October 27, 2009

Home Office Slams Door

Aw, bless.

They mistakenly think that by not answering my questions that they have got rid of me. Box ticked. Another loony has been shown the door.


Every refusal to play ball, every hand-off to a new minion, every time they disrespect me just strengthens my resolve.

This is their latest missive:

Dear Mr Ranty

Thank you for your further email of 24 September about your claims.

As previously explained, this is not something that the Home Office would deal with.

I must also inform you that we will not reply to any similar correspondence, and any further documentation will be returned. This decision has been made because our resources simply do not permit us to continue with correspondence that makes no progress or merely leads to the re-stating of our position.

Yours sincerely,

Sam Irvine

Direct Communications Unit

My reply will be equally forceful, but I will use fewer words this time. My replies to them, in fact all of my communiques, have been carefully crafted. My next notice will say less, but should focus their attention.

It will say something like this:

Dear Sam,

See you in court.

Love and hugs,

Capt. Ranty.

Now, I am not going to rush this. I have plenty of time. Very soon I will be off to North Africa again, but before I go I will be seeing a Notary Public. It will cost me money but the HO may pay more attention to a member of the legal fraternity than a scrote like me.

The next update will not be for a couple of months but I have other spanners in the works which I want to share with you as soon as the picture clarifies. I set myself the task of annoying three government agencies simultaneously. I have discovered that they are extremely slow. Or confused. Or both.

But get there we shall, so you can sit back and watch the fun.

In the meantime I shall revert to type, and rant. Or I may bring you some more shit that you really didn't want to know about.

Stay tuned.



Sue said...

They really are disrespectful aren't they? "Public Servants" have forgotten their place!

"Or I may bring you some more shit that you really didn't want to know about"...

No, I really do want to know :)

Captain Ranty said...

"No, I really do want to know :)"

Only because you have balls of steel, Sue. This stuff mostly scares people. Rocks the pleasant world that they thought existed.

The truth is a lie.


Dick Puddlecote said...

Getting interestinger and interestinger. It's all rather gripping.

BTW, Mr Puddlecote Sr has been reading 'stuff' all day with a great big mischievous smile on his face.

Captain Ranty said...


I have discovered that you cannot have too many spanners in the works. The more the merrier.

As they fucked up my life, I vow to fuck theirs up.

It will be good to have Mr P Sr along for the ride!


Pesky Anonymous said...

I've had an uneasy feeling about the home office since you posted, on 24 Sept, Sam's reply to you.
I think Sam could have condensed it down to two words..

I'll start to explain by saying that I, erroneously I am sure, interpreted a comment from one anonymous on your Tax or Theft post, differently to yourself:
"Your stance seems to me to be fine as long as you ask nothing from the State."
What I read into this was; that it is fine if you want to do Lawful Rebellion. You post off your affidavit. Easy.
Fine if you want to fend off their attempts to rob you, by refusing to be coerced into contracting with them. Anyone can do that.
The message here is that they will back off if you stand up to them.
But if you ask anything of them, then that is a different kettle of fish. Like a common robber, you can scare them into backing down, but they are not going to give you their money, at least not without your deft use of the cudgel.

It brings to mind the old adage: Posession is nine tenths of the law.
I am quite sure HMRC won't be able to take your £200 off you. You have posession. They have a problem.
But the home office has your diplomatic passport, and I have a feeling you are going to need a metaphorical cudgel.

I am actually quite surprised you received a further reply. How polite they are!

Well those are my thoughts on that. Not very encouraging I am afraid.
You are definitely out on the front line with this one Captain. History in the making.

Good luck. I remain on the edge of my seat.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Pesky.

I honestly did not see that interpretation from Anons comment. Now that I do see it, perhaps I owe Anon an apology. That way of looking at it makes sense.

Thing is, I never claimed a diplomatic passport. I claimed diplomatic immunity. The only reason I asked for a diplomatic passport was as a means of proving my immunity to the various agencies I may come across. In my case, I see the Border Agency almost weekly at airports. The last time I had contact with the police over a "transgression" was in 1992. I was on my way to work at 6am, and had parked on a double yellow line outside the papershop. When I came out with my paper Officer Dibble took me to task. He insisted that I was "causing havoc" by parking there. I asked him to point out any other road users to me. He could not. The place was like a morgue at that time of day. Result? £40 fine and three points. If only I had known then what I know now.

Still, I have to know how far I can take this. Engaging a Notary Public is the next step.

Win, lose or draw, it should be interesting.


banned said...

Good luck to you Captain.

Captain Ranty said...

Thank you.

A victory for one is a victory for all.

One of these days we will regain control. The politicos should be afraid. Very afraid. My gut tells me that they are either too stupid, too arrogant, or too greedy to notice us. It will be their undoing.

The day of reckoning cometh.


Anonymous said...

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