October 22, 2009

Tax, Or Theft?

Let's kick this off with a quote from Benjamin Franklyn:

"It would be a hard government that should tax its people one-tenth part of their income".

Or how about this one from Winston Churchill:

"There is no such thing as a good tax"

In my last post Anon asked the question "Why shouldn't we pay taxes?" and I thought it would be good to explain why not, or at the very least, present a case for paying a lot less.

Now, I could bang on about the waste but there are better places to see that waste, like the Tax Payers Alliance, for instance. Waste is not a new phenomenon in government. They have outstanding qualifications and vast experience in this area. The money isn't theirs, so they don't take as much care in its disbursement as they should. Legal obligations be damned, it's free money to be used for whatever takes their fancy. It was ever thus.

Or, I could tell you that human beings do not have to pay tax. Bizarre, but quite true. When you were born, a corporation was set up in your name. Once your parents registered your birth, you became a company. From that day, to your last day, you are considered to be a money making machine for the government. They don't call you a company, or a corporation, but that is all that you are. They simply took an everyday word, "PERSON", and redefined it in all of their legal dictionaries. They cannot demand payments from a human being, but they can, and do, from our persons. The clue is the first line on any letter you receive from the courts, or the fixed penalty office, the taxman, or any other government agency: it will say MR JOE BLOGGS or MRS JANE SMITH. All in captials. Check it out. As soon as you see your person in all capitals, they are dealing with your company or, as we also term it, your Strawman. If you really need to see evidence that human beings do not have to pay tax I will issue this very simple challenge: show me just one instance where the words "human being" appear in any of our statutes concerning taxation. I can save you some time here. We are referred to as "persons" "companies" or "corporations", but never humans.

I could also tell you that by paying income tax you are breaking international law. One of the judgements, and subsequently, legislation, that arose from the Nuremberg Trials was that anyone sponsoring/financing/supporting an armed force in an illegal war is jointly and severally liable for harm and injury caused to non-combatants. We fought in Iraq illegally, and we continue to do so in Afghanistan. Our taxes pay for servicemen and women, missiles, war machinery and all that goes with supporting a fighting force abroad. We are, by Nuremberg definitions, culpable in the deaths and injuries to innocents. Morally, lawfully and legally, we can withhold our taxes until the offensive is terminated.

My bugbear in all of this is not a desire to "freeload". My desire, my need, is to be taxed fairly. Is that too much to ask? Without pasting a copy of my payslip here I can tell you that I pay 40% tax on a portion of my income. When I am in Africa I receive a "hardship" allowance per day. By the time I get paid this allowance, the government have stolen almost half of it. They are receiving payment for hardships and dangers that I endure. I don't think that is right, reasonable, or fair.

They misappropriate funds regularly. Let me give a couple of examples:

Tobacco Tax-this is one I am very familiar with. A packet of twenty fags costs me £5.85. Of this, £4.45 goes to the government. This is a tax of 76%. Now, when we add up everyone else's purchases, we get a figure of £8.2 billion, when we add VAT it comes to £11.4 billion. That all goes to the government in taxation. Yet they only spend £1.5 billion of that on so-called smoking related diseases. What do they do with the rest? If all they need to treat these mythical maladies is £1.5 billion, then that is what they should take. Not a penny more.

Road Tax-latest figures show that £44 billion is raised annually via this tax yet only £11 billion is spent fixing our roads. What do they do with the rest? If all they need is £11 billion, then reduce the road tax so that is all they take in.

Council Tax-when the banks failed I was disgusted to learn that almost all local councils had huge sums of money invested in stocks and shares. Some of them lost over £200 million when the Icelandic banks went tits up. These very same councils were crying poverty when we asked them for improved services. "There is no money for that", they said. No, we can see now why there was "no money". It was all in a bank in fucking Iceland. Why weren't they using our money to pay for services? Their pensions have to be considered of course, but are they the highest priority they have? It would appear so. If they have enough to invest in stocks and shares they are patently demanding far too much from us.

Anon rightly asks why we would wish to avoid paying for services, and I guess that if he/she had elaborated, he/she would want to know if Freemen, (or indeed anyone, as I will show), should pay for the NHS, for policing, for the fire service, for local doctors, for housing and education, and the never-ending list of other stuff we need for a society to function well.

One answer is that I have paid for all of these services already. In fact, by the time I first stepped into long pants in 1969 everything I could ever need had already been paid for. I'll say that again. By the time I was 7 years old I had paid for my housing, health care, education, training and security. Within 7 years I had paid for my entire lifetime needs as a citizen of the United Kingdom. In earlier posts I talked about our Redemption Accounts or Birth Bonds. As a reminder, it works like this. Once we have been registered after we are born (usually within six weeks of exiting the womb) up to ten bonds are created in our Strawman name. These bonds earn money on the stock market until the day our deaths are registered. The value of your bonds depend entirely on your background and your projected lifetime earnings. Every quarter the government receives a dividend from these bonds, which, if you could gain control of, would come directly to your bank account. The money is yours, and the value of your bonds is a fantastically huge sum. All of which the government keeps and manages for you because in law, you are defined as a child. A child cannot be allowed to manage such huge funds and cannot be trusted with it. The government very kindly removes that responsibility from us. In Canada, and in the USA, some Freemen have managed to gain control over these funds. It is not an easy thing to accomplish. The secret has been hidden from us for many, many years. I am no economist, but, I know that my projected earnings were around £1 million. If any "moneymen" read this post, perhaps you can tell me what a trust valued at £1M in 1962, if carefully invested, would be worth today?

