October 20, 2009

Penguins And Tax Collectors

You have no doubt heard the old joke.

"What do penguins and tax collectors have in common?"

"They can both shove their bills up their arse".

It was funny back in the day.

Three weeks ago I advised them to do exactly that. Lawfully. And for any solicitors looking in, I am covered legally as well.

There is a long story here, but I know you are all pushed for time. Blogs to read, meals to eat, nannies to ignore and whatnot, so I will give you the short version.

I have been late filing my company accounts, and, as a wee thank you, HMRC keep sending me little presents in the post. Each gift is a fine of £100. I have received two and they insist that I pay them £200. Well, knowing what I know about income tax (all forms of tax, actually), I really did not want to send them £200. No human being was hurt because I was late filing my accounts. No human being suffered loss as a result. I have committed no crime yet I have been found guilty and punished by some faceless bureaucrat. I can afford to send them £200 but the principle of it really winds me up.

Three weeks ago I wrote, in red ink between two lines that I had drawn across the giro-slip, "Accepted For Value By Draftee" and underneath that I wrote (again in red), "Exempt From Levy", and I added my National Insurance Number next to the words "Exemption I.D" and my signature in blue ink. I filled in the cash box  with the figure of £200.00.

I have heard nothing from them. Not a sausage.

One of my pals in the Freeman Movement gave me several methods for NOT paying this ridiculous bill, but I wanted to try the Accepted For Value (AFV) method. I wanted to know for myself if it works.

According to the Bankruptcy Act 1869 and the Bills of Exchange Act 1882, everything I have done is lawful. I have acted honourably.

That doesn't mean that they will like it. Each and every one of us can do this without losing a wink of sleep. Using AFV, we are simply using their rules. Remember: every statute MUST provide the remedy within it. I have used both the Bankruptcy Act (the country is bankrupt, not me) and the Bills of Exchange Act together, but, crucially, I did not explain myself to HMRC. I simply added my words to the giro-slip and popped it in the post. I did not add a letter to go along with it. Someone, somewhere, perhaps near the top of the totem pole knows that I have carried out a lawful act, and that is why I do not expect to hear back from them. If I do it will be along the lines of..."In this particular instance Mr Ranty, we have decided to cancel out the two late filing penalty charges" or some such waffle.

If this method does happen to fail, I have several other options in my arsenal and I will use them all until they leave me be. I also have a Corporation Tax bill heading my way around the end of the year. They will demand about £3,000 and again, they will receive bugger all. My pal told me that he made a bill for £32,000 go away with one simple letter. My £3K should be a walk in the park.

I really shouldn't say this, but I find this truly exhilarating. For the last 31 years I have been forking over money to these people for no good reason. It stops now. The economy will still benefit as I will have more spending power, more disposable income. I will spend the money they don't coerce from me in my local community, thereby helping to ensure that local people stay employed, and do not become a drain on our benefits system.

I consider myself to be doing the country a favour. I should get a bloody award...:)

Updates as they happen.



Sue said...

Please keep us updated, I am dying to know what happens, if only to see how far we can push our luck with advice from the "Freeman Movement"...

Captain Ranty said...

I will Sue.

The nice thing about this is that I (we) are absolutely compelled to share the details. This stuff is for everyone.

I am certain that I will be reporting a positive outcome on this.

(Small confession: I tend to avoid fights I can't win.)


Unknown said...

Please Mr. Ranty could you send me £200. I don't know you personally but you did say you could afford £200 and you have no reason to send me £200 because you do not owe me £200 but, and this is a big but, I need £200 (don't ask me why I need the £200 for it's none of your business)to put into MY account for MY activities for which you have no need to know the details. If I do not receive the £200 I requested on or before the end of this month then I will harass you with further requests for the said £200 untill you relent and weaken to my dema..er, requests.

Have a nice day.

Fuckers, fuck them Captain, don't be their sugardaddy, even though the thought of being one might be one of your little fantasies...yeah right, as if.

Dick Puddlecote said...

We need to talk. Leicester?

Captain Ranty said...

