my wife on our journey. Just look at the recent EuroBarometer for evidence of this. All we can do is stay peaceful and lawful and patient. Keep talking. Keep spreading the word. Keep amazing people with the things that we learn. The pen is indeed mightier than the sword and we must stay peaceful. The system is geared to counter violence. It can't handle non-aggression. I refer you to NI again.

My hat off to you Sir!

Oh Captain, my Captain! :)

Captain Ranty said...

Thank you Harbinger.

"We do not know what will happen. Will it remain peaceful or violent?"

There will be conflict. There has to be. But I continue to pray for the best whilst preparing myself for the worst outcome.

No-one needs to die. No-one needs to be arrested, interrogated, nor be harmed while in their domain.

I'm finding that "No", is just as powerful as a JDAM.

My pen is a Stinger. My paper is like Thermite.

And I am doing some damage.

I just need more of you to realise how powerful you are.


Captain Ranty said...


It is a pleasure to have you here.

Thank you for the kind words.

Just for the record, I never went to NI. At the last minute my posting was changed to Episkopi in Cyprus. I don't mind telling you that I was heartbroken at the time....:)

I am so pleased that people are listening to you. Most are terrified of upsetting "the man".

Since he cares not a jot about how much he upsets me, I don't mind pissing him off at every turn. I am living with it. I am coping, and coping well.

There is nothing to fear.

Stay well,


Anonymous said...


You remember how close you were to jacking it all in. It was the people that brought you back - faith leads to substance remember.

I do not pray for the simple reason that I know there will be conflict. There will be violence for a couple of reasons:

Firstly there will be many angry, confused, frustrated individuals living in denial who unlike us have had time to go through the phases of awakening. These poor bastards will be right in the midst of it all when the shit hits the fan.

Secondly there will be those controlling it all who have no intention on releasing their grips on the reigns and will do everything within their power to keep it so. We are talking about people with incredible amounts of money who will use that money to buy themselves an army from ironically the people they're taking the power from.

Part of me truly wants to walk away from all of this. A very large part of me wants to take my guitar, a small rucksack and then just start heading east and never stopping traveling around the world like a Bard, writing as I travel and of course playing for my supper. As I said catastrophes in people's lives change them.

Yet part of me not only wants to fight the fight but also have some land, somewhere and raise crops, in my ancestral home as my ancestors did before me. So I am currently torn.

Your words mean a lot for look how many people follow your writings and comment?
People do know how powerful they are, well that is those who know and those who do not it is up to them to decide to drink from the water, the water in the lake you've led them to.

The fountain of knowledge has up until now been a free flowing stream and our controllers are doing their best to build a damn at the source.

The shit will hit the fan. Peak oil and all that... Just keep doing what you do CR, people can't ask anymore of you and you know that.

Old Holborn said...

"Did they snatch us from the streets and lock us away"

26 times for this poor sod

Captain Ranty said...



I have edited to include a correction and a link to your piece.


Anonymous said...

The concentration of power into the hands of senior world leaders and politicians will gradually decrease and their power base, their grip on all aspects of the political life of the nation, will be eroded quite significantly. And as you can see around the world this is already beginning to take shape

As the way in which people live changes away from larger groups and is much more orientated towards localised community engagement, so the political structures which operate around these much smaller communities will also change shape and reflect if you like the scaled-down nature of life in the new era

There will be no place for organisations such as the European Union as you know it today. There will simply be no role for such an organisation in a new world structure if you like which is very much focused at the local level. This of course will mean that many issues which exist at this international level will cease to be so high on the agenda; in fact they will cease to be on the agenda full stop.

Because of the removal of virtually all of the international aspect of life as you know it today there will simply be no requirement for organisations to operate at this level. Many of the issues that these organisations grapple with; the United Nations the European Union and so on, many of these issues will cease to exist as the ability for nations, groups or organisations to operate in this way will be reduced and eventually removed


Anonymous said...

the above is part of an article ive pinched from [thenewgoldenera],am i allowed to do that? its called,no future for european union or un.

Captain Ranty said...


As long as you don't hurt anyone, you can do, and say, whatever you like in my corner of the world.


