August 05, 2010

Options For Rebels

Having been told, several dozen times, that what I am doing has some value, I have decided to shut up whinging and crack on.

Odd, isn't it? When you have an epiphany, you expect others to see it straight away. Perhaps I have been naive. The problem seems obvious, and the solution even more obvious. Although I have presented some shocking/surprising/incredible stuff here for your consumption, it is not immediately digestible by all. The brainwashing, sometimes subtle, sometimes not, has been relentless, and while ripping away one reality is a tough job, replacing it with a new one is even tougher.

I think then, that I have been unfair. I expected you all to see the same thing I saw and react the way I reacted. I have no right to be disappointed if you want to take things a little slower. I only launched myself at this after careful consideration, so it is arrogant of me to presume that you will leap in based on blind faith alone.

I apologise, unreservedly, for pushing and pulling when all I had to do was present the information, allow you time to take it onboard, check and double-check that the information was sound, before making your own minds up.

I will try to take a more neutral approach in the future. No more rallying speeches exhorting you all to join in, or follow me over the top. Not only is that unreasonable, it is unfair. After all, I am just some twat on the interweb, what right do I have to lead the charge in the first place? None, is the answer. My role, if I have one, is to educate, and show you examples of the theory working with real world evidence.

Many have asked for an Idiots Guide and it doesn't really exist. I have attempted to show you what I have done, and a couple of weeks ago I tried to explain Lawful Rebellion. I have linked to that post below. I also shared my NOUICOR with you right at the beginning so take a look at that as well. The third element to my campaign, is simply saying "No". For new readers here, I will try to summarise each action. As always, I urge you to do your own research. From where I am sitting, you are all intelligent people, and you will recognise bullshit when you see it. There are many infiltrators in the "movement", (it is only to be expected), so I urge you to look out for them. I have learnt to spot the shills at 100 paces, but some of them are more devious. Keep yer eyes peeled.

Here we go.

Lawful Rebellion (LR)

It is your obligation under Magna Carta 1215 Article 61 to lawfully rebel if your monarch commits treason. Queen Elizabeth II has done so on at least six occasions. They are:

1. The European Communities Act, 1972.
2. The Single European Act, 1986.
3. The Maastricht Treaty, 1992.
4. The Amsterdam Treaty, 1997.
5. The Nice Treaty, 2001.
6. The Lisbon Treaty, 2008

By giving Assent to these Acts, she has violated her Coronation Oath in which she swore never to give her power to a foreign government.This is not a "Tut tut" moment. This is an "Oh fuck!" moment. She has defied the will of 61 million people, and it cannot go unchecked. We gave her her power, her sovereignty. Until she fixes this, we are obliged in law to take away her power over us. It follows that if you remove your consent for her to rule, you also remove the power of parliament and all of the statutes they enacted illegally and unlawfully. You can safely ignore them all.

If you are a royalist, and you love this lady, it is your duty to tell her that she is in violation of her oath and she must put it right. If you are against the monarchy, you still have an obligation to correct the violation. If you don't care either way, then pick another way to fight back. Read this if LR is for you. Follow the instructions when, and only when, you are satisfied that you understand the implications of your decision. This is deadly serious. You have nothing to fear because you are acting lawfully.

Becoming a Freeman

To do this you may feel the need to write a Notice of Understanding, Intent, and Claim of Right (NOUICOR). Here is mine.

You will see that my NOUICOR is lengthy. It needn't be so. The document you draft is YOUR truth, so I cannot tell you what to write. Google the acronym and you should find quite a few examples. Including one chap who walks us through his NOUICOR on YouTube. It is a living document in the sense that you can add, amend or delete to your hearts content. But each time you do so, you must have a Notary Public, or three witnesses attest that it was you that signed the document. Remember: the NP or your friends who witness are not agreeing to the contents, only that they saw you sign it.