Assuming I have it all right, and that this is all true, why in the name of all the gods should I now pay the government 52% of my earnings every year? They have my money. Millions and millions of pounds that belong to me. I am incredibly wealthy yet I am prohibited from getting access to funds that grew and matured as I grew and matured.

And since they have all my money does it not seem greedy on their part to want to rob me every month? Does it seem to you unreasonable that I want to stop paying these excessive and unfair taxes? Does it seem wrong if I want to cease making payments for services that I have paid for time and time and time again?

Here's the bottom line, and you need to forgive its crudity: we have been fucked. We continue to get fucked every single day of our lives because successive governments, who are ALL aware of the scam, (at least, the top dogs are aware, they have to be), simply cannot tell us the truth. If they did they would lose control. They control us with punitive taxes, and once we are harnessed to the tax machine there is no escape. We are enslaved forever.

I am one of a tiny, tiny number of people who have studied, read, and understood the depth of this deception, and I want so very badly to correct this abomination that it keeps me awake nights.

You may well ask "But what if everyone felt this way, and took the action you are taking?".

My answer?

Look at the facts. I have 50 or 60 regular visitors to my little blog. Of those, I would say that less than 10% believe anything I say (they may find the blog interesting, or it may be a diversion for them. This is not meant as an insult by the way.  I welcome anyone who reads this stuff. I just wish it was 50 or 60 million), and of that 10% how many do you think will act on any information they find here? 1 reader? 2, maybe. And who can blame people for disbelieving? This information flies in the face of everything we have been taught: be a good citizen, work hard, pay your taxes, stop complaining, others are worse off, etc etc. Its all bullshit. Clever bullshit, I grant you. It is designed so that our enslavement passes by unremarked. We were never meant to know some of the things we have uncovered in the last year or so.

Getting the genie back in the bottle will be impossible in another year or two, as our successes continue to mount up.

If I were in government today I would be terrified. This is world changing stuff. And I don't say that lightly.

I may have missed some things as I am an awful meanderer. Please chip in with comments if you have time.



Witterings from Witney said...

Nice rant, Ranty!

I for one am prepared to believe you, until I can prove otherwise.

Captain Ranty said...

Thank you sir.

The problem is that the lies are all pervasive. They are endemic, particularly where governments are concerned. Ironically, we pay them billions to lie to us. And for now, most of us are content with the arrangements.

I had a friend once who was studying for a Sociology degree. He left the course halfway through because he was terrified at the amount of control the government exerts over us. Mostly, we have no idea how deep the control runs, so we bimble along, blissful in our ignorance.

I feel priveleged to witness the sea-change that is happening now.

More and more of us are asking "Why?", and it is a joy to behold. 20, 30 or 40 years ago we were merely supposed to tug a forelock and move on.

This Freeman is not for moving on. Not ever again.

I am learning to question everything.


Sue said...

I am one of those genuinely interested in what you have to say. I have only recently found out about all this and I find the whole thing completely fascinating and also disturbing!

I live in Spain however, but my other half does not and he is mightily keen to "push his luck" and test the water pertaining to some of these unknown rights.

I have been given the task of studying the subject and advising him accordingly as the various government departments "try their luck" with him!

Anonymous said...

I am very interested in your crusade and wish you the best of luck.
Your stance seems to me to be fine as long as you ask nothing from the State. I am myself arranging my life and finances so that I pay nothing more to the State. I have paid enough and I do not like what they are doing with it!
Have you been to Court yet with any of these ideas? My lawyer friends think you will get exactly nowhere.
Keep on ranting for all of us. I watch with interest!

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Sue. I have several irons in the fire so we will soon see.


Captain Ranty said...


Did you miss the paragraph in which I stated that I had already paid for all my needs? Several times over.

Why should I take nothing? If you bought a car, insured it, taxed it, and filled it with petrol would you just look at it out of your window?

Just like mobile phones the kids use today, I have prepaid. So have you. So have we all.

AND they owe me millions.

No, no court action yet although I really look forward to the day.

Your lawyer friend is half right. We get nowhere because they either shout us down, remove us from the court, or simply ignore what we are trying to tell them. And dont forget that if we are successful, your friend is out of a job. In the Freeman world we have no need of lawyers trained and experienced in statute law. We need lawyers trained and experienced in Common Law. They are like chalk and cheese.

I do appreciate the comment though, and good luck with your endeavours. If I can help in any way, you know where I am.


Paul said...

Not only am I a believer but also someone who is studying and practising the said methods as I go!

It is all fascinating and disturbing stuff and the more humans that are reached the better :D

Keep up the fine work

All the best

Anonymous said...

What a great little article... It's a shame it recieved so little comments, do you have a youtube channel? Maybe you could gain more viewers that way? You have a brilliant ability to explain things... You see i'd heard that we have paid for everything in advance, and i sort of got the idea, but you worded it perfectly and i had the... Ahhhhhhhh yeah! Moment. Thanks for your work... le... It's a shame it recieved so little comments, do you have a youtube channel? Maybe you could gain more viewers that way? You have a brilliant ability to explain things... You see i'd heard that we have paid for everything in advance, and i sort of got the idea, but you worded it perfectly and i had the... Ahhhhhhhh yeah! Moment. Thanks for your work...