October 09, 2009

Send In The Clones

So, the political party conference frenzy has ceased. And what do we get?

More of the same. Replicas of the outgoing idiots. The 'B' Team comes on to thunderous silence. Nothing new here. "Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss".....

Pledging to remove one insignificant ban-fox hunting-Unkie Dave pretends that he is all things to all men. If only. The War on Alcohol will continue. The many must be punished for the sins of the few. The War on Smokers will continue. Despite zero evidence that bans in pubs and clubs have any health benefits, the big knobbly club remains the weapon of choice. Permission will not be granted for any more static speed cameras. Not a bad idea, but lacking in substance. Remove them all. And the 4.3 million CCTV cameras plastered all over our cities. Study after study shows that they do not work as a deterrent, and amazingly few criminals are nailed by the crappy images they spew out. But drop a piece of paper or grind a fag out on the pavement and the pictures are superb quality. Amazing that.

The economy? Eliminate quangoes, lay off tens of thousands of civil employees, identify and purge wasteful practises. This is hardly a "Damascus Road" style epiphany to anyone with a modicum of logic. The Big Government Community has grown obscenely in the last 12 years and a cull was inevitable. I vote that any job that does not have a sensible title must go. "Diversity Manager", "Change Operative", "Ethnic Support Champion" and the like, simply have to go. These are non-jobs that salve someone's conscience. Fake charities that drain billions from our pockets? Round them up, put 'em in a field, and bomb the bastards. 12 years of sucking on the public tit has to stop. They have to be weaned. They either stand alone as charities, with financial support from like-minded freaks, or they go. Simple.

Dave the Clone could never have expected an easy ride. The Tories will slide into first as easy as pie, but what the country really needed was something new. Something fresh. Something that we could all get behind. Might as well wish for gold at the end of a rainbow. What we need is LPUK or UKIP. Both will sever the one way artery pumping over £2M per hour to those morons at the EU. That £50M per day can be used to real effect in the creation of jobs. Hell, even a slight amendment to the infantile smoking ban will drastically slow down the 52 pub closures per week and keep thousands in work. Why can they not see that? Moreover, how can they simply stand and gawk instead of taking action? The answer, sadly, is that they just don't care. Why should they? Their jobs are safe. Their pensions are guaranteed. Most, if not all, could live comfortably on their pension until they die.

Cleggy and Co, hardly worth mentioning really. This bunch of misfits run around pretending to be liberal yet a blind man could see that there is nothing remotely liberal about them. They serve as a useful target to poke fun at. No more and no less. They are pathetic. The most common cause for a LibDem to be off sick is splinters in the arse. From all the fence-sitting. They are a fifth wheel. Pack up and go home. You will never form a government. In the meantime you are all taking money for doing nothing.

So, for now, we are stuck with the blues or the reds. The reds have fucked up the country monumentally, so hopefully it will be a decade or more before they return to power. The blues are the clean-up team. My hope is that we let them do just that. And while they are busy mopping up, getting us back to some sort of order, the smaller parties will grow and grow and grow.

Then? Then we get in in some fresh faces, some brighter brains, and some badly needed new ideas. Throw out the 60 million statutes/statutory instruments and remind people that we only need four laws: cause no harm, loss or injury, and make no mischief with your contracts. Those four laws worked for thousands of years. They will work for thousands more. Reduce income tax to 10% for everyone. 10% is generous. We the people will spend the remaining 90% in the economy and millions of jobs will be created spontaneously. I am sick and tired of working like a dog and then handing over 52% of my blood sweat and tears. I could be living in a nicer house, with a nicer car, or perhaps I could afford a holiday somewhere for my family, sending my son to university would not be so crippling, or maybe I could give more to deserving charities. The current set-up does not allow me to do any of that. I just donate more than half of my earnings to a government that knows only how to waste my money. Unless I am very much mistaken, the blues are going to continue to help themselves to my money. They may even want a bigger slice of my pie.

Conclusion? Same shit, different clones.

We deserve so much better.

We need to use the next five years wisely. We need to organise. We need to be resolute. We really, really need to get angry first.

We. Need. Change.

Instead we will vote for the blues.

Send in the clones?

Don't bother. They're already here.


Witterings from Witney said...

Yes we need change and yes we do deserve better - consquently I will not be voting for the bloody blues, reds or yellows.

Purple and Yellow - now that is real change!

Losingthewill said...

Top stuff again Captain

"Hell, even a slight amendment to the infantile smoking ban will drastically slow down the 52 pub closures per week and keep thousands in work. Why can they not see that?"

Oh they can, they're fully aware of that, and much more, I think the odds on tptb being this stupid are slim.

"The answer, sadly, is that they just don't care"

So true. they don't represent us, why bother considering the more lucrative interests.

"Round them up, put 'em in a field, and bomb the bastards."

I'll take that as an order Captain ;-)