August 15, 2009

Just. Say. No.

Words have incredible power.

Every blogger knows this. Every politician knows this. Every human being knows this.

I wonder though, if we have collectively realised that the most powerful word in the English language, in any language, is "No".

Revolutions come, and revolutions go. They all start with the same word. No.

No, we will not be forced.

No, we will not be bullied.

No, we will not endure this treatment.

No, we will not stand for this corruption.

No, we will not put up with your greed.

No, we will not pay unfair taxes.

No, we will not be vaccinated.

No, we will not be microchipped.

No, we will not carry ID.

No, we will not be incarcerated on a whim.

No, we will not believe anything/everything you say.

No, no, no, no, no, no and no again.

We don't need guns. We don't need knives. Or bombs. Or bullets. Or Molotov Cocktails. Or Sarin Gas.

We just need to quietly say "No". We retain our dignity and we retain our composure.

And we get what we want. The simplicity of the NO Campaign is the key.

But look at the results. Look what this word has achieved down the years.

Gandhi picked up a grain of salt on Dandi beach on April 5, 1930. He was told to put it down, to pay the dreadful Salt Tax by the British rulers. He said, "No". And so began the end of colonial rule in India. Hitler's downfall began when we, as a nation, said "No". Idi Amin Dada's reign of terror ended when Ugandan Nationalists finally found their voices and said "No". Pol Pot (real name Saloth Sar) butchered 21% of his fellow Cambodians, and eventually, they, and the Vietnamese, said "No", and drove him out.

Injustice, corruption, greed, a hunger for power, a burning need to control.

With the exception of Gandhi, all the men listed had those traits. I contend that Gordon Brown and his party of oddballs have the same traits. Yes, they are somewhat diluted but a poisoned system is still a poisoned system. They (the Labour Party) have had men killed, they have killed hundreds of thousands in two illegal wars in the last twenty years. Their desire to control us has been slower than Pol Pot's, or Idi Amin's but the desire is there. Why else do we have over a quarter of the worlds CCTV camera's? Why else do they have this unhealthy desire to have us all on some super-database? Why do we, free men and women, need ID cards in our own country? We need these things only because the idiots in charge say we do. I have yet to see any campaign groups forming to fight for these things.

Tell your friends to say "No". Tell your friends to tell their friends to say "No".

Then tell them again.

If we can get enough people to say "No" when unreasonable or unfair demands are made of them as sovereign human beings, we can topple this, and any subsequent governments who get out of (our) control. They will start to listen again, just as they are paid to do.

Never forget: they are elected to do our bidding, we are not here to do theirs.

They have forgotten that simple truth.

It is our duty to remind them.

By saying "No".


Pesky Anonymous said...

Hi Captain

Words of pure truth.

I fear things have to get a lot worse before the sheep wake up. They are still far too cosy in their little worlds yet.
But wake up they will.

b.t.w. You are very welcome to address me as Pesky of course. But I will continue to use the Anonymous tag cos I did notice once another blogger called Pesky. Wouldn't want to tread on anybody's toes :-)

Witterings from Witney said...


Firstly - bloody good post.

Secondly, greatful thanks for inclusion on your blogroll!

Thirdly, have repaid the honour!

Captain Ranty said...


Firstly, you are too kind.

Secondly, It was a no-brainer, Your posts are staggeringly good.

Thirdly, thanks!