September 15, 2010

To Me! To Me!

I'm over here.

On the right wing, apparently.

Nowhere last year. This year number 47.

And there was me thinking my views were mild to moderate.


Full list here.



Bucko said...

I always thought you were a right winger ;-)

Anonymous said...

If you're not with the 'project' CR?


richard said...

Right wing? You?? That's a laugh. Nothing I've read here would indicate any kind of political bias, you're well beyond being tricked by such tribalism. You dislike "politicians" interfering with people's freedom under false pretences. That's it.

Furor Teutonicus said...

Thought you would all know by now (A few bloggers seem to be surprised by their "rightness" today), ANYTHING further right wing than Mother "fucking" Theresa is a raving, neo- nazi, musolinni arse licking, Hitler worshiping, fascist according to left wing scum buckets.

Anonymous said...


Well, let's see, if you're not a Socialist, Liberal, Fascist or a Communist then you're going to automatically be regarded as right wing.
People always end to pigeon hole people in their little boxes. It's the way it is. I find it rather amazing that you share the list with the likes of Guido, Peter Hitchens, Benedict Brogan, Daniel Hannan et all. Since when was Liberty conservative?

Again, don't give a flying monkey shite about categorisation. The main thing is you know you're no conservative and we do also.

Fascist Hippy said...

"And there was me thinking my views were mild to moderate"

My thoughts entirely

defender said...

Hey ranty, up there with the worst of the worst on the "right wing".
whoda thought it.
We are all right wing now.

Anonymous said...

"Fuck off and leave me alone" libertarianism and anarchism is generally considered to be right-wing.

Remember, the political spectrum is not linear. Nazism has a lot in common with communism, for example.

So you might be right-wing, but there's another axis on the right-wing that differentiates you from fascists.

Anonymous said...


"So you might be right-wing, but there's another axis on the right-wing that differentiates you from fascists."

Fascism, Nazism and Communism are all left wing ideologies. They're all of socialism. It's not ironic that the worst three 'isms' of the 20th century were left wing. It's just that the left continually try to distance themselves from the fuck up of their political ideologies. In other words, stay away from the left wing - they're morons!

Fascist Hippy said...

I think if you were to place them left to right, you would find they would be laid out, Socialism then Nazism then Fascism. Though agreed, they are all similar.

Leg-iron said...

You have another badge

You're going to need bigger lapels!

Captain Ranty said...

Bloody hell!

Leggy, I'm happy enough with my mantelpiece as it is. I won't bother adding that one.

The only surprise (apart from making the list) are those "big" names I squeezed past.