September 03, 2010

Charlie Bows Out

Just got time to bung this on before disappearing for the day.

I haven't watched it yet but I believe it is a "Goodbye From Me" video.

Let me know what he says!



Indyanhat said...

I get the feeling he has been seriously warned off, somewhere down the line. Something to do with the Met being such nice guys doesn't chime well with the films he has made of them not being nice guys, know what I mean?

Olly said...

Yep, quite surprising considering the amount of passion he had for doing what he did.

It's a shame he's chucked it in, and if you take what he says at face level, I can see why he's chucked it in. It gores against his core principles of not scaring anyone etc.

If he has been warned off it is a sad day indeed. I doubt he has as I'm sure it'd motivate him be a lot more prolific in what he does.

It's a shame as his work is awesome.


Crimewave said...

trying to listen to what has not been said it seems to me that yes he has been warned off and in a very big way - His biggest worry is his loss of freedom and being put in a box - not seeing anyone - sounds like he has been told that he will be spending time if he carries on - BIG SHAME

richard said...

He's packing it in and thanking everyone who helped him in his "love police" project. He says he's not being peaceful by using a megaphone and upsetting people, and he says he's terrified of loss of freedom. He says he feels stupid and unworthy.
NB This isn't the Charlie we've known and admired, he sounds very sad, and in fact - not to put too fine a point on it - crushed.

Captain Ranty said...


Sounds like someone has had a word.

Nothing would surprise me in this shitpit.


I am Stan said...

He seems worn out with it all,it takes a lot of drive,energy and sacrifice to do and to keep doing what he does I rekon.

Maybe he`s found real love with his girlfriend,or he`s been knobbled by the PTB,who knows (apart from him).

Standing in the street shouting through a megaphone is always going to attract the wrong kind of attention I think,police etc, and turn off the very people your trying to reach,your standard sheeple will think hes just another swiveled eyed loon.

Maybe someone with fresh energy will take his place and so on,I dont know much about him but he seems like an intelligent well connected guy and Im sure he will find new ways to get his message accross without it having a negative effect on his life as he hinted at.

I dont think he has wasted his time,but IMHO love doesnt effect change in the culture we live in,anger,fear,disconnecting from the mainstream and taking resistance to the very edge is the way forward I think.

When you are being locked up,threatened and no doubt watched with no movement behind you,then your isolated and ultimately you will lose,disappear and be forgotten....I think he realized this.

I wish him luck and Im sure he will be back with something new.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I don't think he's been 'spooked' by the PTB as some are suggesting. I find that in conversation with individuals, the most important part of their conversation, that which concerns them the most will always come out first. Listen to what he says of "I wrestle everyday with my own personal problems.." and not forgetting the "You can't make the horse drink, you can only lead it to water...."

Charlie's going through a period of undoubted, personal turmoil. He is assessing whom he is, what he's doing, why he's doing it etc. No doubt he's a strong feeling within him of immense frustration that "Fuck, can you not see what's happening within society? Can't you see just how controlled you all are? When are you all going to wake up and smell the bloody coffee for goodness sake!"

He's a leader and leaders in society always make up the minority. He won't wait for the bull to fall over but instead grab it by its horns and wrestle it to the ground. You can tell what kind of a person that he is. He also mentions hypocrite and this is also the key. He's an honest man, a proud man and believes in truth, honour and integrity and is now beginning to realise that doing what he's done may very well have made him a hypocrite to his own personal beliefs and he didn't like that. "He who has not sinned cast the first stone..."

He's come to a point where he's about to enter a long sabbatical and look deep into himself. It's another part of his spiritual awakening and I'm sure that he will be back with new found vigour to attack the system and the man.
Hell, if he'd been warned off he'd be attacking it. It's his character.
Being locked up in a prison cell when you've done nothing wrong but air your god given right/natural right of birth to speak freely can really piss you off. Some crumble and give in while others the exact opposite. However no doubt losing his freedom and being imprisoned has also made him think long and hard. You can't beat the system, but you can do your very best to leave it.

