October 31, 2009

The British Constitution Group

Talking time is over. No more bleating. Time for action. One million good men and women are needed to enter Lawful Rebellion. It's painless, and it is liberating. Your children, their children, and their children,  will be eternally grateful that you woke up in time and did something fantastic. Read this. Then sign the pledge. You owe it to yourself. You owe it to everyone you hold dear. You owe it to Britains future.

Like me, you probably assumed someone else would step up. You thought that a hero, a great leader would emerge to save the day. That hero, dear reader, is YOU

Only YOU can make a difference because no-one else cares enough to tear themselves away from the telly box in the corner of the living room. They are lost. They are brainwashed. They accept every draconian change because, mostly, it doesn't affect them. They have no notion of the "boiling frog" exercise. They do not know that they are the frog.  The water temperature is rising. It is up to us bloggers to hit the off switch, climb out of the pan and tell the politicians, in a way they have never been told before, enough! It stops now. And it stops because of us.

I don't ask for much, just a few comments now and then. And you (thankfully) obliged. I would never consider begging. I do so now without any embarrassment or shame. The clock is ticking ever faster, and our country is being given away without a whimper. Without even the barest protest. I am begging you to rise up. Let the slumbering giant awake and vent his retribution. Peacefully, but forcefully and unequivocally. Let us, and our friends, regain control.

The time is now. YOUR time is now. Make history. Your ancestors will be so proud. They will talk about us for eons. History will show that our resistance was key. History will boast that we cared for our nation and that we rose up to defend her when she needed us most. Our nation, our way of life, our very existence as Brits is in harms way. Let's do all we can do neutralise the threat. It is a matter of honour.

Our country needs us. Badly.

Read this. Then react. Then tell everyone you know to do the same.

Declaration By The British Constitution Group

We, the British People have a right to govern ourselves. That right has been subjugated as a consequence of acts of treason having been committed by the collective political establishment, aided and abetted by corrupt segments of the judiciary, the police, the Church and the civil service.
Furthermore, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, whose position has been usurped by a corrupt House of Commons and who has been forced into the destruction of her Kingdom and the breaking of her coronation oath, no longer governs us in accordance with our laws and customs, as was the situation when she was elected by the people as our Sovereign and our Head of State.
Why Her Majesty has failed in her duty is not for us to judge at this point in time - Her Majesty has however been made aware of the situation and is now duty bound to make amends.
A political elite has for some time manipulated the electoral system to deprive the people of true democratic representation by constructing a party political system that has allowed, indeed encouraged, acts of treason to have been committed.
As a direct consequence of the betrayal of the British people by the collective political establishment, and others, the British Constitution Group is calling for Lawful Rebellion, as is our right under article 61 Magna Carta 1215.
Too many politicians pay lip-service to the principles of democracy whilst serving the interests of self and party, which has allowed patronage, greed and corruption to infect our system of governance to levels beyond anything that could be imagined or accepted by the British people. Whereas the British people have expected that the good elements within our system of governance would control and rein in the bad, it is now perfectly clear that rather than expose corruption and greed, the good elements have themselves become infected and corrupt.
Such is the state of our governance today and thus our nation, that we (the people) feel we have no choice but to seek redress by way of lawful rebellion… with which we will continue until such times as our system of governance is put right, our sovereignty is reinstated, our rights respected and the rule of law upheld… and those who have brought about our demise through their criminal activity be brought to justice in an honest court, with harshest treatment for those found guilty of these crimes committed henceforth.
Furthermore, we are aware of dark hands that operate behind the scenes of government, controlling individual politicians and the government itself and we know too well that many decisions have been made to serve these interests, at the expense of the people.
We are no longer prepared to tolerate the subjugation of our rights to satisfy the demands of the shadowy elite of the supranational and criminal banking cartel.
We are no longer prepared to tolerate the lies, deceit and shady practices of politicians that are the hallmarks of corrupt governance around the world.
We are no longer prepared to accept a compliant and colluding media that has been complicit in the aforementioned criminal acts by a lax and pathetic coverage of vital issues.
The collective political establishment has for the past four decades conspired to transfer our national sovereignty into the hands of foreign governance, without our consent and against the rule of law.
We are demanding that our sovereignty be reinstated, our rights be respected and the rule of law upheld.
It is beholden upon every individual, politicians in particular, to now carefully consider their positions and the decisions they make henceforth – because we (the people) will judge them accordingly.
We ask those amongst us who understand the gravity of the situation to stand up and defend our national sovereignty.
If you agree with us, we ask that you sign up to Lawful Rebellion and pledge as follows.
The Pledge: -
  1. To boycott the main political parties until our sovereignty has been reinstated, our rights respected and the rule of law obeyed. (We encourage British citizens to vote for any candidate who will endorse our right to self-governance, but question the integrity of any MP or candidate who claims to do so whilst remaining a member of a political party not so-committed.)
  2. To renounce EU citizenship and reject entirely any constitution but our own.
  3. To acknowledge that Royal Assent is the exclusive property of the people, held in trust and used by the Monarch in defence of the peoples liberty.
  4. To declare loyalty to our Constitution and uphold same.
  5. To give support to the cause of the reinstatement of our national sovereignty by way of a contribution. (Why?)-See pledge at BCG Group site embedded in the title of this post.