It can contain just three lines, for example:

Understanding: it is my understanding that parliament has been illegitimate since 1911

Intent: it is my intent to ignore any and all statutes enacted since 1911

Claim of Right: I claim immunity from prosecution under any and all statutes enacted since 1911

What you are doing here is telling the government how you intend to live your life. Essentially, you are creating your own laws. If your NOUICOR is unrebutted (and I do not know of a single case where the government rebutted one), then your NOUICOR stands in law. It becomes the law. Your law. This document is extremely powerful.

When you have written it up, and had it witnessed by friends, family, or a Notary Public, you can send it off to anyone. Or no-one at all. Keep it in a drawer and when/if you end up in court, you simply give the judge/JP/magistrate/sheriff your document to read.

Two important points here: 1. Never ever send your original out to anyone. Keep it safe. and 2. Your NOUICOR is not designed to protect you if you have caused harm, injury or loss to a fellow human being.

Saying "No"

This is easy, and it is fun.

Nothing, and I repeat, nothing, can happen to you until you give your consent. Pretty much everything you do in life involves you saying to someone "Sure, you can do that".

I won't repeat what I said in my earlier blogpost but this is a good guide. Have a look and launch your campaign today! They absolutely hate it when you say no. The game stops. The word "No" isn't in their script. I have had hours of amusement with this.The minute you say "No", you are in control. You direct the game from this point onwards. I cannot describe just how liberating this feeling is.

There is, of course, a spiritual aspect to this. I don't bang on about it because your spirituality is your own affair. Just know that it is important to get your heart and your head in synch. You are free at the very instant you decide to be. You don't really need the paperwork described above. I just think that The Illusion expects paperwork, so it does no harm to have it in place if you "transgress" their rules. You, dear reader, are at the top of the totem pole. You are supreme. You are a sentient human being. The government is an artificial construct. Courts are an artificial construct. The Police Force is an artificial construct. In this game, only YOU are real. The eyes see, the ears hear, the mouth speaks and the arms & legs move. Artificial constructs are inanimate. They are fictions created by man. You are a unique being created by God. (It matters not if you are agnostic, they believe, and that is enough). You are at the top of the tree, baby! Start realising this, and start acting like the supreme being that you are.

I have distilled this down from many hours of reading statutes, Bills, Acts, Hansard, and a thousand other documents and websites. There is no way for me to dilute it for you to read here. There are many references to laws and statutes on this blog. Dig them out and have a look. This is something that a normal society would teach at school. Yet it does not appear in our curriculum. Ever wondered why that is?

It's an adventure, to be sure. Just prepare well. You wouldn't scoot up a mountain in winter dressed only in shorts and flip-flops. Do your research, study, learn, take notes, bookmark interesting sites, share your ideas with others, join forums, and think, think, think.

If you have any questions, I am at your service.



Twisted Root said...

I think you have to recognise human nature. People will sit back and wait 'to see if it works', which of course it won't if everyone sits and waits.

The real truth is, surely, that if you are waiting for someone to come along and tell you that you are free you will die waiting and if indeed someone does it is probably a lie.

The moment you assert your freedom, you win.

The Resistance said...

l 'own' nothing, no car, no house yet l live comfortably and drive when and where l want. l have no utility bills, council tax, bank/credit cards, no internet contract or mobile phone contract, no tv licence. l have no permanent address, closest l can say is EU. l am on no benefits, either here in UK or anywhere else.

l pay cash for everything and earn cash when and where it suits me. l'm not involved in any criminal activity.

The fixed penalty regime has no relevance to me whatsoever.

l find that when l've been confronted by various authorative bodies, they have no idea what to do ... and so do nothing.

l AM a Free man.

p.s. Cap'n ... why aren't my blogs on your bloglist? lol :)

William said...

Aha! a proper light bulb moment. I'm so glad you are now lit up.

In my experience most of the population simply don't want to hear about the grand deception. If they accepted it was true or even possibly true then they would have to account to themselves for their own actions and most simply want to have someone else to blame when things get tough or go wrong.

Truth is there is no need to educate the population at large nor try and cajole, kick or manoeuvre them into action. All that is required is 3% of those who do understand the deception to take action to expose it and job done, at least according to some chap called Rob Menard and just about every military planner in the Western world who know that if a new belief takes hold in just 3% of any given population it then becomes gospel for the remainder.

