October 23, 2009

Irish Freeman Rocks Judges Boat

If you have ten minutes to spare I urge you to listen carefully to the YouTube clip above. I say listen carefully because the audio is quite poor. Not surprising as the Freeman had to record the shambolic proceedings covertly.

I found it fascinating. Using their own language against them, the Freeman causes all kinds of shit. Read the transcript as you watch. It was very interesting to read that several solicitors and barristers who had no business in the court went back in to see the fun and games.

I predict one of two outcomes: either the judge will hurl him out of court on the 29th and then find him guilty "in absentia" (more common than you would imagine), or he will dismiss the case (dismissal is also fairly routine when Freemen get to court) because to prolong it would just give oxygen to our movement.

Although they cannot contain us, they can, and will, attempt to stop us bringing the new rules into their centuries old game.

This is not (yet) a success story.

I look forward to the 29th October. Whatever the outcome it will be very interesting.

This is great stuff, and I want to wish the Freeman the very best of luck!



RantinRab said...

Excellent stuff.

Captain Ranty said...

Cheers Rab.

One of these days someone will sneak a decent camera into court.

It would be lovely to see the confusion on the faces of those whose game we are spoiling.