September 14, 2010

Out Of Office Message

I am about to leap on a plane to fly north to the capital, Abuja, where I will be jammed in meetings for a couple of days.

Things will be a tad quiet around here.

So talk amongst yourselves.

There is plenty going on. The Grand Apologist For Child Rapists is coming to town. The report indicates just how excited we are at his impending visit. We are, it seems, consumed with indifference. It will cost us taxpayers around £12 million. I don't want to appear harsh, but how about we just share that expense among the whopping 14% of Catholics that want the old fart to visit?

Next we have one of Britains "top cops" whining about cuts. He says it puts us at risk because cuts mean lay-offs. Perhaps Deek could re-route some of the £80 MILLION his private company makes every year to save some front line jobs? No? Thought not. I guess he doesn't feel that strongly about it after all.

And for those that try to convince us that nanny knows best, here is a heart-warming tale. In an orgy of stupidity, a council tells the parents of a seven year old girl that they must accompany her the whole 45 yards to and from the bus stop. Then they perform an about turn and put the child in more danger than she ever was before they interfered. Now every kiddie-fiddler in the region knows exactly where and exactly when a seven year will be stood, alone, just ready to be snatched and molested.

All three stories beggar belief for different reasons.

The best possible outcome in Story Number One would be to deny him entry, or arrest him when his plane touches down.

In Story Number Two the answer is obvious: lay off all the civilians and the plastics. Get your fat, lazy arses out on the streets. Just like Bobby Peel said you should. Abolish ACPO.

Story Number Three is crying out for a counter-claim against the moronic council for putting a child at risk.

But, that is just my opinion, and as we have learnt, opinions are like arseholes, everybody has one, and some of them stink.

Play nice. Back Thursday.


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