That is still a huge number of people but what the comments on your last post (ex-last post?)prove beyond any shadow of doubt this process is DEFINITELY underway. All it now needs is a touch of momentum to make sure it speeds up and then the changes will become unstoppable.


Bucko said...

Captain? I thought you'd buggered off?
*puts the whiskey back*

Welcome back with a top post. I'll have the say in response to The Resistance, I am the opposite. I do own all that stuff and pay all that stuff ect, but I am taking steps to reverse it.
One day I'll be able to say all that too.

Keep up the good work Captain.

Captain Ranty said...

Twisted Root,

"The moment you assert your freedom, you win."

That's it. In a nutshell.


Captain Ranty said...

The Resistance,

"l AM a Free man."

Very pleased to hear it!

Most of us (including me) still interact with the gubmint. The trick here, for those of us that have to, is minimising our exposure. To some degree we really do have to interact. At one time I was all for dumping my Trade Name, my legal fiction, but I think we can hang on to him/her and assert control. It is, in some ways, a useful tool. We can have our artificial constructs take bullets for us. A shield, if you will.

"why aren't my blogs on your bloglist?"

It is now.


Captain Ranty said...


I agree with every word.

Let's work on that 3%.


Captain Ranty said...



It wasn't so much a change of heart, just a change in my thinking.

Also, I don't want to let anyone down.

Hearts and minds are opening up all around us. I'd hate to be blamed for slowing that process.


Griblett said...

Glad to see you've changed your mind about disappearing into the sunset.

You'll know that I'm one of the slow moving ones, very slow in fact. I've spent two years going into this and I am convinced by my own efforts, that what you say is indeed the truth.

Thanks in no small part to your writings, I have learned. Your style is much easier to digest than other sources, so I'm glad you've decided to carry on.

One thing that I will say though, is that the NOUICOR or Affidavit process is the most likely block to people taking this line. Not because it's complicated but because it has a finality attached to it that is frightening for a lot of folk. Maybe that points to them not being convinced of LR when the time comes to actually do it. I don't know.

I've managed to get a couple of people to look further into this but they would both baulk at sending the documents. "I've got to send what, to who?!" I believe it's the 'isolation' element. One small person against the machine, makes them feel vulnerable. Now if you could get groups of people to do it together, it might work better.

I don't actually believe you need to send any document to anyone, anyway.

Keep going Captain. There are many waiting in the shadows.

Captain Ranty said...


Thank you.

"I don't actually believe you need to send any document to anyone, anyway."

Neither do I.

But if we are going to stand fast and tell them "NO!", we really should have some armour. An affidavit is that armour for those that need it.

The alternative is to be able to recite all the laws you need to defend yourself with. I just think that the documentation does that for you. As long as you know your own documents, the ones you created, inside out, you are untouchable. No (sane) judge would mess with that. They can't. They will use trickery but if you are confident you will be victorious.

"There are many waiting in the shadows."

When they emerge from the shadows, people like me will be waiting.


Anonymous said...


It's a sense of frustration. You, I and everyone who peruses your blog and whom blog themselves see what's happening in society. As you said, it's one, very deep, rabbit hole. The path of the truth seeker (read conspiracy theorist in today's media) is a turbulent and tormented path. You see clearly what's going on. You seem amazed that so many people don't. You feel angst and bewilderment that people aren't waking up from the coma we call everyday life having been drugged with false propaganda for years. You can't understand why people wouldn't want to be free, yet sadly you (and all of us) forget that many are happy with their Ipads, their TV, their materialistic goods and of course all of the control that goes with being part of today's society. In a nutshell, they're not really bothered whether they're slaves or not!

There is no need to apologise. Apologies are most certainly not needed in this subject.

I was furious when I started to unpeel the onion and find what I did. I thought "how on earth could our bureaucrats and upper echelons of society have got away with this for so long" to which I came the simplest and most obvious solution - WE LET THEM! You can't really get any more basic than that. Life is about choice. We can either check political/societal scandal or we can leave it alone. We've done the latter, that is up until you, I and the many people on here woke up and said "enough is enough."

