October 29, 2009

Knowledge Really Is Power

This video is amazing. Although we learn a staggering truth about halfway through we need to watch the whole thing to realise its significance. Stefan Molyneux gives us the background, leads us to the enlightening portion and repeats it several times.

I have talked of Contract Law and the giving (& the withholding) of consent in earlier posts. Contract Law pretty much rules our lives. It is everywhere. Consent is the most powerful tool in the Freemans box. Without it, courts cannot proceed, and if you have not caused harm, loss or injury to another human being, you should be walking out of the court free, unpunished, unencumbered and with a clear conscience.

This video explains a very simple truth and its ramifications are almost boundless.

The EU abomination is an agreement between governments. I do not recall entering into, or being part of, that contract. If I have not signed anything, I am not bound by my governments agreements with anyone. Similarly, any other agreements that the government entered into, or the statutes that they created that you did not agree to, nor give consent to, are likewise null and void.

Stefan gives some examples in his video so I won't repeat them here, but income tax is high on his list, and mine. Your particular beef may be with recreational drugs, for example. Did you sign off on the "law" that made them illegal? Or Road Tax, or Council Tax, or any number of their little cash generating devices that punish you, and ensure that you have less money in your bank account and they have a lot more in theirs?

This is a huge development for all of us. The proof of the pudding they say, is in the eating, and this needs to be tested in court. I predict a win for the little people.

Who could have thought that some Ecuadorian villagers would find a lawful excuse in their battle that has the potential to affect the world in such a profound way?

I'll be watching that case as it develops.

World changing stuff. I love it!


PS-If anyone knows how I can shrink the video clip to fit my page better I would be grateful for the tip. Change of plan: it was getting on my nerves so I embedded the link to YT in the title.


Sue said...

For future reference : Look at the code that you copy from youtube that enables you to embed the video.

There are two parameters called width and height.

width="560" height="340" are used twice, once at the beginning and once at the end. Those are the parameters that you change but ensure they are both same. I usually change width to around 450 to fit in my blog.

Experimentation with desired size is best :)

Going to watch the vid now.

Captain Ranty said...

Aha! So size does matter after all...:)

I will fiddle with the measurements next time.

Thanks Sue.

Pesky Anonymous said...

I have been following this story for a long time over on commondreams.org an american news site. In fact there is a story on there tonight, but nobody in the story itself or comments has picked up on this remarkable facet of the story.

I hold the opinion about the EU, that because our involvement is treasonous, then our membership is null and void.
All this guff I have been reading that when we sign the Lisbon treaty then it will be too late to do anything is simply nonsense.

But it can't hurt to have another string to our bow can it.

And all the other implications of this are simply mind boggling.

Captain Ranty said...

Aren't they just?

And in a way it validates my stance as a Freeman, which pleases me no end.

It confirms all sorts for me. I may have been a little gushing in my commentary but I really believe that the consequences of the court finding for the Ecuadorians will see a surge in libertarianism. No other group of people (anarchists excepted) are equipped to deal with and administer the changes needed for societies to work within the new framework that would have to emerge.

I'm no anarchist. Decent societies cannot function without some basic tenets. But I also know that with nearly sixty million statutes and statutory instruments on the books, the Disunited Kingdom is failing because we have too many.


Anonymous said...

If the revelation is true that the principle holds for all of us (and I'm inclined to believe that it is), that still leaves us with the problem of being arrested for acting within our rights.

A corporation has the power and money to take governments on, but most of us don't.

Class actions, were they available, might be a way of exercising our right not to be enslaved by the actions of by this venal government.

Captain Ranty said...

We Brits have our own version of class actions though, don't we?

We call them revolutions.

We can do it without spilling a single drop of blood.

Bring it on.....