Your cheque is in the post TBY...:)

Dick, I had planned to go but my boss has other plans. I will now be in Tunisia for a couple of days prior to the Leicester meeting, then I will fly from Tunis to Libya for 2-4 weeks.

After that I will be dodging maniac drivers in Cairo for a week.

My life will not be my own until around 15th December.


Anonymous said...

I'm new to the idea of lawful revolution, so please forgive me if you all have talk about this basics before but what I will like to know is: if no body pays the tax... How the good things like the NHS and the public schools will support themselves?

Anonymous said...

A commonly asked question, Anon', as some people take freeman to be freeloaders, the answer is to ask for a bill so that you can pay for the services you and your family use. Correct me if I am wrong, Cap'n Ranty. Love n Light

Lady Hannah

Jess said...

Dear Anonymous, how charming, you truly believe our money is going to school and hospitals. Having familiarised yourself with our national debt, you may wish to check out the annual revenue received, deduct the amount spent on "good things" and wonder where the rest went. Bailouts, bombs, bureaucracy, backhanders.

Personally, I am willing to pay a fair and reasonable tax to reside here but it feels as if I’ve been giving half of my income to a derelict landlord to live in a property with negative equity, peeling walls and dodgy heating and now the courts are forcing me to pay the fools debts off so that he can continue to own the house.

Captain Ranty said...


That is a fair question and one I think deserves a full answer. I will do a separate blog entry and then you can judge whether I am being unreasonable.

Lady Hannah,

Thank you. You are quite right.


Good comment. I think you have nailed it, but we should open it out a little. I will try to do so in the next entry.

Please feel free to criticise the piece when it is done.


Pissedoff said...

As a self employed buisiness man i have paid my tax owing for this year however i now have to find 13 grand in unpaid " on account " tax, is there any way out of this robbery

Captain Ranty said...

Absolutely. You can use the same method that I used.

If you go to www.tpuc.org you will find clearer instructions than the ones I provided. When you get there use their search box with the terms "accepted for value" or "A4V" or "AFV" and you will see a few links.

If that fails, there are several others that have been proven to work.

Or, join the forum at www.fmotl.com they have many bright people that can offer good advice.

Let me know what happens.


Anonymous said...

Hi, thank you for replying to my question. Sure I know that most of the tax money doesn't go to public schools and doctors... and I'm not happy to pay for the destruction of the planet or any guns and bullets... but I still don't think the solution is "to ask for a bill so that you can pay for the services you and your family use", as many people don't have the resources to pay (i.e. street kids, disables, elders or any vulnerable person) and I believe that in a community we should take care of each member... so pay my own bills to the doctors when I need them may not be the best idea. A system that keeps all rolling for everyone all year through is more kind, clever and socially friendly.
Do you have any other suggestions?

Captain Ranty said...


I absolutely agree that we must take care of all of the members of our communities, particularly those that are vulnerable.

BUT, this concept is still taking shape. Around the world many of us have begun our quiet, lawful, peaceful rebellions. When we can demonstrate consistent successes, THEN is the time to "roll out" the new plan.

Think about Sky telly, or digital radio. Both gained in popularity only very, very slowly. It took a while for people to move away from terrestrial TV and/or analogue radio stations.

So it is with the Freeman way of life.

I'll wager a shiny sixpence that 99.99999999999% of our population have never heard of a Freeman on the Land. We were very common in the 13th century but we faded away until just a couple of years ago.

We are back. We are fighting our individual wars with The Powers That Be, but, my friend, do you honestly believe we are ready to take this to the 31 million homes in the United Kingdom? There are decades of unbrainwashing to do yet. We have to take baby steps before we can stand in front of someone and say, with confidence, "Do this my way and you will win".

Many aspects of this are experimental and we expect massive resistance. We are on course to turn the world upside down. TPTB will do anything and everything to stop us.

I will tell you that the "bill" thing is brilliant. There is a maxim in law that says "He who creates the liability also provides the remedy". The Bills of Exchange Act 1882 has all the information you need. It may look as if it was written in English but they were crafty back then as well. They wrote it in legalese so that only the judiciary/solicitors/barristers could decode it. They did this to protect their jobs and to keep the oiks in the dark.