Life is choice. We do or we don't. It's that simple. The only problem with doing is that our political establishments via the judicial establishments have conspired with one another in order to usurp power from the very people whom employ them. The servants have rebelled who now call the shots and again, we've allowed it. They've put up so many barriers, via their legislations and statutes that it makes people think it's practically pointless taking on the system, when again they simply do not realise that they are the people, this is their land, it's they who call the shots, not the politicians, judiciary, or the police.

Finally, we are following you over the top CR, just that we're all Captain Ranty's and not following orders from anyone. We're all just realising what needs to be done and it just happens that you are there with us all ready for the fight. You don't need to change anything about yourself or your blog. You've been doing a sterling job. Maybe a little break to recharge your batteries is what you need, but I for one won't be complaining if you continue to blog as you are. Remember, I too had an epiphany. My life too has changed incredibly. Continue being just who you are. That's all I ask.

richard said...

"He's back! Huzzah!" (and the men broke into song..)

Seriously though - good!

Captain Ranty said...


Thank you.

I found myself nodding away while reading your comment.

I'll do my best. Although I struggle to write without passion. The first version of this post is as arid as the Namib desert. I had to change it so that people wouldn't nod off.

Maybe a leopard cannot change its spots....


TTC said...

Thing I find interesting, Captain, is that the messages that you are putting forward is part of a growing awareness.

Over the last twelve months, it seems that a growing collection of seemingly unconnected movements - from the 'freeman' movement, to the anti-EU movement; from '9/11 truthers' to folk like Wikileaks...

...lots of different people, seemingly not so connected, all chipping away bit-by-bit in their own area of interest.

The result seems to be an acceleration of awareness and consciousness.

It has not - yet - resulted in area real changes from the corruption around us, but I do believe it is simply a matter of the truth reaching a sufficient point of criticial mass and - once attained - the revolution will be a peaceful and painless one.

At risk of opening cans of worms into the poorly expressed thought-stream, it is what David Icke describes as 'truth vibrations' which sounded all very new age-y, load of rot when he first said it...

...but I'm starting to sense that, by jove, he was right.

Those 'truth vibrations' seem to be spreading, far and wide...

And every messenger - including your self - is needed to keep those vibrations rippling out.

Captain Ranty said...


A sailing song!! How could you?

Here I am, a man trying to destroy Admiralty courts and who has told his monarch and his prime minister that he will henceforth ignore any and all Laws of the Water, and you send me a sea shanty!!

Just kidding. I liked it, and I thank you.


Anonymous said...


I think you need a break. Even if it's for a week or even a couple of days to clear your head.
There's so much to learn and educate people about. You can't simply do it all at once. More so, some people get out of bed far quicker than others and that's something that needs to be remembered.

Just take it easy, there's no rush. Remember first and foremost, unlike the millions out there you've made (and continue to make) the effort of trying to wake people up from the car crash they're all headed into and over the side of the cliff into the abyss below. You see the facade of reality for what it is while others see only the reality (with no facade).

Put it this way CR, you know that if a bear attacks your group, you don't have to be the fastest runner, just faster than the slowest. This therefore means that as long as you have the knowledge and the understanding to live out of the system and survive on the land (which is what we're all aiming for) you really have nothing to worry about.

All you have to do is keep on keeping on, as ole' Curtis Mayfield used to say......

Captain Ranty said...


Thanks. Again, I am in agreement. I sense it as well. More, I see it, just like you do. Not just thousands of us, but millions around the world.

My problem is that I am impatient. I would happily trot down to big fancy London and yell at them in Westminster. But I too, am human. I need to know that there are ten thousand, a hundred thousand, a million at my back.

I know that I cannot make a difference if I stand there yelling on my own. They will cart me off and call me mad. I am not afraid of being carted off, nor am I afraid of being labelled mad. I just don't want to waste the effort if it is doomed to failure. They can't cart 10 thousand of us off.

Safety in numbers, I guess.

This makes me look like a coward and I am not. We need to bind together, all the groups you mentioned, and more besides.