Captain Ranty said...


Thanks again. You provide some great comments on my humble blog.

Running away is easy. I have seen enough of the world to know that dozens, hundreds of places are better to live than here.

Staying is tough. Staying, and fighting, is even tougher.

My family tree says that we have been on this island for almost a thousand years. My ancestors never ran. They stayed, and they have fought in every major battle since 1198. How can I, in good conscience, take my family away?

How can I not do what my forefathers did?

They fought. They believed this island was worth fighting for.

So do I.

I'm staying put. I am arming myself-both in the literal and cerebral sense-and I am digging in.

I fight for me and mine. And you and yours. And them and theirs.

It will end well.

Fear it not.


Anonymous said...


That's quite a poignant reply you know. I can trace my father's ancestry back to the Picts so that's going back a good while anyway and my mother's side, English to, well Norman times anyway. There's also Welsh and Irish in me so a bit of a mix there.

I'm sensing that there's some National pride there in you. Could you also be an anarcho-libertarian nationalist like me as well, that is without the state control of nationalism, just the patriotic side of nationalism?

Like you, my ancestors certainly fought in every war that's been and ironically against one another! LOL

It is easy to go, but then my country is changing greatly. The land that I knew no longer is. Immigration has destroyed England and you know that I left London because of it. It's really not long before Scotland follows suit.

It depends when you say end well? That's the question. Will it end well as in well defeat the PTB? With that I agree it will be good but ending well? What if it means the continuing obliteration of our culture? What if it means the destruction of the white peoples and their culture, as they become part of an amorphous blob all of the same race and culture? What if it means the destruction of the NWO but the creeping prospect of Islamisation due to demography?

I've been continually educating myself but I don't want to see the white people disappear anymore than I'd want to see the Africans or Asians, yet the way society's going, the already highly brainwashed youth by socialism, I don't really envision a good future in that sense. I see far more the reality of a pyrrhic victory (great damage to the white culture and peoples) than a beneficial one CR.

I remain as I do - aware.
I can't change history and certainly not the future as it's constantly changing. I can only change myself and my beliefs. I've spoken to many youths and they love multiculturalism. They love meeting people from other lands. The only problem is that these people from other lands have their own lands and cultures safe. It's the destruction of ours that our youths are oblivious to. They may say "what the fuck" but guaranteed when they get older and realise they've destroyed their own culture and thus removed their roots and any chance of their children having any, they'll regret it bitterly. Once it's gone, it's gone for good. I no longer class myself as British for the simple reason that the name has been sullied and anyone can take that name now with zero connection to the land or our ancestry. Once the name was worth more than all the gold in the Bank of England. Now it's worth no more than a corn flakes toy.

Frank Davis said...

My take on it.

Snakey said...

We expose these freaks, for that is what they are, never doubt that, to the sunlight, and they hate that.

Watched an interesting doco last night that does the above. It's called PsyWar and I thought your readers might like to take a look :)

defender said...

Tired, need a rest, come back refreshed.wot the fuck.........
Write as much as you like will achieve absolutely nothing in the scheme of things. Victory is not around the corner, what corner. Just who's minds are you trying to change, What is this "they will die" , old age, by the knife, in a road accident?
Until you face reality and under stand that it is a choice of you die or they die and what that intails, you will keep going in ever decreasing circles, like water down a drain.

For those suffering from Stockholm Syndrome
Yesterday 11/9/10 London England

US flag burned outside US embassy

Nick said...

Thank you so much for writing those words. They have awakened my resolve to do my bit in combating this sickness that is destroying our freedom. I’m not sure what I can do, yet, but I will start by removing my funding, via taxation. I will not bore you with the details.
I began to suspect that something was amiss in the world when a so called plane hit the Pentagon but left no debris. Then came the onslaught of oppressive laws “to keep us safe” and I thought to myself “someone or some organisation is behind all of this” It all seems connected and directed. Whenever I spoke about it to friends or family I was dismissed as being paranoid. Now even the most sceptical of them is becoming very suspicious.
Any suggestions of sources of reading to help me do my bit would be gratefully received.
To you and your fellow contributors, thanks.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Ranters, I'm glad my little rant inspired you. I've answered your comments over at my place, but this is well written and important post and deserves to be read by a wider audience.

bofl said...

