October 29, 2009

Money As Debt II-Promises Unleashed

Those of you that set off down this bumpy road with me back in April (it seems much longer) will recall that I linked to a video called Money As Debt. That first video explained how our banking system evolved and supported my statements about YOU creating wealth just by autographing an application form at the bank. It also told you that you were in fact participating in a fraudulent transaction.

The makers of that video have produced an updated version. I really do recommend that you find some time to sit and watch and learn. If you don't have 80 minutes then split them up and squeeze them in when you can. You will be pleased that you did.

When you learn how the game is played you can adapt. When you learn the rules about money (debt) you will be better equipped and if you love your children, you will teach them the rules as well.

The world revolves around money, we all know that. It shouldn't of course, but I think most of us strive to get that problem solved before moving on to others. We also know that around the world, hundreds of thousands of people die for the sake of it, for the want of it, and for the need of it. Money has been the cause of death for countless people. Mind you, religion is right up there as well.

Bit of trivia for you: the bible is the biggest bestseller in the world. It has been since we perfected the printing press, but did you know it is also the most commonly stolen book from bookstores? I guess they don't read the Ten Commandments before slipping it under their coats.

Anyhoo, learn about money. Watch the videos. They are animated, well narrated, and each section contains facts that your school teachers would never tell you. Perhaps they didn't know.

The law is equally interesting and these days it appears to have more to do with money than justice, so we will revisit that. I have watched several good videos on the law today as well, but my little brain hurts now and I don't know which ones to share first. I will mull it over and pop some on for you to look at.

I reckon that if you can master (common) law and the filthy lucre, you are back in control.

And control (of oneself) is what this blog is all about.



Tomrat said...

"Bit of trivia for you: the bible is the biggest bestseller in the world. It has been since we perfected the printing press, but did you know it is also the most commonly stolen book from bookstores? I guess they don't read the Ten Commandments before slipping it under their coats."

Fascinating and encouraging; I would doubt very much these are Christians doing the thieving, but are actually the sort who really need it; at a pinch most Christians can get a copy if they are hard up from the Gideons.

Another fun fact I once heard was that Terry Pratchet was the most shop-lifted author.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Tomrat.

My info is three or four years old so it wouldnt surprise me that Terry had nicked the crown.

I just bought "Nation" the other day but I haven't started it yet.

While we are on reading material, I just finished The Book Of Negroes by Lawrence Hill. This is a terrific read. Harrowing, but brilliantly researched. (It is fictional but based on the original Book of Negroes). I thought it would give me an insight into the horror that is slavery, and it did, but our (modern) enslavement doesn't remotely compare.

Although I haven't been snatched from my homeland, I can say without fear of contradiction that my homeland is being snatched away from me. That, though, is a different debate.

Currently reading Cross Country by James Patterson. If any of you want a flavour of what I go through when entering Nigeria, have a read of this book. It isn't an exact replica of my experiences there but it is pretty close.


Anonymous said...

Terrific find, Ranty. Duly nicked!

Years ago, when I worked at a school, I passed the original to the Director of Studies, was also the Head of Economics.

He said it was a load of cobblers. Well, he would think that, since he owes at least part of his living to economics as taught by bankers!

This should be circulated widely to secondary schools. It's ridiculous that most of us only find out about the way the system works after it's clobbered us!

Captain Ranty said...

The pleasure, Mr Fausty, is mine alone.

I added you to my list of awkward sods as well.

I am fast realising that our kids leave school knowing nothing and it is all by design. If we taught them what they needed to know it would take us less than five years to prepare them for life.

Naturally those with most to lose will shout the loudest. They don't want us knowing this stuff.

The jig is up.


Tomrat said...

Have recently been made redundant and both roles involve car or walking rather than public transport hence less time to read. Am halfway through half a dozen books; a bad idea.

I think there is a difference in our estimates: Pratchett is the most stolen author; the bible is probably the most stolen book- weird in that you could probably walk into any church and they'd give you a copy.

My pastor who is a member of the Gideons tells a story of them offering copies to prisoners despite them being used as free rizlas- all they asked was that they read the page before lighting it; won more souls that way than many other ways on the outside.

Will keep an eye out for that bookon Nigeria; have friends from there; considering how much I've spent on books this year probably not allowed more- make my way to the library methink after finishng the biography of Warren Buffett...

Am commenting via iPhone so will have to look at the videos once home.

Plus I think it is Mrs Fausty...

Conan the Librarian™ said...

I thought you said you weren't inundated with comments?
Re nicking books, as a librarian I can tell you that "Real Crime" books are the ones which disappear from the shelves at the quickest rates...

Captain Ranty said...

How ironic is THAT!?

I dont think I could be a librarian. I'd get bugger all done. I love reading. I'd keep putting up the "Closed" sign so I could keep all the books to myself.....

Best ever was 18 comments. I'd like more though. Actually, I'd rather more people challenged this concept.


Captain Ranty said...


I would have huge problems with that. Defacing books, any books, is an unforgiveable sin in my book. And I dont have many sins in that book. (Cause no harm, no loss, no injury, and do no mischief with contracts). Beyond that I dont see how I could transgress. Apart from tearing pages out of books, obviously....

I appreciate you clearing that up, about the bookstore thefts. It means that we are both right.

Mrs Fausty? I feel bad now. I will grovel mightily.

I hope you get fixed up with a job soon.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Ranty, Fine blog you have here.

Yep, it's Mrs Fausty, fellow book-lover.

Captain Ranty said...

Very kind of you to say so Mrs F, having had a great visit to your place.

Praise indeed!


Pesky Anonymous said...

I hope you fellow book lovers will please excuse me if I mention the vid.

The original Money as Debt:
Whenever I make a new aquaintance (of the sheeple variety) who seems ripe for a bit of education, this is THE first video I recommend they watch. That is how impressive I find it.
I am not an economist, nor do I count economics as one of my great interests. But to me the vid seems clear, straightforward and engagingly presented. Like Mr Fausty implies, understandable even to young schoolchildren.

This new film is just as good. What I notice is the addition of conclusions at the end. What worries me is that these conclusions are my views entirely. Unless something radical is done, then imminent collapse of the financial system.
I scour blogs and news sites. Plenty of people talk about the finer details of this or that. Rearranging the deckchairs? No one seems to be talking about the big picture.
I keep a close eye on the ftse (whatever that means).

Tomrat said...

Cheers Mon Capitain, not out of work more than jobbing for the local council, which is somehow worse in an indescribable manner - ironically it means the most insane social engineering plans of NuLabour I am learning all about the outcome and can tell noone or blog about it for fear of recriminations. Ho hum.

As for the deliberate destruction of the bible...if I felt it was a deliberate attempt at destroying access to any knowledge I would agree with you - it merely comes down to utility for these prisoners; all we ask is that they read the page they are about to burn so that the message isn't lost.

We have enough attempts in the world at subverting and destroying knowledge as it is; look at our education system and that doesn't need to burn one single book; just undermine the ability of its charges to think while stuffing them with useless facts and then "rewarding" them with a piece of paper for their troubles.

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