September 10, 2010

Government Selling Off My Stuff. Again.

Some things never change, eh?

Today we learn that the coagulation government intend to flog off the Royal Mail.

I was just wondering who the fuck gave them permission to do that? I certainly wasn't asked. And I should have been. The Post Office is mine. I paid for it. For decades.

British Rail was mine as well. They sold that off because the bean-counters haven't got a fucking clue how to balance the books. I paid for British Rail and its infrastructure. I paid the wages of the staff. When it was sold off I don't recall being sent a cheque with a "thank you" note for investing so heavily in our national transport systems. Do you recall the remarkable improvement in services? Me neither.

I used to own the GPO as well. They re-branded to British Telecom but it changed nothing. It was still mine. For many years I paid for cables to be laid, for exchanges to be designed, installed and commissioned. I paid for poles to be installed in rural areas. I paid for telephone boxes and a thousand other things. The gormless government, again in the shit with their accounting, needed to raise some revenue so they flogged it off. Again, no cheque, no thank you. Do you recall the remarkable improvement in services? Me neither.

They just kept the money and squandered it on....fuck knows. But waste it they did.

A couple of days ago I read a report about those banks that we "rescued". They turned a profit of £30 billion. Where's my cut? Where's my rebate? Where's my cheque and my thank you note?

Here's something you can take to the bank: they will raise a huge sum from the sale of Royal Mail and they will waste the money. Again. It's what they do best. They have a Black Belt 4th Dan in waste.

Seriously people, how much longer will we permit them to take the piss?

These inept morons will sell anything that doesn't belong to them, whether it's nailed down or not. They take our stuff, without asking, and we just stand by, dribbling and pointing, but consistently not doing a damn thing to stop them.

They'll sell the roads. They'll sell the lakes, the rivers and the waterways. They'll sell the libraries. They'll sell the hospitals. They'll sell the museums and they'll sell the national parks. When there is nothing else they will find a way to sell our air.

And us?

We'll do what we do best.

We'll fucking stand there and mutter.

We have a Black Belt 5th Dan in muttering.



Witterings From Witney said...

CR, Re the Post Office/Royal Mail.....

Ahem : #cough#....

They don't have to ask us but they do have to do what their masters in Brussels tell them.


Captain Ranty said...


Good point. (I read your piece).

The Cleggerons have the power to say no. Every other nation in this sordid little club refuses to obey if they don't like the command.

Why do we always bend over?

And why do we always insist on zero lubrication?


Indyanhat said...

Why Cap'n..?? why, thats easy to answer, its because theyre all public school boys and they like to bend over...they like it unlubricated...they like authority being exercised over them, try doing it to an (now) ex-miner and see what happens eh!

Anonymous said...

Do you know what bugs me CR, is as WfW has stated, the EU is the main cause of the decline of our Post Offices and yet all of the Labour EU supporting morons will be chomping at the bit to have a go at the present government.

Still Kinnock and Mandelson have their 30 pieces of silver. God I hate the bastards.

Anonymous said...

Oh, this guy is worth a listen to on the subject of the EU.

William said...

What does it matter?
We pay for everything and own bugger all. That is the truth of the matter and the chances of enough of 'us' realising this and doing something about it like refusing to pay taxes are as low as Blair being hanged for treason on New Years Eve 2010.

There is no appetite in this country for rebellion, lawful or unlawful, anarchy, even querying the political elite. It's sickening how much shit this countries people will put up with and still not react.

The EU is dismantling my country ever more rapidly and ever more openly and still the proles take no fucking notice.
Short of persuading the Criminals In Action to nuke Brussels and Strasbourg and the road in between just in case there are any Eurocrats riding upon it there appears to be fuck all we can do.

But on a personal level there is an awful lot we can do and it all begins with NO.

Captain Ranty said...

"What does it matter?
We pay for everything and own bugger all"

It matters, William, because we pay for everything and we do OWN everything.

These fucksticks have no right to sell what's mine, what's yours and what's the neighbours.

They own nothing. Not a thing. Not a brick, not a tile, not a pipe.

Would you just stand by whilst the council sold your house and didn't even have the decency to give you a bung?

Would you nod sagely while some faceless twat decided to sell that car that you had scrimped and saved for?

Would you fuck.

Because it is theft. Nothing less.

They are taking stuff we paid for, selling it, and not repaying the original purchasers.

No. There is no appetite for rebellion of any kind. We are no longer a warrior nation. We are sixty-one million wankers. Happy to watch everyone else get fucked.

As long as they leave us alone, right?

Except they never do. They get around to the rubber-neckers eventually.

Today they fucked a nation. And they fucked us again because we never complained all those other times.


Captain Ranty said...


Thanks. I went over for a look-see.


Anonymous said...

It's quite simple Captain Ranty isn't it? After all, once they've sold of everything British; once they've flooded the UK with everyone from everywhere and given them British passports; once they've created a land of no dominant culture but loads of mixed cultures then it will be so much easier to tell people that they are all the same, no one is uniquely British as they all are, no one has any real history to fall back on as it belongs to everyone and boom, there's no problem in being part of one big land mass, formerly Europe, made up of many nations (formerly) and now altogether under one government.

And the death of liberty dies with the clapping of hands......

Captain Ranty said...

That seems to sum it up, H.

And the quote is poignant as well.

I think I am going to throw myself into the warm, tender, loving arms of alcohol.

Nothing else is working today.


Sue said...

That's why we need to get out of the EU. Once that's done, we can take our country, traditions and identity back.

I'm not going down without a fight.

William said...

Sue is bang on the only way to sort it is to get out of the EU by hook or by crook but the only way to do that is to eliminate the entire political class except for Carswell and Hannan

How do you get rid of such a bucket of slime that sticks to everything?

Goodnight Vienna said...

William @ 18.09 has it - it all begins with the word 'No.'

hangemall said...

OT and sorry to put your blood pressure up, CR but did you see this, at The Slog?

"...European Union finance ministers agreed on Tuesday to submit future budget plans for review by the European Commission and other EU governments as part of moves to strengthen EU budget rules....."

I might have to change my name. Hanging's too good for these vermin who only pretend to govern us but still take our money. They live on us like lice.

Time to tie them to the wheels of a paddle steamer and go on a world cruise.

Marchamont Needham said...

They're not sellling it all off - we get to keep the pension fund. Even Gordon Bropwn wasn't dumb enough to fall for that one.

They should wind it up as insolvent and start up a new mail company from scratch. And then only pay salaries and pensions they can afford.

Or better still, sell it to Ken Bates for a quid. He'd do the dirty work for them.

Anonymous said...

Ah, here's the first predictable EU butt-kisser with his faux anger.

Lost said...

Brilliant post Cap'n as per usual.

Just one thing.

The money is not wasted (in their world), that's what your supposed to think!

It is simply moved in a pre determined direction.

Just my 2cents


Idle Pen Pusher said...

Why the fuck is a business owned by the government? Privatise the damn thing and use the proceeds to steal less money from me.

Captain Ranty said...


Amen to that.

I deliberately stayed away from the public vs private argument because I wanted to highlight what I saw as blatant theft.

You are quite right though. Governments should not be running businesses.

Particularly banks.

But that's a debate for another day.


Anonymous said...

Well Cap'n, all politicians are rent boys that will do unspeakable things in return for a pat on the head and a packet of hob knobs

So it's no suprised that zero lubrication is how they generally roll