April 27, 2009

Lawful Rebellion

First, a couple of caveats, then I will explain what this is all about.

1. I am not a lawyer. I am not giving legal advice.

2. To verify this information, seek out a lawyer who fully understands Common Law. This will be harder to achieve than you would suppose. The reasons for this become obvious once you have read the material.

3. I am merely pointing out the road, I am not instructing you to take it.

4. For further information, click on the title of this blog post and it will take you to people that understand this. When you get there, follow all embedded links to round out your understanding.

5. Allow several hours for this. When you have read and understood it all, you will realise that it is probably the most productive several hours of your life.

6. Ensure you at least look over the previous entry entitled Magna Carta.

Ready? This is the wake-up call to end all wake-up calls. The saddest thing of all is that it was here all along, our salvation, our escape from the madness that is modern, corrupt Britain, and we were never told about it. That is a crime in and of itself.

Common Law is the Law-Of-The-Land. For everything that follows, you need to keep that fact uppermost in your mind.

Essentially, there are only three things to bear in mind regarding Common Law. These three things govern our daily lives.

a) Do not hurt anyone
b) Do not steal anything
c) Do not defraud anyone

Using just these three laws, we can lead safe, free lives.

Statutes are enacted by our government. They like Statutes. They have bombarded us with over 3,600 of them in the last 11 years. Since Magna Carta was signed, around 60 million Statutes have been enacted.

Statutes are the Law-Of-The-Sea.

All of those Statutes that were written to apply to the Sea, the High Seas, or the Waters, are fine.

The rest, are not.

They are worthless because we, the people, did not consent to them. If we did not consent to them, we are not required to obey them.

As you will see when you follow the link, the simplicity of this is shocking, and it is wide-ranging. It has, in short, the ability to bring down our current, or future governments if they are not doing our bidding. By not listening to us, any government is in peril. Our redress is Lawful Rebellion.

Lawful Rebellion, in modern terms, is our Opt Out Clause. I will be Opting Out later this week when I have prepared my Notice of Understanding and Intent and Claim of Right.

This government has signed the Lisbon Treaty. In collusion with our Monarch, they are guilty of Treason. This is what Magna Carta says, and when/if we enter Europe fully, it is all threatened:

1) Trial by Jury as an essential right.
2) Everyone engaged in applying the law must know the law, and be minded to observe it well.
3) Property can only ever be seized on the basis of a verdict from a court of law.
4) Trivial offences can be dealt with based on "the oaths of good men in the neighbourhood".
5) No-one can be placed on trial based solely on their own unsupported confession.
6) The right to justice can never be removed, cannot be sold, nor can it be delayed. In summary: You have the right to know what you are charged with, the right to defend yourself, and the right to your day in court.
7) The right to petition the Monarch and allow 40 days for any grievance to be settled. The right to enter into a state of lawful rebellion if that grievance still remains after this period. In the state of lawful rebellion to be able to seize the Monarch's property and to throw every spanner in the works necessary to have the grievance resolved (apart from harm, injury, etc. In other words simple non-co-operation in every respect). And the right to encourage any others to help in this respect. To hand back any seized property once the dispute has been settled.

Common Law says that we are innocent until proven guilty. Most European laws presume guilt.

I cannot emphasise the scale of this threat enough. We need to escape the clutches of Europe or everything we hold dear, even these most fundamental rights, will be lost.

A common myth is that we cannot pick and choose the laws we like and discard the ones we don't. You will be shocked and pleasantly surprised to learn that we have exactly that right. As we have discovered, Statutes (Laws-Of-The-Sea) are a) enacted without our consent and b) do not apply on dry land. Put simply, you can create your own set of laws to live by. The first step is to Claim your Right. This is done by declaring yourself to be a Freeman-On-The-Land. You set down your laws, send it to the Home Office, or your local Chief Constable, (or no-one at all, you can produce it when/if you end up in court and use it to walk out of the door smiling, assuming you have not broken any Common Laws, Laws-Of-The-Land) and it is all completely and utterly lawful, once you have worked out and rectified any objections. There is an example shown in the link. The list of laws you want to live by are wholly customisable.

Don't want to pay tax? Then don't. The link explains how, and why it doesn't matter.

Don't want to pay a speeding ticket, or a parking fine? Then don't. The link explains how.

Don't want to obey or recognise any one (or all) of those Statutes (Laws-Of-The-Sea)? Then don't. The link explains how.

Enough from me.

Go. Read. Be amazed. Change your Life. Set your Self free.

Or don't.

The choice is yours.

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