Luckily for us we can both read and it really isn't all that hard to grasp.


elektrikgypsy said...

Captain, my Captain; you are most surely a free dude of the land. Well done - I'm doing my best to spread the word, and am finding immediate interest in the 'surely this is too good to be true' vein.

But that's how the bank 'penalty' charge thing started, and look how quickly that wildfire spread. Two key elements - a respected chap with a radio show, and a massive nationwide resentment. Well the latter is definitely in place for most of the ideas that the Freemen are calling to attention: all it needs is the fan of publicity. 99.99% may presently have no clue, but I will make a prediction that this will be massive next year.

Britons are actually responsible people. They go to the shops, they collect the things they want, they go to the till and they pay for them. They don't resent it. They look for value, and I don't believe they are profligate, as debt analysts will confirm. Why then do we resent all the taxes? And most especially Council Tax? Because we weren't asked what we want to buy, weren't given a receipt and keep getting our noses rubbed in how much we're being ripped off.

When I mention these ideas to people, can you guess what their first question is? Immediately, eagerly, unanimously: "Will it get me out of paying the Council Tax??!"
- even members of the council itself.

For me, it's not about a free ride, antagonism or bloody-mindedness. I want consultation in the first place, an invitation to shape the resources and infrastructure of my community and my nation, and accountability for the money I contribute towards that. I think that's fair, and if the current regime are oppressively and sneakily opposed to it, I can only draw the conclusion that their system is *not* fair, and that they have plenty to hide.

Sorry for the long comment, but I feel much better for getting it off my chest! :-)

Oh - I almost forgot - the main point of the post - what can I tell people that ask that first question? Has anyone dared take on the dreaded Council Tax yet? I know it's a risky one because of the way they've rewritten the laws to make it possible to enforce, and in draconian (imprisonable) ways. Any joy yet on this one?

Keep it up! Believe it or not, there are expats considering coming back to Britain because of this...

Captain Ranty said...

A wonderful comment EG, thank you.

I have not started on the Council Tax debacle yet. Lawfully, there is not one single reason to pay it. Legally, of course, there is.

Separating legal and lawful is easy. Making it work is slightly harder. I have begun battles with three or four agencies and I am not quite ready for another. I need to experience successes first so that I have the confidence (and the time!) to open up on other fronts.

I dont want a free ride either. I want to know that when I successfully challenge the Grand Deception, it has been for the right reasons. I am tired of them taking the piss. I am tired of being robbed every month only for them to squander the fruits of MY labour. If they took the 52% of my annual earnings and spent it wisely, and I could actually see my community, and the country as whole benefitting, then I would be happy. But the reverse is true. Billions of £££'s are wasted each and every year and I dont think that is right, fair. lawful or reasonable.

Please dont apologise for long comments. I love 'em!

Good to see you here. I hope you come back often. I learn plenty from the comments left here and if I am wrong on any of this, I need to be told.


mort said...

make it simple, ask them for a detailed invoice of services delivered, your Purchase Order authority for services, and a signed contract stating that you agree to legally be bound by your initial Purchase Order. You could be cheeky and ask for their VAT and Company details as required by "law" etc etc and to be really cheeky you could demand a directors security and a credit check on them before you agree to any thing.. what i have not seen is how the credit agencies got such a foot hold in the uk..


Anonymous said...

@sue If you are looking at this from the angle of seeing how far one can push their luck then you are looking at it from the wrong angle.

Should you comprehend the true reason for (as the author has kindly taken the time to right I must add!) approaching such principles as Acceptance for Value and the like, they should come from the heart, through intuition and switching off your head rotting TV garbage box and reading up on some laws, getting out in the wide world meeting people on the same wavelength through TPUC meetings etc.

You represent you. Only YOU can look after YOU. The government's control over you is an ILLUSION. Fear is an ILLUSION. Know who you are. Regardless of religion or not NO BODY can come between you and GOD (you) unless you let them. They might trick you in to letting you but hold your ground and keep honour.

Lots of love