Captain Ranty said...


It's more frustration than weariness.

I'm back in the groove now.

Thanks to you lot!


Angry Exile said...

Glad you're keeping at it, mate.

I am Stan said...

Private Stanleys reporting for duty SAH!


Captain Ranty said...

Your orders, Private Stan, are to go and live on a boat and report back here on your success at leaving the matrix.

We will read, and be jealous, of your new found freedom.


Captain Ranty said...

Thanks AE.

Besides, it would be discourteous to my loyal readers if I knobbed off!

And, I want to upset all those that told me it couldn't be done.


Olly said...


Standing and shouting at Westminster on your own (or even in a group of 2) ain't all that bad... Yes it may seem a fruitless exercise, but it's not.

It's immensely satisfying on a personal level and rather disappointing on an idealistic level.

But by fuck I'm going to do it again, even if it does mean I'm on my own again :-)

Captain Ranty said...


Now that, I think, takes balls.

People say that I am brave, but all I am doing is writing letters FFS!


Dangermouse said...

I am of your thinking and understand the whole concept of the NOUICOR or Affidavit process however it is the next part I haven't worked out yet.

How do you manage having a passport? Driving License? Road Tax? It's the day-to-day living and interaction with the state that confuses me.

Glad you are back. I want to hear about the results with HMRC when it happens.

Captain Ranty said...


A purist would say that you absolutely have to give everything up as a Freeman, and walk away. You no longer chip in, so you no longer get to use the benefits. Fair enough.

However, unless you are mortgage free, live in the country with arable land, supply your own water and leccy, it isn't going to happen, is it?

I still chip in. So I have no problem using the services. The story will change when I stop the PAYE. And, if I do that I can stop paying NICs, in which case, I will buy my own medical insurance.

This is a multi-phase process.

You can't just step away. You need to replace their benefits with something else. It takes time.


Old Holborn said...

As Olly said (and he and I should both now) it isn't how many people follow you, it's YOU.

I would blog even if no one came and I would stand for MP even if I received no votes, because I am the highest authority over me.

I have been happily living as a Freeman for almost a year and am perfectly happy to laugh at authority other than my own. It isn't about fighting the system every waking hour, it's about chosing to exclude the system from your life. I haven't been arrested, fined, imprisoned, DNA'ed or fingerprinted. I simply laught at them and say NO. They soon realise there are easier fish to fry and wander off to find floundering minnows.

Try it. Just say NO when some jobsworth trys to tell you what is what.

Old Holborn said...

Danger mouse, I am looking at renouncing my UK citizenship. It has been done, ask any asylum seeker.

I don't drive on a UK licence but a German one that never expires and cannot be removed by the UK. They don't have the authority, simple as that.

I am happy to pay road tax. £200 a year to use a road network that cost trillions to build seems excellent value.

Most Freeman stuff is never ever used, just like most laws aren't. But when they try to enforce their will on you, you have an option.

(PS. the first question they ALWAYS ask is "are you a lawyer?". Simply say YES and watch them vanish)

Chris said...

Question - from a practicality POV.

Considering the fact that the police, for example, are mostly lying clueless shits who like to practice what they think the law is, rather than the actual law, how the hell do you explain this to them in a way that won't inconvenience you - should the need ever arise.

As an amateur photographer that's been hassled by police under section 44, I'm perfectly aware that they can pretty much give you grief without any justification. And when you demonstrate you know the laws they're trying to enforce better than them, that just pisses them off more.

A common response seemed to be "Do you want me to arrest you and we can talk about it at the station?" Sure, I know that even if I was dragged to the station they'd never be able to take it any further, but to me its a lost day in a cell and to them - well, its an afternoon off the streets. They don't generally seem to give a shit.

So how, how, how would you explain this to a policeman without him just laughing at you and nicking you on the spot? (referring, perhaps, to claims of unpaid council tax or whatever) I'd put money on the fact 99.99% of them wouldn't have a clue what a NOUICOR was if you slapped them round the chops with it.

