October 23, 2009

Let The Deconstruction Begin

Few articles these days set my mind on fire. Even fewer get my pulse racing. Almost none ignite my imagination.

This piece, by Dr Sean Gabb, managed to do all three. (The link is embedded in the title. Hover & click).

I have some simple instructions for you.

1. Pop the kettle on.
2. Brew tea, or coffee.
3. Settle down and read this speech.
4. Have a loved one or a close friend locate your mind as it will be blown away.
5. Pray to all your gods that this becomes reality.


6. Make it happen.

I am ready.



Sue said...

Wow. I'm gobsmacked!

Thank you, what an excellent piece. I'll go and pour myself a stiff one now :)

GoodnightVienna said...

It really is an excellent speech and was my Post of the Week earlier. He touches on the monarchy & I've been thinking about that for a while now - ever since it became evident that the Queen has no objection to surrendering sovereignty of this country to a foreign power (and to see herself subservient to a President of the European Council).

Captain Ranty said...

It is something special, Sue. We rarely get treated to writing of this quality.

Now for the implementation phase....

Captain Ranty said...


Sorry I missed it over at your gaff.

I would have been equally gushing. My jaw dropped lower with every sentence.

That section on the monarchy is exactly the reason for John Harris' march on Buck House to lodge his Lawful Rebellion affidavit.

She is all the way wrong and she is guilty of treason. She swore to defend us from this kind of shit and she reneged on her oath. For shame.

She owes us all. Big time.


Witterings from Witney said...

Nice spot Cap'n - I have linked to the speech and acknowledged the source naturally!

However I have suggested alcohol!

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks WfW. The credit all goes to the talented Dr Sean.

I would have suggested something stronger, but it was the middle of the day when I posted it.

Mind you, I think the rule is that the sun has to be over the yard-arm.

We don't have to be country-specific...:)

Witterings from Witney said...


Methinks you need a touch of 're-education'!

Depending whether one looks at one's watch normal, upside down, sideways or sideways backwards, the sun is always over the yardarm!!!! Well after about 1100GMT that is!

Captain Ranty said...

Are you trying to tell me that I wasted OVER THIRTY-FIVE YEARS waiting for the sun/yard-arm rule to kick in???!!!

I have some catching up to do.

Oh, and I have thrown my watch in the canal.

GoodnightVienna said...

I wasn't angling CR. I read John Harris's site and I've posted things from him before (ie the form for refusing to take European citizenship) - I think it's time I paid another visit.

David Davis (Libertarian Alliance) said...

Yup, Sean did indeed put his back into that one.

Sean is very unpopular with all Tory associations to whom he speaks, but always after the event and not before.

You can see why!