He knows you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. He no doubt looks at the fact that he's tired of showing people the stark truth of reality and many still choose to ignore it, living in their bubble of willful ignorance, selfishness, materialism and no concern whatsoever with the truth or being fucked over by the system. It takes a lot out of you and then you just think - fuck it!

Anonymous said...


On a side note, I remember when I was really beginning my journey into the music biz in London, when I was around 25, some 14 years ago. I met a beautiful young man, incredibly well educated and peaceful. He had a good job in a prestigious book binding company in the city. I know how much he loathed it. He'd put on his shirt and tie and always felt trapped. When I'd see him outside he was just such a free spirit. He watched no TV whatsoever and his room was literally like an old book shop, with tomes piled high on every conceivable subject. He read and read and rea...

Eventually he had enough of it all and fucked off with friends to form a hippy commune in the North Island New Zealand. He left society, left it all behind. He's there today, don't know where it is and don't know how he is as I've not seen, nor heard of him since he left. I wish I'd gone with him then, but although younger he was much farther ahead on reality and much of what we all discuss on here today, he was talking about then.

I suppose I'm saying this because you can't beat the system. It's not there to be beaten. You can only leave it and start anew somewhere else. Then you get the message out and more people leave the system and come to your society, the altogether different society not built on money, materialism, selfishness and ego. Eventually the system collapses within itself as there's no one inside propping it up any longer. You can't make people change. They have to want to change themselves. There will always be different reactions in people whom you try to show the truth to. Some will accept it and start to change, while others the complete opposite. There will be those who will remain on the fence.

Charlie had enough. That's the way it was. It's the same for many people and CR was about to jack it all in not so long ago.

Captain Ranty said...

Thank you all for explaining the contents of the video. I still want to watch it but it will be tricky.

The power is up and down like a bride's nightie. Which means that the routers and wireless hubs are on and off with gay abandon.

H, to be fair, if you lot hadn't let me know that this blog was having some effect, I would have scarpered.

Did Charlie indicate that he was NOT having an effect? Did he feel ignored?


NewsboyCap said...

Yo Captain Just been called a fuckin idiot in the pub!For suggesting INTEREST is immoral.This guy is more than happy to pay 70k for 30k mortgage,he see`s nothing wrong with Von Rumpy issuing laws for this country,He agrees with the smoking ban(allthough a smoker)Say`s it`s unfortunate soldiers DIE in Afghan,People should not protest at G20 summit,all police should be armed.I somtimes despair and I can see Charlies view,but we must not give up.I`m at your side Captain,I`ve shed the FEAR, we will overcome.They the PTB are wrong,wrong,wrong!We must put our hands upon the levers upon the gears,we must stop the machine it`s not to late.

Captain Ranty said...


I think the best we can do is plant seeds. Some people, like the guy you describe, will always assume those in authority know best.

For him there is no hope so the right thing to do is keep looking for more receptive people. You don't even have to convince them. Just ask them to question that which they have never questioned before.

The machine is breaking down. There is evidence of this all around us. As I said earlier, we either wait, or throw more spanners in the works.

Good to have you alongside as a fellow spanner chucker!


Anonymous said...


I think Charlie knows how much his work is helping many, but unlike you, I and many others whom read this blog, he's young and I think he's taking a good look at himself and his life and asking many questions. I'm not saying he's weak, far from it, but unlike you and I his trial and tribulations have started, whereas you, I and others have been through quite alot.

I know certainly that I've hit rock bottom and had to pick myself up on numerous occasions. I think Charlie could be experiencing this and it does prove the fortitude of a man/woman who is able to survive this test. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger as they say and I for one have been to hell and back on many occasions. There's no doubt whatsoever in my mind that Charlie will move on, take a rest, think, do some soul searching, a lot of travelling and come bouncing back, stronger than before and taking it to the man. You can't keep people like Charlie, yourself and most of the readers of this blog down.