Ranty- I think the guy with the tv had such an effect because we are visual creatures.
The pitcures revealed the horrors that I am sure many know nothing about. You could see the shock, terror and sadness on peoples faces. Yes, there are many of us that do care about things.

We are trained to comply from birth. The words of your parents, teachers, priests are gospel. People with suits on are working to protect us (like dr.shipman). We go through life in a dream believing that ‘they’ are right and we are wrong.

This has to be broken. I wouldn’t leave my cat alone in a room with the likes of blair,mandy,prezza etc. So why do we allow them to dictate to us?

And they really do behave as dictators. The tax fiasco is a prime example.
Only yesterday this cock was mr.big.
Dave Hartnett, permanent secretary at HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)

Now after a few complaints have been made, he is grovelling. Why? Because he doesn’t want to lose £150,000 a year plus perks for doing fuck all!

I suggest that those people affected get off their arses and protest !
Make a big scene. Get on the beloved telly!
(If people won’t get organized over state robbery then I give up).

Pictures speak louder than words. Didn’t the events on this day in 2001 show that?
The whole world stopped………glued to the idiot box.

This taxman needs to be forced out-no pay off-no pension.
We live in the digital age. there are sites on the web with tax calculators. type in your details and in the blink of an eye you get the answer!
A fail rate of 20% is NOT anywhere good enough.

All of these people want city trader salaries- yet at no risk of losing their jobs.
(councils are full of them)
We have 2.5 million officially out of work. I am sure we can find a replacement at a lower rate.

So what is needed? Mainstream publicity/private prosecutions etc.

We don’t need violence.
Just a very loud voice and to use the same dirty tricks that they use.

Captain Ranty said...


I thought I had put my days of violence behind me. Seven years of obeying orders without question made this particular evolution of mine a little more tricky, but I have rewired my small brain. There is more to do, but I think I am on the road to mental well-being.

I have no real desire to take up the sword again but I will if I need to.

It's not even a matter of national pride. Unpeeling the onion has taught me that there isn't much to be proud of. But there can be.


Captain Ranty said...


I read your piece. As always, the writing is stunning, and dripping with common sense.

I'll swing by in a moment to add my 10 cents.


Captain Ranty said...


Thanks. I'll take a look.


Captain Ranty said...


I understand your doubt.

Just to be clear, I write primarily for me. I too suffered an attack of doubt that what I was doing here had any value.

It was the same with this piece. If it is an opinion piece, the facts I state are my own, and I rarely plan what I am about to type. In this case, I was inspired by one single sentence over at Dark Lochnagar's place. I sometimes get it wrong-in this piece FTAC and Holby put me right-so I edited the piece to reflect the new information.

Looking at the stats for this blogpost I know it has been read & repeated far and wide so it may have more impact than you think.

Victory IS coming.

This time last year my blog had 1,487 unique visitors. Last month that number grew to 13,725. The figures alone suggest that many more people are at least thinking about this topic. Even ignoring my figures, you have to admit that we are seeing many, many more comments peppered throughout the blogosphere in a similar vein. And in the MSM (comments sections) too.

The beast is waking up.

You can only poke it in the eye for so long. Eventually it gets pissed off and bites back.

Historically, the beast has been tolerant and forgiving.

I believe it has reached the end of its tether.


Captain Ranty said...


Thanks. I appreciate your kind words.

Reading material? Pick any one of the free thinkers in my Awkward Sods list and you are guaranteed to be whisked away on a jaw-dropping journey.

I try to avoid the conspiracy sites because they are hard work.

If I were to be specific, I would suggest that you pick a statute, and read it from end to end. Most are as dull as ditchwater but they give you a sense of what the lawmakers were aiming for. The joy in reading these statutes (if there can be any joy at all) is dicovering the remedy. Every statute must contain one. The writing is convoluted (by design, to keep your local silk in a job) but it is still written in a version of English. Treat it like a "Whodunnit".

Otherwise, YouTube is great for other peoples opinions. Only you can decide whether they make sense or not.