Being immune to prosecution in certain cases is great, but ultimately pointless if you're going to be spending 6 hours in a cell every time the situation arises anyway.

Old Holborn said...

Golden rule when dealing with the Police

1. They stop you and want to talk to you. Just ask "are you detaining me?" If they say no, simply walk off. You have the right to go about your lawful business unhindered. If you are committing no crime, they cannot even ask you questions, your name, ID zilch. Try it, it works.

If you are arrested, they will read you your rights and ask if you understand. Just keep saying no. They cannot charge you if you fail to understand*

*Understand actually means in legalise to stand under your rights. In other words, you hand over all your rights to the arresting officer. So don't. They HATE it and once they realise the paperwork THEY are going to have to fill in with a "customer who will not comply" you are free to go. They have easier fish to fry

If all else fails, wrongful arrest claims yield around £30K

Captain Ranty said...


What Holby said.


The one thing that motivates them all is money.

They couldn't give a flying fuck about the law. All they want is your dosh.

So, turn the tables.

Along with my NOUICOR (which I sent to the Home Office, with my explicit instructions for them to tell all government employees about the contents) I attached a Fee Schedule.

I told the Home Office (over a year ago now) that my fee for sitting in cells, or being harassed by police officers is £1000 per hour.

When they stop you, you say to them "I charge £1000 per hour and the clock started when you stopped me going about my lawful business. Are you authorised to make financial decisions. Do you agree to my fee?" Record this if you can, or ask a witness to remember your statement. The cop is supposed to write up his notes afterwards so make sure that this key statement is in there.

If they take you away, or detain you on the street, keep an eye on the time. Send them an invoice for your time after they let you go. If they don't pay, hit them with a CCJ. If they still don't pay, issue them with a commercial lien.

They will soon learn to leave you alone.


Chris said...

Wow - thanks. Couldn't have hoped for a clearer answer.

@oldholborn Wasn't actually aware of these points. I guess when you hear things like police reading rights so many times (big fan of The Bill as a kid) you come to see it as part of a procedure, rather than having actual meaning.

Unfortunately, it does still seem like the police are well positioned to cause you unnecessary hassle if they feel like it, but agreed that if it happens enough times, its likely they'll be told to avoid you.

@Captain Ranty
Sounds fantastic on paper, but a bit scary in practice! Have you or anyone else actually used this invoice idea successfully? Or is it all theory?

Captain Ranty said...


There's a wifey in the US that told a traffic cop "I will be billing you $10 million for this. Do you agree to my fee?". She recorded the stop on video and the dozy copper said "Yes".

In law, he entered into a verbal contract on behalf of his police force.

I don't think she got the dough, but they leave her alone now. She has no license, no insurance, no MOT (or the US version). She drives around free as a bird.

I'll see if I can find the video and any evidence of Freemen here invoicing the cops (or any other govt department).

Money, see?

They'll take yours all day long. When you demand some from them they shit themselves.


trippy-malcolm said...

glad to see you are back,i can take off my black arm band.

Anonymous said...

CR - pleased to have you back; it's like you never went away! ;-)



hedgehog said...

Good to have you back, Cap'n. Thanks for changing your mind - it's the sign of a mature man that he can do so.

Captain Ranty said...

Well, I'm telling everyone you lot forced me.

Not that I put up much of a fight....

I am pleased to be back after all that downtime :)


trippy-malcolm said...

if you get time you might like this video,2012 return to camelot,by david wilcock,if you havnt already seen it.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks T-M.

I watched parts 1 to 10 last night. I have six to go.

Absolutely amazing stuff!


Micky Mac said...

Just arrived on this site and it's very well done. As I'm beginning to read your well explained NOUICOR, you stated that it need not be sent to anybody,[maybe I'm missing something] but if you don't send it then how can it be rebutted?

Captain Ranty said...


Thanks for stopping by.

That is a good question too.

Our collective experience has shown that TPTB never ever rebut them anyway. Because they can't.

If you get three friends (or a Notary) to witness your autograph and the document is dated, then you just whip it out when you need to.

There are no hard and fast rules. Just do what you are comfortable with and all will be well.