Pesky Anonymous said...

Stirring stuff Captain.

Anonymous said...

If things are, according to your previous article, run by the Crown Temple, then is there much point pledging to ignore certain political parties etc?
Surely the house of commons bit can be ignored, and surely something more concrete and radical than a pledge is needed to make any progress?

Captain Ranty said...

The pledge is just the first stage. Once 1 million signatures are gathered, the queen will act. This alone will be unique, but ignoring all the main parties is bound to scare the crap out of those pleading with us to vote for them.

The Crown, no matter what they run, cannot do so without willing slaves. If the slaves revolt, even on paper, they have to see the massive problems it will create. Once we cease to be sheep and become wolves, they are in danger.

I appreciate the point you are making though, and I thank you for raising it.


zosso said...

I was on the Grand Jury at the BCG conference on saturday.The 23 jurers listened to 8 speakers throughout the day giving substantial evidence that the crime of subverting the constitution and Treason has been commited by goverments since Edward Heath and beyond.In fact it transpired that we have been Unlawfuly governed since 1853 when "WHITE ROD" REFUSED to accept the monetary system of usary and resigned the post leaving only "BLACK ROD"to open parliament for our Sovereign Majesty.The forman returned a vedict of guilty by 21 for and 2 against proclaiming two counts of subversion and treason have been commited by our government.The conference errupted with cheers and applause.The presiding judge Lord Hayes.Called on the court and the conference to RE-ASSERT their rights as written into law and to use article 61a Magna Carta and enter into "LAWFUL REBELLION"

Captain Ranty said...

Thank you for the update Zosso.

I knew the conference was taking place but I couldn't get there.

I have been thinking deeply on this and I am now convinced that Lawful Rebellion is the only (peaceful) weapon we have left. Elections can be (and are routinely) rigged, and we have no guarantee that we are not simply swapping the existing shysters for yet more shysters in differently coloured ties.

We need to win our queen back and bring her to her senses. This has to be done first and foremost. Once we have her on board there are all sorts of powers she can invoke.

I agree with the jury. They are as guilty as hell.

Please come back and tell us more. I know I don't fully understand it and if you can explain it to my readers I would be most grateful.


zosso said...

Hi,Captain. No you havn,t lost your marbles and you seem very switched on to me. I came to my senses when Labour broke their manifesto pledge on the LISBON TREATY "A CLEAR ACT OF TREASON". I was so angry i reported this crime at a police station. I have come a long way in one 1 year and have been on a massive learning curve. I CAN TELL YOU THAT THE POLICE , THE IPCC, and the CPS are not interested in prosecuting and the latest news is that Albert Burgess has set up a meeting at Scotland Yard with CH INSP Haydon,with his own solicitor and Brian Gerrish, I have tried to persuade him to let me go to the meeting but they will only issue 3 passes, DAMN IT.

zosso said...

In addition to Treason our own Monarch has broken "THE CORONATION OATH",and therefore the contract with the people. There is no doubt whatsoever that WE THE PEOPLE,have redress in "LAWFUL REBELLION" and should hold every MP and council officer to account,We have the power to completely run rings round them. The TPUC website is well worth a look in particular to sending an Affidavit to Buckingham Palace stating your intent that you are in LAWFUL REBELLION. in my view John Harris has "NAMED THE GAME"and we need a new Monarch.Its been done before.

Captain Ranty said...

I'm not surprised Zosso. The policymen, the CPS and the IPCC are all in the same club. When the house comes tumbling down they will all be buried in the rubble.

I have had conversations with Roger Hayes and Brian Gerrish, and I understand exactly what they are doing and why. (Brian deserves a fucking medal for his tenacity). But I would kill for some time with Albert Burgess. He also deserves more recognition for not letting go. He is like a terrier with a bone.

Like you, I would love to be a fly on the wall in Haydons office.

I hope neither of them go out walking alone. The information they have is dynamite. No wonder the inner circle are filling their pants.


Captain Ranty said...

Yes, I was on the TPUC site today. I will have to amend the Affidavit slightly as I am already a Freeman.

I will not be getting a solicitor or notary public to witness though. As a Freeman my autograph is now as valid as anyone else's.

The only being above me now is the Creator. To ask another human, particularly one whose first duty is to the courts I despise, to witness my autograph diminishes me. Besides, I don't need to ask someone else to witness, I am not a child, and I do not need their ratification.

That last bit sounds a bit pompous. That is not my intent. I am just.....different now.


Anonymous said...

Did you pick up on the reason given for closing embassies abroad, 'to cut costs'. Seems to be this is a back door to acknowledging we are no longer a sovereign nation and we will have an EU Embassy.
Jan 2010