Oh, and disbelieve everything you see, read or hear until you have cross-referenced. Including anything you read or see here.

I am not the messiah. Just a humble scribe. One who fucks it up on occasion.


Captain Ranty said...


I am heading over to your place to comment.


Lost said...

Lovely piece mate.

Nothing to add that your good self and commentators have not.

The divide and conquer technique will not work on those that have awakened. you simply cannot unlearn things, its like trying to uninvent something its just not possible!

As for people leaving the fight...

(in the voice of doc holiday*) "I'm still here huckleberry". as are many others, it may not seem so but it is.

Fair winds

*Tombstone 1993 Val Kilmer.

PS try to keep the blood pressure down, I know it aint easy:)

Anonymous said...


Look at Mr Anjem Choudary closely. And I mean really closely.
1. He's given free permission to walk wherever he wants,

2. He holds demonstrations wherever he wants (US Embassy? WTF??),

3. He's unemployed yet is a BBC, Nicky Campbell's Big Questions baby and receiving bucket loads of benefit while supposedly residing as a Sharia Court judge?

4. He was in the now banned Al Muhajiroun which has reformed as Islam4UK and what's being done about it?

5. He gets away with parading through East London to promote the Islamic takeover of the UK yet St George day parades are cancelled?

I could go on, but really Defender, don't you think there's something really fishy going on here? You know like government/secret service intelligence support of him? Look at others who have caused serious trouble - Abu Qatada. remember him?

Captain Ranty as well as others know that I've been where you are. I've been a hair away from starting another bloody crusade, right here in the UK and realised that I was tired, I desperately needed a rest, I came back refreshed and started asking some serious questions about life.

Anjem Choudary is an agent provocateur. He is what Captain Ranty speaks of who lobs a grenade into the room. He is being given free reign to do whatever he wants because he's promoting a reaction in people and you're taking the biscuit I'm afraid to say. You're doing just what the government and more importantly their masters want you to do. They want you to lose it, start an army so that more liberty destroying legislation and statutes can be created. And they want the hatred within society because it gives them instant support to an illegal attack on Iran which is being planned.

You need to step back, think, remove the anger and the hatred. I know it will be hard, but I was there and I've done it. I'm no socialist, left wing tosser. I'm no liberal moron. I'm certainly not a 'nu' conservative. I'm a man who believes first and foremost in liberty and freedom.

Think about it Defender? I guarantee once you have, new doors will open up and the bigger picture will unfold before your eyes.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff as usual CR.

Regarding this posted on GOT:

Child Abusers and Snuff Rings
"These fucking animals are peppered throughout our government, our courts, our police, and our legal establishments" (link to Captain Ranty)

According to an ex-forces mate of mine a 'league of gentlemen' is being created to deal with paedophiles - permanently. A group of ex-paras and assorted ex- special forces are going to team up and "remove them" from society.


Anonymous said...


You really don't mention stuff like that on the internet. Jeez.

Now let's look at the situation were I a member of the paedophile establishment that read your post:

1. Your mate - ex forces. Hmm...All they need to do is find out who you are, then your friends, find your ex forces mate and then interrogate him.

2. A group of ex paras and assorted ex special forces - hmm.. now we know where to look when people start disappearing!

3. And of course your IP address also. Hey they may even start bugging your emails, asking you to go to the doctor's and have a medical and then off down to some hospital in the middle of nowhere under the Fixated Threat Assessment Law.

Rule no 1 mate - you don't talk about this type of stuff in the open. You may have just fucked up your mate's and his mates attack against the establishment. Fuck, if the Holly Grieg case got nowhere, does that not show just how evil and powerful the people are we're dealing with?

A bit more common sense is needed Steve - don't let your opponents know your next move. Ex forces to the system are still part of the system and therefore watched.

Just Woke Up said...

Where do I sign up?

Nick said...

C.R. Thanks for the advice.
I spent the evening reading your “awkward sods” blogs and Mr. Burgess’s then had a very troubled night.
I don’t know if it was anger or fear. I kept thinking of my children’s future and how I can protect them, prepare them. It was a serious Red pill, Blue pill evening.

Bloody hell! This Rabbit hole is deep!