Guaranteed that the overwhelming majority of readers on your blog are truth seekers and truth givers and are going their best to make this society a far better and freer place. We are all as different on here as we are the same with our beliefs. Some are right wing, some are left wing and some are slap bang in the middle. However the connection between all is honesty and justice.

adelaide girl said...

Sorry to see Charlie step down from trying to open the sheeple's eyes. He is a kind and gentle soul from what i have seen in the videos. The world needs more like him. A quote that i try to live by ,' All it takes for tyranny to prosper ,is for good men, to look the other way' I cannot remember who said it . Charlie is one of the good men.

Anonymous said...

adelaide girl,

The quote is of Edmunde Burke's

"Evil prevails when good men do nothing" quote. It's a good saying no doubt.
However one must always remember Saint Bernard of Clairvaux who stated that: "Hell is full of good intentions or desires."

This was where the Samuel Johnson's (borrowed and falsely attributed to him) quote: The road to Hell is paved with good intentions comes from.

Captain Ranty said...


I agree. From what you guys have been saying about Charlies video, he may have come to a fork in the road and just needs time to decide which way he will go. After seeing so many fine examples of his work, I do not think he will hang up his camcorder for good.

I'm sure he will bounce back.


Captain Ranty said...


I am guilty of doing nothing. For years I took it for granted that all was well with the world. It is a shock to discover that it isn't.

As I've said before, they are Borg. We have to fight to get our countrymen from their clutches.

It isn't easy, but it is a worthwhile fight.


Sid said...

I am hoping that this is a decision made by Charlie and I feel for him. I am sure some of us here have taken on projects then simply given them up because we don't want to do it anymore. On the other hand i wonder: If you pull the camera backwards severasl feet, would you see two BIG men with sticks and a script telling hime what to say ;)

Captain Ranty said...


I reckon they would go to any lengths to maintain the facade. The Illusion will not be disrupted, The Game will continue, under their rules.

I'd like to think it is all down to "campaign fatigue", but I have been wrong before.

They coerce, and they force, and they blackmail, and they terrify. It is routine for them.

All in a days work.

Which is why I do what little I can to fuck them up.


Olly said...

I've just recently bought a camcorder, not because I wanted shots of the Mrs in the shower (although that would kick ass) but because I was inspired to do so... by Charlie...

This is my second attempt at putting my own slant on Charlie's work:

My first attempt was okish and can be seen here:

I'm a beginner and am going to be climbing up that steep curve to getting it right. I hope

Sid said...


Thanks for the courtroom post this morning. I was whooping with joy when I saw the result. You are doing a great job in maintaining such an informative site. There is a wealth of information to be found on the interwebs but this is one of my main stops. I just finished reading 1984 by george Orwell(again) and think I have gotten over the fear of thinking that I am a thought criminal. However I do believe that the masses are being wired into thinking that it is wrong of them to think outside of the box. My 'problem' began when I was a child and wanted to question everything, becoming more adamant once the realisation that people refused to answer or simply did not have an answer was apparent. I have been studying much on the best method for stating my claim as a freeman and am possibly weeks away from sending out my affidavit of truth and relevant paperwork. You have been an inspiration during the journey.



Anonymous said...


Nice videos and they certainly don't look amateur. However my only gripe would be watch what soundtrack you put on your movies. Remember that you could be done for copyright even though you are promoting the song, although AC/DC certainly don't need any.

Captain Ranty said...


Thanks for the links.

I am really chuffed that you are a Camcorder Warrior. We need more, many more, just like you.

It breaks my heart that I am unable to see your work. It will have to wait until I can get access to a decent interweb connection.

In the meantime, I salute your valiant efforts.


Captain Ranty said...


Thank you so much for your kind words, and your support.

I have a blog post that could have been written for "awkward bastards" like you.

Stand by.


microdave said...

I hope you've noticed Gotty & The Eye's latest project - EyeTube. It's been set up to provide a safe (hopefully) haven for the sort of critical videos which get pulled from YouTube with alarming regularity.