October 17, 2009

They Just Have To Die

The following words come from the lips of one of our senior nurses.

She got very upset, whined to YouTube, and had the video removed. Via one of my pals in the US, it is reinstated.

I struggle to think of this vile person as a human being. She is heartless, crass and insensitive. If this is modern nursing, I'd rather do without their "care".

Watch, listen, and judge for yourself.

Despite many complaints to the Nursing Council and a "thorough" investigation, they ruled that her remarks were acceptable.



Unknown said...

Nice one Captain, getting this reinstated on the tube. Can't bear to listen to it again though, fair makes me puke.

Captain Ranty said...

Me too mate.

I am glad it has resurfaced though. Maybe it will incense people again and prompt more complaints.